Almond oil is the most popular base oil. Most women are happy to use it in the daily care of their hair and skin. And for good reason - this is an excellent tool for solving most problems. From this article you can learn how to use almond oil correctly, as well as its application areas.

Beneficial features

The benefits of almond oil are as follows:

  • Almond oil is ideal for skin care. And it can be applied to owners of absolutely any type of skin. It is preferable to use this tool for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
  • The oil has regenerating and soothing properties.
  • It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and B6, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc.
  • Vitamin F contained in sweet almond oil reduces enlarged pores, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands and has a beneficial effect on the hair. This vitamin gives hair elasticity and shine, and also contributes to their growth.
  • It nourishes and strengthens the cilia.
  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • Almond oil (reviews below) contains vitamin E, which eliminates inflammation on the skin, slows down wilt, and is an antioxidant of natural origin.
  • Effectively smoothes fine lines, nourishes the skin, softens and moisturizes.

Almond oil cosmetic for skin care of the face, hands, hair care is allowed to use independently and to enrich gels, lotions, creams and masks. In addition, this tool is used as a basis for the dissolution of essential oils.


  • Minor abrasions, cuts, household and sunburn and various minor skin injuries.
  • Problem and inflamed skin.
  • Almond oil smoothes small wrinkles on the body and face, wrinkles around the eyes, and also softens the skin.
  • This tool is suitable for sensitive skin with vascular pattern. Makes skin beautiful, velvety and smooth.
  • Sprain, cellulitis, dermatitis, herpes.
  • Hair loss, and this tool is suitable for both dry and oily hair.
  • As a massage oil, it is also ideal.
  • For mature skin, almond oil (reviews confirm this) is used for moisturizing and nourishing.
  • Oil contributes to the acceleration of hair growth, in this regard, it is part of most masks.

The rich composition of almond oil, light texture, high permeability allows its use both as an independent tool and in combination with other oils. In order to formulations based on this oil is well absorbed into the skin, they must be slightly warmed.


Almond oil is very beneficial for the digestive system. You should simply add this vegetable oil (1 tbsp. Spoon) in a glass of juice or milk. It is necessary to drink every day. This will improve immunity, as almond oil keeps the body warm.

The traditional means for massage is almond oil. In addition to its anti-inflammatory, nourishing, emollient and tonic agents, it is also characterized by an excellent aromatherapy action. Regular massages are able to restore spiritual and physical health.

This product can be used by owners of any skin type. The only thing is that in each case it is necessary to add different ingredients to the oil.

Dry skin

When fading dry skin, this tool can be applied in its pure form. It is allowed to be used for daily cleansing the face and makeup remover. It is very useful to apply it before going to bed on the skin around the eyes. To restore the tone of the centuries, you can make a mask of almond oil and the pulp of ripe avocado.

For the care of dry skin suitable mask, which will include the following components: butter, eggs, yolk, sour cream, cottage cheese. Honey is a universal natural product, vitaminizing and returning tone to any skin type. All this is perfect with almond oil.

Oily skin

For oily, inflammatory skin, almond oil is combined with cosmetic clay, herbal tinctures on alcohol, starch, lemon juice, and egg white.

For example, you can beat the protein, add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice and almond oil. Starch, clay or powdered boiled potatoes are added for thickening. The mass is ground to a plastic state and applied to cleansed skin. After twenty minutes, you should wash and apply the cream.

Wrinkle Almond Oil for Fading Skin

To make a mask for fading and dehydrated skin, you need to mix almond oil, honey and cottage cheese. All ingredients are mixed, while the mass should not be liquid, but at the same time remain plastic and smooth, without lumps. This tool should be applied to the neck, neck and face after a thorough cleansing of the skin. The mask is washed off after 20 minutes.

Another very simple remedy is a mixture of cucumber juice and almond oil. With this composition, instead of tonic, you can wipe your face in the morning and evening.

As mentioned above, almond oil for the body is very useful, it helps to get rid of various defects, including stretch marks, but with regular use.

However, you should not hope that this tool will allow you to get rid of stretch marks from the first application. In this case, the main thing is regularity. Good results can be achieved with a combination of oil and massage. To prepare a massage mixture, you must take almond oil (1 tbsp. Spoon) and essential oil (1-2 drops), which is effective for cellulite. Essential oil can be chosen depending on your preferences - it can be Santana, rosemary, grapefruit, patchouli, tangerine or juniper.

