Cosmetology at the present time is a very rapid development. Every day there are new tools that are aimed at improving the appearance of a person. At the same time, the number of companies and brands promising to help is growing. How to understand the variety of products offered and not to waste money? It will be about cosmetics "Faberlik", reviews of cosmetologists will tell you whether you should trust your appearance to this brand.

About company

“Faberlik” - one of the largest domestic companies in the production and sale of cosmetic products in the CIS countries and abroad. It began its activities in 1997 under the leadership of its creators - A. Davankova and A. Nechaev. Initially the company was called “Russian line”. As “Faberlik” she became known as 2001.

To date, “Faberlik” - a dynamically developing company, built on the principles of network marketing. It not only sells its products at affordable prices, but also allows a million of its representatives to do business. “Faberlik” is proud of its 86th place in the list of the world's largest perfume and cosmetics companies. During its work, its staff has created a fairly wide range of skin care products, decorative cosmetics, perfumes for women and men, children's products and hygiene products for the home. But as far as the quality of the products offered is concerned, customer reviews will be the most eloquent information about the “Faberlic” cosmetics. After all, only the number of satisfied customers can be an indicator of the performance of any manufacturer.

Opinion cosmetologists on cosmetics Faberlik, customer reviews

Cosmetics "Faberlik": reviews of cosmetologists

Cosmetics of this company are among those that occupy the lower price segment on the market. That is, it is available to almost everyone, and you can buy it, if not in the mass market, then in online stores. Cosmetologists emphasize that this class of goods corresponds to its price and does not require special knowledge and skills in its use.

Products of this group differ from professional (or luxury) not only by price. For the production of the first use of cheaper raw materials, preservatives and lower quality “container”, which stores the tool. In professional products, there is a higher concentration of active substances, which cause the desired effect of use. Does this mean that budget cosmetics should not be used at all? Not at all. For solving simple tasks (for example, moisturizing the skin, make-up, care) they are quite suitable. An ordinary buyer without expressed problems with appearance does not need expensive and professional tools. Another thing - to seek professional help from a specialist in case of any problems. He will be able to indicate how much care will be needed and whether the available funds will cope with the particular case.

Cosmetics “Faberlik”: customer reviews

Of course, how many people, so many opinions. Of great importance is whether the tool is chosen correctly. From this will depend on its effect and, accordingly, the reviews about it. Many were faced with the need to go through trial and error before choosing exactly the means that will solve the problem. Therefore, it makes sense to talk about a certain set of reviews about a certain group of goods.

On the cosmetics "Faberlik" customer reviews vary depending on the category of goods. To summarize, the following conditional picture emerges:

  • Caring cosmetics "Faberlik". Reviews of shampoos, shower gels, foams and other positive means. Means are presented in a wide range, you can choose in accordance with their need, do not cause allergic reactions. More attention should be paid to cosmetics for skin care of the face, taking into account individual characteristics.
  • Color cosmetics deserve a good overall rating. Especially well respond about lipsticks and varnishes of this company.
  • Opinions on oxygen cosmetics are not so straightforward. There are those who note the visible effect of the use of oxygen-rich series of creams, there are those who have not noticed a positive impact.
  • Cosmetics for children and men does not differ from similar products at the price.
  • Household chemicals for home safer than conventional means.

Reviews of decorative cosmetics "Faberlik"

Next, a little more about how to evaluate the cosmetics “Faberlik”:

  1. Reviews of laudatory nature deserve varnishes. They are called a worthy alternative to gel polish.
  2. About the carcass there are different opinions. For example, “Extreme volume and modeling” keeps well on the eyelashes, does not crumble, but has an uncomfortable brush (it is large and curly). “Panoramic volumetric” mascara has earned more words of praise. It really adds volume, lengthens eyelashes, is well washed off. Mascara “Secret signal” is more suitable for giving the length of eyelashes, but not volume. The brush is more convenient than in previous versions, but the tool dries quickly enough (for a month).
  3. Shadows “The secret of charm” have pleasant shades (4 in one palette), do not roll down, are convenient in application. But they are suitable mainly for evening make-up, because they contain a lot of nacre.
  4. Special attention deserves lipstick “Persistent kiss”. It refers to a number of matte. All customer reviews enthusiastically declare that it is really resistant, does not roll, does not dry out lips, and shades as close as possible to natural ones, so lipstick is great for everyday makeup. The Secret Story lipstick was also pleasant in applying the color. But it is not suitable for those who have peeling lips or microcracks. Not the persistence and pleasant smell of lipstick "The secret of success." It also emphasizes the flaws on the lips, but is easy to apply and has a bright palette.
  5. About eyebrow makeup products are mostly positive reviews. Special attention deserves a palette of eyebrow shadows. She has several shades, which is convenient for blondes and brunettes. Good hold, easy to apply. Eyebrow pencil “The secret of a perfect stroke” is also praised for its quality and ease of use.
  6. Regarding the tonal fundamentals: the cream-serum “Shining of youth” well moisturizes, evenly lays down, masks the imperfections, but the light tone whitens the skin too much; “Perfect update” foundation serum gently cares for the skin, gives it a light shine, keeps well, tones correspond to the stated.

