A person is not just a collection of certain muscles, bones and a few liters of blood. Inside this shell lies a complex mechanism, which until now has not been studied by physicians and scientists. The psychiatrists know the most about the human soul. They are able to penetrate the very depths of the subconscious and conduct an analysis of secret desires and actions. One of the best recognized experts in this field is Mikhail Vinogradov - a psychiatrist-forensic scientist with vast experience.

Mikhail Vinogradov, psychiatrist-criminalist: biography, private life

Biography of the most famous psychiatrist in Russia: briefly about the main

Mikhail Vinogradov is an extraordinary personality, although his professional path began quite trivially and usually. He was born in a simple Moscow family in 1938. Then no one could have thought that this boy was the future well-known expert in the field of parapsychology Mikhail Vinogradov. His biography before entering university was no different from most Soviet teenagers: carefree childhood, successful schooling and easy entry into the university.

Studying at the First Medical Institute was given to him quite simply and determined the further specialization that has become a matter of life. In the first year he was an ordinary student, but according to an interview given by Mikhail Vinogradov, the date of his birth as a psychiatrist is known - this is the transition from the Department of Surgery to the Department of Psychiatry. From that moment on, this science became his love and the subject of close study.

After graduating from the university, Mikhail Viktorovich Vinogradov brilliantly graduated from postgraduate studies and residency. Having mastered the fundamentals of hypnosis while studying, he worked actively to study the paranormal abilities of a person. He worked at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and at the Military Institute.

Mikhail Vinogradov became an active participant in actions aimed at eliminating the consequences of natural disasters, for which he was repeatedly awarded. From the beginning of 2000 he worked on his own method of drawing up a portrait of a criminal. Helped in uncovering serial crimes and capturing maniacs.

Vinogradov Mikhail Viktorovich is a psychiatrist whose personal life is little known. The professor does not like to talk about this topic before journalists and on television. His scientific work and developments in psychiatry are more known.

Hobby criminology: where did it all start?

As Mikhail Vinogradov himself claimed, the family had a very strong influence on him. Parents who are people with an active lifestyle, accustomed the boy to work from early childhood. He, while still a schoolboy, was earning money by writing articles in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. Mikhail Vinogradov turned out to be a very talented freelancer and received good fees for his work. Even then, some of his articles were related to the characterization of criminal events.

From the very childhood, Mikhail Viktorovich Vinogradov was interested in medicine and saw his future in surgery. Therefore, I did not doubt, having entered the First Moscow Medical Institute.

Years of study at the institute

During his studies, the head of the surgical group suggested that young Vinogradov be offered to study the hypnosis technique. In the end, after hitting the department of psychiatry, Mikhail Viktorovich literally fell ill with this interesting discipline and almost immersed himself in the study of a person's personality.

In Soviet times, research was carried out to identify people with special inclinations and to determine how they can be useful to society. He worked with people like Juna Davitashvili and Rosa Kuleshova. Experiments on the susceptibility of people to hypnosis at a distance produced a sensational effect in Soviet society.

Mikhail Vinogradov decided to continue his studies and began to improve in many areas of psychiatry. He studied the peculiarities of personality behavior in extreme situations, analyzed extrasensory techniques and worked on the methodology of creating a psychological portrait of the criminal. In parallel, he participated as a hypnologist in a variety of experiments.

"Center for Psychophysiological Research" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Mikhail Vinogradov actively cooperated with the law enforcement agencies of our country. He dealt with the problems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the selection of cadres. Being an excellent psychiatrist, he could form a psychological portrait of candidates and even predict their further changes after several years of work in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vinogradov also developed his own methods and tests, which can be used in the work of special services. With the help of these developments, which are relevant for today, it is possible to assess the feasibility of recruiting and working with a person of any intellectual level and psychological warehouse.

Mikhail Vinogradov, a psychiatrist-forensic scientist, became the first person who brought a polygraph to our country and introduced him into the work of Soviet special services. In parallel, he continued his interesting work on extrasensory perception and wrote several scientific works on this topic.

"Brigade to provide emergency assistance in places of mass disasters and natural disasters"

As a specialist, Vinogradova was very interested in human behavior in emergency situations. Under his leadership an organization was created, which became the prototype of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. He worked with his specialists in disaster areas around the world.

He had to work in Spitak, Iran and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Everywhere Vinogradov tried to help people and take them out of a state of shock caused by terrible events that occurred in their lives. For the first time in the practice of such actions, extrasensory patients were involved. These people were personally tested by Mikhail Vinogradov, and no doubts were raised about their abilities. People with unusual abilities helped in the search for victims and removal of post-traumatic syndrome. For this work, Mikhail Viktorovich received government awards.