Due to its special texture, almond oil penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, improves lymph circulation and blood circulation. The skin is tightened and strengthened, excess liquid and slags are removed from it.

Neck and decollete

The region of the neck and décolleté needs nutrition most of all, since in these places the content of the sebaceous glands is minimal. Regular use of oil will tighten the neckline, neck and forearms. This tool should be used periodically, both independently and in conjunction with a massage.

Most often it is the hands that come into contact with the environment, including detergents, as well as painting fruits and vegetables. For this reason, hands often show age.

Almond oil is an indispensable hand care product. It is allowed to apply independently, simply putting a thin layer on his hands. Regular use of this tool will help the skin recover quickly and hands will look well-groomed.

In addition, almond oil can be added to hand cream. To do this, combine in your palm base cream and a few drops of oil. Then, the resulting composition is used as an ordinary hand cream.

Elbows and knees

Since this oil is perfectly absorbed, it is able as quickly as possible to rid the skin on the elbows and knees from dryness and flaking. The use of this remedy will help to soften the rough skin on the knees and elbows.

Almond nail oil is also very helpful. It is allowed to apply not only independently, but also in combination with other components and oils. Almond oil is very pleasant and light, well absorbed, softens, nourishes nails and cuticles.

Any problems with hair will help solve the regular use of oil. For example, owners of oily hair can use this vegetable oil in its pure form, simply rubbing it into the roots. Many believe that any oil makes the curls fatter, but this is absolutely not the case. On the contrary, for oily hair, almond oil is the real salvation. The activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized with regular use. You can also add essential oil of cedar, bergamot or lemon (2 drops).

If you have brittle and dried hair, then apply almond oil on the whole length or in combination with essential oils (orange, ylang-ylang or tangerine). Also, the oil gives the hair a beautiful shine, strengthens them and stimulates growth.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

You can also use almond oil for eyebrows and eyelashes. This tool prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. Eyelashes become more fluffy and soft. To do this, they need to apply a small amount of oil.

However, before using the oil it should be tested, check for allergic reactions - apply to a small area of ​​skin. If there is no irritation and redness, then the oil can be used for its intended purpose. It is also very important to use good almond oil, do not save on it.

Herpes is a very unpleasant disease, accompanied by a rash on the skin, in most cases on the lips. To get rid of this phenomenon, you can use a mixture of oils. And most importantly, it is very effective, cheap and fast. For this, almond oil is mixed in equal proportions with ylang-ylang or tea tree or lavender oil. This compound should be applied to the affected area 4 times a day.

Since almond oil (reviews of experts confirm this) heals and softens the skin, it is used for household and sunburn. The oil can be used alone or in combination with other oils. It can also be added to sunblock. Almond oil can be mixed with wheat germ oil in a 1: 1 ratio.


Wipes soaked in pure almond oil are applied to the damaged areas. In addition, you can make a mixture of oils: almond oil (1 tbsp. Spoon) and lavender or clove oil (2 drops). Wipes soaked in this tool are applied to the affected area for about 20 minutes, 1-2 times a day.

Almond oil: reviews

Almond oil is very popular because of its ease of use. Women are pleased with the moment that this remedy can be bought quietly at a pharmacy - it is sold at an affordable price and without a doctor's prescription.

In our life there are such things that can be used for various purposes and in many situations. Here and almond oil should be attributed to these things. It is medium thick, transparent and has a neutral odor, and is absolutely suitable for everything that can be attributed to hair, body and face care procedures. First of all, this tool perfectly softens the cuticle and strengthens the nail plate.

Many consider almond oil to be a real magic wand for hair. Almond oil is the main component of various hair masks. It can also be used independently. Regular use of this tool will reduce hair loss, strengthen the hair follicle, and also return your luxury, strength and shine to your curls. The use of oil in combination with a head massage will prevent brittle hair and reduce their section.

Some women speak negatively about the use of almond oil, citing the fact that various masks and compresses with this component must be applied at night. But for the sake of your own beauty you can experience this little nuisance. After all, various means and preparations containing almond oil have a softening, nourishing, regenerating, toning, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and hair, and also helps to slow down the aging process.

Indeed, the range of application of almond oil is quite extensive, it is used in traditional medicine and cosmetology, it is also ideal for eyelashes, nails, hair, face. It contains an incredible amount of all kinds of vitamins. But caution should be taken - it should be tested for allergic reactions before applying the oil.