Reviews of oxygen cosmetics "Faberlik"

Fresh appearance, healthy skin color, the disappearance of dark circles under the eyes and the restoration of elasticity promises oxygen cosmetics “Faberlic”. Customer reviews regarding the oxygen-enriched series of creams and other facial treatments are divided. Many people felt the positive effect promised by the manufacturer - after a long-term use, the condition of the skin of the face really improved. But there are also those who have not noticed this.

This concerns, in particular, the revitalizing course “Oxygen Mesotherapy”. It is aimed at combating the first signs of skin wilting, has regenerating properties. Many say that improvements are noticeable after 2-3 weeks, but there are those who have not noticed such an effect even after passing the entire course (30 days). Apparently, we are talking about the correctness of the selection of funds, taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin.

Reviews of creams

Properly selected cream is half the success on the path to healthy, radiant skin. Cosmetics "Faberlik" professes the same principle. Reviews of creams cosmetologists generally indicate this.

For example, “Intensive Day Cream” from this brand is designed for the skin of girls 25+. It really smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes, does not leave a greasy luster or film on the face, it is very refreshing and has a pleasant texture. This marks the majority of the clients who tried it. But there are those for whom moisture is not enough. Apparently, it is suitable for normal and oily skin, but not dry. Moreover, the promised anti-aging effect is not all. Some reviews say that hyaluronic acid (stated in the composition) is either in small quantities or of poor quality, which affects the properties of the cream. From this it is concluded that, as an everyday care, the cream copes with its tasks, but in the fight against the first signs of aging it is not.

More accolades deserved “Concentrate Supermoistening”. Serum (or light cream) perfectly absorbs the skin with moisture, making it more elastic and healthy looking. The cream has a light texture and a pleasant aroma.

With a night moisturizer “Mango and papaya” it is also worth being neat to owners of oily skin and prone to rashes. The positive effect is noted by those who have it dry and lifeless in appearance. But in other cases it can leave a greasy shine.

Home Products

The company also sells household chemicals, which is known as home care products (“Faberlic”). Customer reviews indicate that consultants promise biologically harmless products that are suitable for house cleaning and do not cause allergic reactions - hence the name. And such promises are really not unfounded.

Buyers speak well of washing gels, liquid powders, antibacterial agents, dishwashing detergents, grease removers and other Faberlic products. They not only cope well with their purpose, but also create comfortable conditions for living without risk to health. The appearance of allergic reactions is an individual intolerance of some of the components of the product. Therefore, in any case, it is recommended to initially get acquainted with the composition of the product.

Cosmetics "Faberlik" for children

“Faberlik” also offers a wide range of products for babies - gels for washing, shower, shampoos, liquid soap, toothpaste, lip balms and other things.

Pleasant fun packs that will interest the child, “tasty” flavors and a good cleansing effect - that's what parents reviews say about “Faberlic” cosmetics. Cosmetics for children is included in the category of quality products at an appropriate price. All you need to be careful with is the child's reaction to surfactants (they are in the composition) and individual reactions to the components.

Products Faberlik for men

As with children's products, reviews about the “Faberlik” cosmetics and the series of products for men are similar. Products are released more often in series (for example, for shaving and douche). They are united by one smell, so that there is no mixing of aromas.

In the catalogs there are series with a cooling effect (for shaving sensitive skin), “8 Element” with woody notes for active men, “Wind of adventure” with oxygen enrichment and others. Reviews of shampoos from buyers unanimously positive. Gels and foams for shaving are good in the case of proper selection of tools for skin type. Aromas are presented for every taste - from fresh to restrained and elegant. In general, we can talk about a positive assessment of these funds.