Choosing a target for air rifle or pistol shooting is an individual matter and depends on personal preferences. In the store there is a certain variety, but you should not take the first target. Often these are special layouts with specific goals and markup, but each of them has its own characteristics.

Paper options

Paper air rifle targets vary. They differ:

Targets for air rifle and pistol shooting

The most convenient and popular option is a target for shooting A4-format, which can be printed on any printer with minimal cost. Of course, you can buy a target from another material, but it will cost some money.

Standard distances for air rifle shooting are: 10, 15, 25, 50 meters. The choice depends on the model of weapons, bullets, preferences in shooting. If the shooter is not sure in the choice of size, it is worth taking an average value - 15-25 meters.

Design does not care about newbies and those who consider shooting purely passion.

But for professional shooting the target must be framed on a white background, otherwise it will be a violation of the rules.

Mechanical targets

Such targets are most often used in competitions and in professional shooting. The mechanism very clearly defines the nature of hitting the target, which simplifies the task of the judges, the examiner. At the same time, targets for shooting from a pistol are either falling or moving (spinning).

Sometimes a bullet catcher is used, which prevents bullets from scattering after hitting the target, which reduces the amount of garbage in large-scale events.

For biathlon, they use modernized targets, when hit, the sensor picks up the result and sends it to the computer. Thus, the shooter knows exactly about the results of his shooting. Then the results are printed and handed to the participant.

When dueling shooting use completely different goals. Such targets are small in size, which complicates the task for the professionals of this business. Two participants are at the same distance from the target and compete for speed and accuracy.

There are two types of dueling targets:

Target drives

Such targets are used for dynamic shooting, which is much more complicated than usual. The disks fly out of the special hole of the device, they need to get from a distance of 15-20 meters, while the flight may be affected by wind, speed. Sometimes, for more interesting shooting, they randomly change the speed of movement of the disks, which makes this sport quite challenging and exciting.

Buying a target

Today there are many shops where you can buy air guns and targets for them. With certain knowledge, you can make a target yourself, given your preferences. To do this, it is enough to find on the Internet a target template for air rifle shooting.

You can also download the finished drawings, in which everything is already marked. It is only necessary to print them. This method is the least expensive because the paper costs a penny.

In general, the target can be bought or downloaded and printed. For professional shooting, the paper version will not work. In this case, you will have to purchase expensive targets for air rifle shooting.

Choice of place

Professionals of this business recommend shooting outdoors, since in this case the person is closer to nature and concentrates better. You can also shoot at the dash.

Basically, everything depends on desire and aspiration. If the desire is there, you need to move towards your goal, no matter what. And to improve the skills will help various targets for air rifle, pistol and other weapons.