Creating a psychological portrait of a maniac: Vinogradov's technique

Vinogradov became the largest specialist in the field of studying the psychology of people with obsessions. Since 2000, he began to develop a methodology for identifying maniacal inclinations and drawing up a psychological portrait of the offender on the basis of the already known scheme of the crime. These works made it possible to involve Vinogradov in the investigation of especially notorious crimes as a profiler. Mikhail Viktorovich is a frequent guest on various TV shows, during one of them he managed to compose a psychological portrait of a maniac on the air. In the future, these data contributed to the capture of the perpetrator.

Vinogradov is often involved as an adviser to the Public Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB of Russia. Cooperates with the government on terrorism.

"League of Psychics of the Russian Federation"

In 2009, Vinogradov became the founder of the League of Psychics of the Russian Federation. This organization was non-profit and united many people with paranormal abilities. Work in this field by a psychiatrist was never interrupted, he wrote several scientific works revealing the nature of psychic psychics.

At the moment, any person who claims to be a psychic can apply to the "League of Psychics of the Russian Federation" and be tested. Specialists of this association are often attracted by MVD employees as assistants in the disclosure of particularly complex crimes. Most often they are attracted to search for serial maniacs.

"Battle of psychics" - a special milestone in the life of Mikhail Vinogradov

It should be noted that Vinogradov's opinion was decisive in many trials. He unerringly could tell about the abilities of each of the participants in the show. And numerous winners of the battle still cooperate with Vinogradov and help the police in the most hopeless cases.

Why did Mikhail Vinogradov leave the "Battle of Psychics"?

The most famous psychiatrist in Russia, viewers loved because of the transfer of "Battle of psychics" and very much waited for each release of the program. But in recent seasons Vinogradov began to appear extremely rarely, and the viewer was worried. In the media there were rumors about the discord between the producers of the program and the permanent consultant. Many viewers noticed that Mikhail Vinogradov began to give a very negative assessment of the activities of psychics on the program.

In fact, Mikhail Viktorovich did not abandon the program, and in connection with his phenomenal employment began to participate only in some issues with the most difficult cases. In its majority, these are criminal stories, where it is necessary not only to evaluate the activities of the participants in the Battle of Psychics, but also to draw up the psychological image of the alleged criminal. To the delight of fans, there are not enough such stories. Therefore, Mikhail Viktorovich so rarely appears on the screen of the channel "TNT" in the context of the popular program.

"Center for Legal and Psychological Assistance in Extreme Situations"

Long years of work with psychics of different levels left their imprint on Mikhail Vinogradov. Therefore, having accumulated sufficient experience in this field, and having acquired a certain circle of familiar people involved in providing assistance in critical situations, the psychiatrist thought about creating an organization that helps people and government bodies. So the center of Vinogradov Mikhail Viktorovich appeared. Specialists for work in the organization are selected personally by Vinogradov, more than half of them are people with paranormal abilities.

The Vinogradov Center deals with the solution of many problems of the human personality. This applies in the case of family conflicts or people who have lost their loved ones. Employees of the center assist the authorities in solving crimes and finding missing people. In many cases, the process of working with psychics is documented on a video camera.

Naturally, the provision of services by the center costs money. In the case of private treatment, the reception of Professor Vinogradov will cost about ten thousand rubles. At the appeals from the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, work is conducted absolutely free of charge.

The center of Mikhail Vinogradov: reviews

For several years of its work, the Center for Legal and Psychological Assistance in Extreme Situations managed to win the favor of Russians and residents of the near abroad. The activity of the center is highly appreciated by the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they repeatedly declared gratitude to the psychics of the Vinogradov Center for their help in searching for missing people. In many cases, psychics who work under the leadership of Professor Vinogradov, provide just consulting services. In addition to receiving assistance in a difficult situation, clients can take part in Vinogradov's seminars and lectures. For a certain category of people, these seminars became the most effective aid, which radically changed their lives.

Professor Vinogradov does not leave work on the study of extrasensory perception. Together with the staff of his center, he continues to create new methods and options for testing people with paranormal abilities. On the basis of these tests, unknown areas of activity of psychics are revealed.

According to the feedback from the center's customers, all services are at a very high level, the internet and the official website of the organization are full of positive comments.

Mikhail Vinogradov is a multi-faceted person, a man who made an invaluable contribution to the science of our country. He was able to reveal many secrets of psychiatry and managed to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world. His work on identifying people with paranormal abilities is still unparalleled in the world scientific community. Hopefully, Professor Vinogradov will not stop there, and he still has many discoveries in the field of psychiatry and criminology.