Men's accessories, unlike women's accessories, do not undergo such noticeable changes from season to season. From year to year the average man can wear the same model of the cap, mostly black, and consider it completely normal. However, if a person follows the fashion and wants to look stylish and relevant, he absolutely needs a fashionable men's hat, or even a few for the season. And in order to decide what kind of hats in the trend in the coming year - all attention to the podiums of the world and the latest collections of leading brands.

Fashionable men's fur hats

It is a delusion to think that fur hats are worn only in Siberia. Fashion shows in New York, London and Paris prove that noble fur can warm and beautify any man. So, at the fashion show of designer Antonio Marras 2016-17, male models showed voluminous fur hats in harmony with sheepskin coats and large fur collars. Moschino has the same trend - voluminous fur and round cap shape. Fur is preferred with a long nap, it can be a fox, silver fox or even a good quality artificial one.

Fashionable men's hat: review, models, manufacturers and reviews

Fashion hats with earflaps

Men's earflaps are the second trend of winter, and they can be either from fur, that is, voluminous and fluffy, or from leather, tanned leather and even textiles. As for the rest, the style and colors are quite classic - neat cut and color - black, brown, beige.

The only thing that will make such a hat is trendy, is that it is worth wearing it carelessly, avoiding symmetry and full combination with the rest of the clothes. Very stylish is the combination of earflaps with a long scarf casually wrapped around the neck.

You can buy fur hats with earflaps for men from Canoe or from “fur” brands, for example, in Elena Furs. Textile earflaps are found everywhere, for example, in Adidas and SKIF, and in the winter collections of Columbia and Colin’s there are a lot of knitted earflaps of various colors. Comments on such models, by the way, are contradictory. On the one hand, men note that long ears save them from the wind, on the other hand, that with strong frosts, there is still nothing better than a classic fur hat with fur.

This is the undoubted favorite of recent years among the hats for both women and men. And the style of Fedor's hat is leading everywhere. Thanks to its versatile look and small neat fields and cinch, this accessory will complement both a formal suit, and a classic coat, and ripped jeans, and even summer pants. Choose a brown hat or a Kemel shade, and you will not find a more versatile headgear. This hat can be worn from autumn to spring and even in winter in warm weather. You can buy one from Goorin Brothers or Canoe. There are similar hats at affordable prices and in mass-market stores, for example, in Bershka or Pull and Bear. Reviews for such models suggest that this is ideal for the first hat - and not too expensive, and you can try to try on new images.

Designers Antonio Marras and Yves Saint Laurent included in their men's collections a variety of styles of hats, including cowboy. But do not think that it can be worn only with jeans and a leather jacket. The modern cowboy hat is more aristocratic, and its membership in cowboys is given only by curved fields. You can wear it with a sheepskin coat, or with a coat or jacket.

But the variety of styles does not end there. So, the Massimo brand offers a strong semi brutal gangster hat, and the White Mountaineer the traditional hunting one.

Ordinary caps are always out of fashion, it is an eternal classic, which, however, is designed to protect more from the sun than from the cold. But the jockey cap fashionable this season is perfect for a stylish coat that is also at the height of fashion in the upcoming spring season. Such caps can be found in the men's collections of Calvin Klein, Moncler, Public School, as well as in more affordable Goorin Brothers, Mango man, Piazza Italia.

Yes, berets are in fashion this season, and not only for women, but also for men. One of the fashionable examples is taken from Gucci, whose extravagance is leveled by a traditional cut and dull black color. However, wearing it as suggested by the podium, namely with a long red scarf casually draped over, is not worth it in everyday life.

It is better to adopt a version from Yves Saint Laurent, where the same black beret blends in harmoniously with a black leather coat and a black badlon. Another decent set - takes in combination with a coat and a classic suit.

Beanie hat

This fashionable men's hat, tight-fitting head, including the back of the head. However, there are variations, when such a style is often referred to as a “toe”, due to the tight fit of the head and volume crown. You can wear such a hat with a coat, or with a sheepskin coat, and with a bomber jacket. Moreover, depending on the image, the cap-bini can be pushed onto the forehead or, on the contrary, the ears can be opened. The hat goes well with sunglasses and voluminous scarves.

In addition, fashionable knitted men's beanie caps can be of any color, and are made of knitwear or wool, as well as of synthetic materials. This is the most versatile headdress, besides it is familiar to most men in our country and is not as extravagant as some of the previous options. You can buy such a hat literally at any store selling men's clothing and accessories.

3D models

We have already noted that at the peak of fashion, voluminous fur hats, but this trend continues and fashionable knitted men's hats. These are often models with a large ornament or from mohair and angora, or eye-catching caps, like those of Moschino.

Often, the fashionable men's cap has a lapel, giving additional volume. To buy such models with a cuff and bulging cap, you can from Benetton, River Island or Topshop. Do not assume that the price of such hats is too high. Reviews confirm that even a simple hat with a lapel, bought in a good store, will serve you for a long time, without rolling, without stretching and not losing appearance.

Sports hats

These are, as a rule, knitted or crocheted models of a bini without additional volume on the back of the head, that is, fashionable men's hats are good and tight on their heads. Winter accessories are often represented with a lapel. Most of them have a fairly noticeable label or patch with the name of the brand, which automatically makes them the subject of sports style. This means that such a hat can be worn with sports jackets and down jackets, jeans and sneakers, and it is rather difficult to fit such an accessory into a casual image, and even more so to combine it with a classic coat or suit.

You can buy such fashionable men's youth caps from any sports brand - Adidas, Nike, Reebok. They offer dozens of different hats made from natural and synthetic materials, which are well heated in the cold and do not allow the head to sweat. Since these are sports accessories, they are often made in bright colors and have a variety of prints, although it is not a problem to find a laconic black hat in the collection.

Hat with pompom

This is a type of sports cap that often reminds us of a Soviet ski. However, this is so popular and fashionable men's hat that needs special lighting. Many similar hats are represented in the collections of sports brands. However, knitted hats with a pompon are still in trend and among high-fashion designers, for example, the Gucci models showed in the last shows thin red hats with a pompon, tightly fitting to the head. More democratic caps with a pompon can be found at Baon and Finn Flare.

These hats can be voluminous, large-knit. Possible and large volume pompon. Winter models often have traditional ornaments with deer and northern motifs. To the jacket “Alaska” or a park with a fur hood such fashionable men's hats are perfect. Autumn and spring can be found in such a thin product with a small pompon that is casually moved to the back of the head. The model is well combined with jeans, jackets and jackets in the style of casual.

Choosing a beautiful fashionable hat is not a problem now, the main thing is to decide on its style and on what fashionable experiments you are ready to go.