Myofascial massage is a kind of modeling of the face the type of "circular facelift" without surgery. This practice involves massaging effect on the tissue enveloping the muscles, allowing you to achieve relaxation and improved circulation. However, to correctly perform the procedure, need special skills and knowledge.Myofascial facial massage: technique of performing

Operating principle

Myofascia is the membrane that covers all the vessels, organs, nerves, it forms "cases" for the muscles. Its main functions are supporting and trophic. It is the groups of myofascia that are responsible for the disorders of functions, painful sensations, and also motor activity. Performing a massage, a specialist has a direct effect on the fascia, restoring them and making them more flexible.

Myofascial massage improves the movement of lymph and blood. The fascia is released from tension and stagnation, and this, in turn, allows the muscles to move freely in their radius.

Beneficial effect of the procedure on a person:

  • wrinkles on forehead and nasolabial triangle are smoothed;
  • the second chin diminishes;
  • wrinkles in the eye area become less noticeable;
  • facial muscles begin to work in normal mode;
  • the pores become narrower.

Only a specialist will be able to make a highly effective myofascial massage training which allows you to learn to recognize hands "clips" of muscles, which entail age-related changes. The procedure occurs without the use of massage oils, thanks to this you can do when caring for oily and combination skin.

How is the session

First of all, the client should tell the specialist about the existing health problems. Vascular problems, as well as severe skin inflammation, can be the reason for refusing to perform a massage.

Throughout the session the therapist must maintain contact with the client, he periodically asks to change pose. To get the maximum effect from the procedure you need to relax and escape from it all.

During the massage the master asks to breathe slowly, but regularly, while counting to 5 with each inhalation and exhalation. This is what allows you to relax muscles as much as possible, while they become more pliable. The specialist studies the face and décolleté zone, identifying the points of greatest stress. After palpating, he determines the most strained muscles and actions that will help them relax.

During the second session, the actions of the masseur become more dynamic and strong. With each subsequent session, the master is easier to work with, since the muscles of the massaged become more pliable.

Myofascial massage is a medical and cosmetic procedure that affects not only the skin of the face, but also the entire body.

This kind of massage should be chosen, starting from the condition of muscles and skin. The cause of the course of myofascial massage can be puffiness, deep wrinkles, flabbiness and lack of elasticity of the skin. In addition, this procedure should be considered by those who have a second chin or unhealthy complexion.

Indications can also be:

  • low muscle tone;
  • excess fat on the face;
  • expansion of pores;
  • rehabilitation after plastic surgery.

This procedure is a great way to prevent age-related skin changes. A large number of cosmetologists are saying about myofascial massage as a perfect alternative to the circular face lift.


Choosing this type of massage, it is necessary to treat their diseases, which can be a cause of failure from this procedure. About myofascial massage forget those who have:

  • rash, which resulted from an infectious-allergic disease;
  • oncological disease;
  • fever;
  • injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • presence on the face of moles, eczema, papillomas, herpes.

Myofascial facial massage: technique of performing

The first thing to do is to empty the skin, washing off the make-up from your face. Due to this, all pores will be cleaned, and oxygen can freely pass through them during the procedure. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

The masseur begins his work with the elaboration of the scalp. The master works with two open hands, while the intensive movements of the hands should resemble screwing.

Further myofascial massage continues, turning the head to the side. The left hand specialist has on the scalp, while the thumb should be placed in front of the ear. The right palm is placed on the neck, in this case the thumb is placed on the other side of the ear. At this moment stroking of the skin begins, rubbing and kneading them.

Next, you need to stretch your chin, the skin on the neck and under the ears, using two hands. At the same slow strokes being replaced by more energetic movements.

Further the masseur has the right hand on hair, thus fingers should be directed towards to a forehead. The second hand is also on the forehead, but only three fingers remain active: the big one works near the temporal lobe, and the index and middle are working out the forehead zone. Hands stretch the fascia, and then move towards each other.

After that, start to massage under the corners of the mouth. Further, gentle kneading movements act on the line from the corners of the mouth to the cheekbones and in the opposite direction. When moving in the opposite direction, manipulation should be more intense.

The skin is easily rolled from the outer corners of the eyes to the inside and back. Manipulation must be repeated for the upper and lower eyelids. In doing this, when performing a procedure such as myofascial massage, the technique forbids stretching the skin, pinching and pressing heavily on them.

Then go to the bridge of the nose and the superciliary arches. Moving from the center to the temples, the skin is pinched and kneaded. At the final stage of myofascial massage, the face is worked over the scalp with the fingers of both hands. In this case, one hand works from the back of the head, and the other - from the side of the neck.

Basic movements

All movements of the master are directed along the muscle fibers. On the face they should be light, kneading, at the same time remind tingling and stroking. More intensive manipulations are performed on the head.

One of the master's hand shall lift a layer of skin, the other to move it until then, until there is resistance. Such actions cannot be called tweaking, this is the felting of the skin, i.e. its lift and shift.

Is it possible to do the procedure at home

As experts say, at home, this kind of massage can not be done. The expected result is achieved only with the help of professionals who have rich experience and knowledge of the necessary knowledge behind them.

To be able to perform myofascial facial massage, training is mandatory. At the same time, he can pass only one who has already taken place as a masseur. It is very important to know all the points on the body and to properly influence the muscles and connective tissues. Otherwise, the procedure will not give the desired effect, rather, on the contrary, will cause side effects.

Myofascial massage: reviews

People who have experienced the effect of this procedure on himself, saying that it not only helps to eliminate significant age-related changes of the skin, but also has a positive effect on the General state of muscles and the maintenance of their tone.

However, it is necessary to observe elementary rules of hygiene, if the massage is performed at home. If the procedure is performed in the salon, then you should definitely ensure the high professionalism of the master, otherwise problems can occur. If you go to a qualified specialist, then the result will persist for a long time.

This massage practice has a clearly expressed rejuvenating effect, it is easily compatible with any cosmetic procedures and only enhances their effect. Thanks to myofascial massage, you can get excellent results in normalizing the muscle tone and restoring the face oval. This technique helps to relieve muscle tension in the face and scalp, as well as in the décolleté zone. Myofascial facial massage helps improve blood circulation and solves hair growth problems, helps to relieve emotional stress and headaches.