Modern microblading eyebrows reviews are gaining both positive and negative, so it's hard for unknowing people to understand whether they need this procedure at all. In order to understand this in more detail, it is necessary to find out what it is in general is, what differs from all known tattooing and what effect it gives.Eyebrow microblading: reviews, description of the procedure

As you know, eyebrows play a really significant role in the aesthetic perception of each person's face. Correctly chosen shape, color and thickness of eyebrows necessarily transform the face. Unfortunately, not everyone by nature has beautiful eyebrows that adorn the face and give uniqueness to their owner. This, of course, is a drawback, but not as catastrophic as it seems at first glance. This nuance can be easily corrected, moreover, modern technology has reached a high level, therefore, there are several methods for correcting and changing eyebrows.

The article will help you to know what microblooding is, how much it holds and how to look after the eyebrows after the procedure. This technique of modeling differs from the others in that the eyebrows after it look more natural, in contrast to the standard tattoo, permanent make-up and so on.

What it is

Newfangled eyebrow tattoo (microblasting) is a so-called manual tattoo. This procedure has become widespread not so long ago, although at a fairly rapid pace, it was able to win the respect of most girls. Microblooding eyebrows reviews are not only positive, but also negative, although in most cases the girls speak out about it enthusiastically. As a result of the procedure, the client receives natural eyebrows, which have significant differences from the usual and already "worn out" tattoo, when the eyebrows themselves look too bright and imitate makeup.

Differences from standard tattooing

As already mentioned above, the procedure (microblooding of eyebrows) is a subspecies of tattooing, but these two concepts have practically no similar features.

The main difference is that the work is done using different tools. If the classic tattoo is carried out by a special machine, then microbladeing involves the use of a manual tool - blade-blade, thanks to which the specialist introduces the pigment into the skin by hand. It is worth noting that this tool allows you to make all lines as thin and light as possible.

The second, no less important, difference is the depth to which the pigment is embedded in the skin. In microblasting it ranges from 0.3 to 0.8 mm.

Before deciding on the microblooding of eyebrows, the reviews of which are indicated below, it is necessary to consider all of its varieties. Here it should be taken into account that the cost of each species can be drastically different from the rest. This is not a surprising fact, since the time of the procedures and the effect from each of them are also different.

So, the adjustment of the eyebrows in this way is the following:

  1. Feathering or shadow microblueing of eyebrows. The technique implies a complete absence of clear and sharp lines. Professionals advise to look at this option for fair-haired girls to acquire an incomparable wheaten shade. The effect obtained from shading is to the liking of all customers, as it visually gives the eyebrows a density and slightly adjusts the previously made adjustment.
  2. Hair, or European. In comparison with the previous version, this method assumes the sharpness of the lines. The specialist uses a special technique to introduce a pigment under the skin, resulting in a separate hair line. Masters recommend the European option to people who want to suddenly change the shape of the eyebrows. In addition, there is another indication for the conduct of a hair microblooding - the overlap of appearing with age or congenital bald spots.
  3. Reconstruction. To this procedure, customers are treated only in exceptional cases, when it is required to restore eyebrows from scratch. Such situations often arise after trauma, chemotherapy, as well as certain diseases. This procedure can be carried out exclusively by an experienced expert with extensive experience, because the main task of reconstruction is to create a natural effect, rather than a conventional artificial mask.
  4. Eastern technique or 6D. It is the most complex and, accordingly, expensive kind. In this case, the master uses a micro-blade, thanks to which creates incredible masterpieces. The result is almost no different from natural eyebrows. Few people decide on such microblading of eyebrows, the technique of which consists in the smallest drawing of the necessary hairs, as well as retouching of defects and the formation of additional volume. This effect is achieved through the use of several pigments and cuts with different lengths and directions.

The result may be different, as it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as the professionalism of the master and the instruments with which the procedure is performed. Therefore, each person has the right to decide independently whether to make microblooding eyebrows, or better to enjoy natural beauty.

If it turns out to find a really good specialist, then we can hope for a tempting prospect:

  • the ideal form;
  • a new shade;
  • naturalness;
  • the changed length and direction of the hairs;
  • disguise of cosmetic defects.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among other things, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of microblading brows. How much is held - you can not exactly answer, because it all depends on the type of procedure, so this factor can not be attributed to pluses or minuses. In the rest, you can note some features.

Among the positive features are:

  • almost complete absence of pain;
  • the pigment takes root at the first time;
  • rehabilitation period is short;
  • the color obtained immediately after the procedure will not change in the near future, as is usually the case with tattooing.

The list of main shortcomings includes:

  • high price;
  • because the procedure is a novelty, the number of specialists, especially experienced, leaves much to be desired;
  • if the result does not please the client, you will have to get rid of the pigment with a laser, which will require even more expenses.

Indications and contraindications

Eyebrow microbleeding, healing after which can take up to 5 days, is recommended in such cases:

  • accelerated hair growth;
  • bald spots;
  • dim color;
  • cosmetic defects;
  • rare / not growing at all hairs.

The procedure is most often recommended for people who are bored with daily adjustment. After all, only one session will save a huge amount of time. But there are certain contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • skin diseases;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • flu;
  • not healed wounds in the eyebrows;
  • hormonal instability.

It is not necessary to hide the presence of any of the above factors, since this will lead to irreversible consequences. First you need to get rid of these ailments, and only then go to a specialist.

Changes after the procedure

Of course, all clients are concerned with the question of what changes will occur, as this affects the care of the eyebrows after microblasting.

On the first day, no changes occur, that is, you can observe the same effect that appeared immediately after the procedure. On the second day visually everything remains the same, but the crust is already beginning to form. The third day will be remembered by the fact that the eyebrows themselves and the area around them will be itchy, the kind of changes still will not happen. The fourth day will begin the process of exfoliation. And on the fifth day, the desired result will be visible.

Eyebrow care after microblasting

In the period after the procedure, you do not need to purchase any special funds, spending on it round sums. As a means of care, a cream that the master recommends necessarily works well. Its action is directed solely at accelerating healing.

In addition, you must adhere to an active lifestyle. At least elementary physical exercises should be performed to stimulate blood circulation. During the first month, it is strictly forbidden to visit beaches, saunas and other places where the person will be warm.

Cost and salons of the Russian Federation

Considering prices on the example of the Russian Federation, one can observe the following situation: in the best clinics of the capital, the price ranges from 6000 to 15000 rubles, and together with this it is necessary to pay about 5 thousand for correction.

Among the most professional specialists in Moscow, one can mention Anna Sheremet, who works at the Institute of Massage and Cosmetology and makes this procedure worth 15,000 rubles, and Albina Sattarov, who makes microblasting for 10,000 rubles.

Also it is possible to note the following salons where such services are provided:

  • beauty centers "Ok" - the price is 8000 rubles;
  • salon "At Malushi" - from 10,000 rubles;
  • School-studio Natural-line, where the price for the procedure for masters is 6,000 rubles, and the teacher - 15,000.

Microblooding eyebrows reviews, of course, has both positive and negative. From a bad point of view, people who have not received the desired effect for various reasons, including problems, in whose presence the procedure is prohibited, are voiced.

But there are more positive opinions, because people get such eyebrows, which they could only dream of earlier. People who improve eyebrows from the masters of Moscow listed above, recommend them, because the stunning effect drove them crazy. The procedure was painless, and the rehabilitation period took only about 4-5 days.