Popular models of summer dresses harmoniously look at full women, regardless of the destination (cocktail, evening, formal or casual), length, silhouette and color of the product. The perfect combination of material and cut provides comfortable sensations at work, rest and in special cases (at a wedding, anniversary).

It is important to know that the fashion of the new season dictates a combination of vigorous shades, sumptuous hem, asymmetry of cut and air fabrics that make it easy and carefree to meet the summer with all its riot of colors.

Length of the dress

Modern podiums are greeted with applause of magnificent mannequins demonstrating models of summer dresses of different lengths:

Going for a purchase, the main aspect of the choice are the proportions of the legs. Owners of slender and narrow ankles mini is quite acceptable. If you do not want to show your legs, you can safely go to the section of long dresses. They add growth and visually shape the figure in a favorable direction. Women with full legs are not recommended "mini" styles and until the middle of the roe.

Models of summer dresses and sarafans for full women for 40 (photo)

It takes into account the growth and physique of a woman. Low ladies can easily navigate in the selection of a short model of summer dresses. Sarafans below the knee will emphasize the advantages of different types of silhouette. Representatives of the fair sex with an increase from 165 to 172 cm favorably look in "midi" styles to the middle of the knee, and less tall ladies (160-165 cm) feel comfortable in wearing summer dresses below the knees.

Popular silhouettes

The full figures stand out well in the trapezoidal A-silhouette models with the "Greek" bodice. With a moderate fullness and a pronounced waist, many women feel comfortable in fits-all styles. It is not recommended to emphasize the excessively tight and shapeless clothes, which can emphasize completeness.

Ladies with wide hips successfully select models of summer dresses with straight skirts, holders of "square" silhouettes successfully dressed in asymmetrical, pleated or wedge shaped.

The fitted items fit well with the lines of a "hourglass" figure. Happy owners of pronounced waist, full thighs and chest do not experience discomfort when wearing sarafans knee-deep and longer.

How to choose the right material?

Summer models are presented on glossy pictures with light, cotton and linen variants along with dense fabrics. Not bad sit jeans materials, tight jersey (smooth or with a pattern), wool, viscose and leather products. A special praise deserves a silk or cashmere.

Choose evening models of summer dresses? photos of popular catalogs clearly demonstrate the need to complement the outfits with elements of chiffon and viscose. The choice of modern women of fashion falls on matte fabrics. Brilliant solutions (atlas, brocade) will suit the well-proportioned figures. Lightweight jersey emphasizes the folds on the body and is lost on the general background.

Important details

The correct selection of the model of summer dresses for fat women includes a simple cut, no frills. It is better to immediately abandon the products with patch pockets, laces and appliqués. The presence of the original belt will provide an elegant and elegant look to the owners of a narrow waist. A wide light accessory will visually reduce the area of ​​the abdomen, and the contrast solution will successfully allocate it.

Deep neckline allows you to paint beautiful breasts beautifully. An important moment is the setting of the strapless: a properly chosen width (from 2 cm) will provide comfort and secure fixation.

Style and cut

Models of summer dresses and sarafans with an overstated waist are the ideal solution for magnificent shapes. They perfectly look at figures like "pear" or "apple". "Greek" patterns emphasize beautiful hands and chest. A narrow belt or a rubber band will successfully hide the abdomen and hips.

Dress-shirt is a favorite thing of magnificent women, easily hiding their shortcomings under dense fabrics (denim or cotton). A clear outline of the silhouette and "smoothing" of the protruding sides provides maximum convenience in choosing the model and pattern of summer dresses.

Silhouette-bustier is the best solution for a sultry day and a walk along the evening embankment. The open top attracts glances to the shoulders, hands and décolleté. Such styles are not offered to the owners of broad shoulders.

It is impossible to forget about dresses with basque (flounces), straps, cases and goth. The new season opens doors A-silhouettes, flared or straight, asymmetrical, with a deep neckline or without, with open shoulders and back, with sleeves and without them.

Color Solutions

Fashionable "gurus" note that the original models of long summer dresses look good in dark colors, but for a bright season you can make an exception. Many stylists successfully dress their customers in pastel and classic saturated shades of summer. Special attention is paid to colorful products and clothes with prints, artfully concealing the shortcomings of the figure.

Masking fluffy hips is provided by products with a light bodice and a dark bottom. Lush women are ideal for refreshing pastel colors: cream, azure, white and beige. They harmoniously emphasize the refinement and uniqueness of the animated image, adding natural beauty and naturalness.

Lovers of dark variants are offered models of summer dresses for women for 40 with contrasting patterns. Harmoniously look products with a black top and a versatile bottom. They visually reduce the upper part of the body, giving it proportionality, relative to the lower one.

A special effect is given by vertical ornaments with small details, twisted by a spiral into the grasp of the silhouette. Large flowers are used less often, giving irresistibility to tall girls. The kaleidoscope of shades of business sarafans is more modest, and the styles are limited.

Advice of specialists

The main purpose of clothing is to visually lengthen the figure and disguise the problem areas. Listening to the advice of fashion designers, it is possible to select suitably the wardrobe items for all occasions and successfully emphasize mouth-watering forms:

  • Diagonal stripes and "peas" visually reduce outstanding forms, and a free cut easily masks excess weight gain. Additional elements will be the original buttons or zippers.
  • The need to close the shoulders is easy to realize with the use of small sleeves and capes.
  • Free, floating, flowing products below the knee - the ideal solution, not limiting movements.
  • The high possessor of magnificent forms will be adorned with fabrics with large geometric patterns, ornaments and ethnic elements. It's good, if they have wide elastic bands in the chest area, and the matter is clothed or crumpled.
  • A bold decision will be a sarafan mini, reminiscent of a tunic and perfectly combined with light trousers, long skirts, capers or shorts.
  • A luxurious decollete combined with an overstated waist is an amazing solution for grown-up ladies.
  • Do not trust coquettish folds with transverse elements, square cuts and small patterns, adding extra volume.

What to wear to the party?

To create a brilliant image, it's enough to feel elegant and seductive in a properly selected wardrobe.

A long outfit with a strap in the neck girth will open an amazing view of the round shoulders and highlight the chest. Evening toilet looks stunning in satin, chiffon or silk performance in a rich tone - blue, dark green, red or burgundy. Decorative straps, brooches and belts will add magnificence to the rich models.

Luxurious selection of summer clothes for a chic figure gives women a special charm and personality in any situation. The main thing is to be confident in your attractiveness for 100%!