Many girls try to diversify their wardrobe with a variety of outfits that allow you to pick up a stylish image for any event. In the closet should be not only a small black dress, but also other interesting options. A striped dress is a real trend of this season. This unusual print was relevant at all times, interpreted differently and used in the most unusual combinations. But which strip will look stylish and fashionable today? It's time to pick up your dress in stripes and be sure that in this outfit appearance will meet all the requirements of stylists and allocate its owner from the crowd.

The strip is different

When women pass by the clothes with print in stripes, then involuntary associations with completeness arise. It's strange, because such a print can easily hide any shortcomings, emphasize the main virtues of the figure and give the image a special lightness and romance. In this case, you just need to correctly choose the position, width and color of the strip, well, and the background on which the drawing is located. Today it is important to use a wide strip in all its manifestations. If your figure is far from the generally accepted standards of harmony, then the dress in a strip of the vertical plan will perfectly suit. Such a line visually "pulls" the image, makes the figure slim. As for the strips of the horizontal plan, they are suitable for "correction" of the line of the thighs and chest.For example, owners of small breasts probably want to visually increase this parameter, and a horizontal bar is an excellent assistant. The same situation can occur with the hips, so it's better to choose a wide horizontal strip as the print on the skirt.

Striped dress: classic

To make the dress really look elegant, it is important to choose the correct background of the dress and the color of the print. From this combination will depend on where you can put on such a dress. So, for example, lovers of classics and summer options should choose a short dress (up to the knees) in a blue or black strip. The position of the lines is horizontal. If we talk about width, then most women prefer narrow variations, strips of 2 cm. On a white background, the blue lines look easy and romantic, and if the dress itself has a sunny skirt, then this outfit is ideal for love meetings, walks and perfectly combined with denim capes and jackets.

Bright prints for extraordinary personalities

Those who are not satisfied with the usual black and white dresses, it is worth considering other color combinations. A striped dress in a marine style is always fashionable, but it may not look like a vest but as something futuristic and extraordinary. To do this, you only need to use dresses in which the print has lines of different thicknesses, and perhaps cross-position. Some strips of horizontal position are wide (for example, in the chest and thighs), and some, on the contrary, barely noticeable (at the waist). In this very often the dress has sleeves, and they can have the same design. Most often a strip of the horizontal plan, but if you want to look in such a dress is unusual, then the different colors of the lines on the sleeves will help to do this in full.

The color of the strip plays a crucial role, therefore it is necessary to select a print that will look harmonious even with a cloak or jacket. For example, it's very fashionable now to use jeans jackets as an addition to striped dresses, but to get a harmonious image, you need to choose even from colored stripes such a dress, where the skirt will be the same color as the top (or all colors are dark, or all light or alternate treatment : dark and light color).

Fabric matters

Picking a dress in a stripe or in some other eccentric lines, it is important to take into account and material. The fabric has its texture and, forming folds, demonstrates all the beauty or horror of the dress.To be sure that the striped dress will look elegant and feminine, you only need to understand that the fabric should be more dense than the chiffon, but at the same time have positive qualities in terms of strength and lightness.

Knitwear is the most practical option

Ideal is a knitted dress in stripes, which rightfully takes the leading position on demand among women. The peculiarity of this material is that the material is dense, but it breathes perfectly, the fabric is elastic and at the same time it is perfectly combined with other denser fabrics, for example, if you combine a dress with a leather jacket.In addition, knitwear is very durable and at the same time inexpensive material, it does not require special care, it does not stretch after washing, because experts recommend choosing a knitted fabric, if this dress is striped. Photos of many models show that from these fabrics are created and long and short outfits of all styles, because they are so popular among ordinary people and among celebrities.

With what to combine a dress with a print in stripes?

Choosing a knitted dress in a strip, it remains only for yourself to determine, with what it is perfectly combined. The background (more precisely, its color) in this case has a decisive role. If the dress in the base is dark or even black, and the strips are colored, then the boots will look stylish under the color of one of the lines. As a supplement to this dress, a leather cape perfectly fits. At any time of the year, it is better to use a scarf as an accessory, and the pattern on it should definitely not be in line. If a dress with a striped print is used, then on the shoes, accessories, these elements should be absent. It is better to combine a dress with some one-color objects (without patterns).

If the dress has a light base, then you can use shoes of any color (which exactly will be combined with an accessory or another piece of clothing). But then again, if there is one strip in the dress (in a dress), then it is worth using accessories, bags or shoes only in a monophonic design without a print or pattern.

Having studied the basic composition rules and assortment of your wardrobe, you can understand what dress to choose in stripes. Photos of various examples on the network, as well as professional recommendations, will help you find the perfect print by its color and location and learn how to combine such an element of the outfit with other parts of the image.

Strip - stylish, fashionable and relevant at any time of year

Choose a beautiful dress in the store is not easy, because every woman tries to find such an outfit, which you can wear more than once. In that case, everything is simple. If you want to find a really practical option, which you can wear for any event (walk, hike to work and visit your girlfriends), then a white dress with a strip of color or one shade (blue, black, red) will do.   White dress is very versatile. It can be combined with different capes and shoes. In this case, the width of the strip is better to choose the minimum.

Dress with print in stripes will make the image feminine

Uniform dresses - it's pretty simple. If you want something original and very unusual, it is the print "strip" that will help to realize even the most unusual idea. It is the strip in all its manifestations that looks interesting and original, sometimes even unordinary, if it is combined with some other geometric figures. If you want to diversify the wardrobe, add some bright element, then the choice in the store should fall precisely on striped dresses - feminine, stylish and very original.