The modern world, spoiled by fast food, the Internet and a sedentary lifestyle, especially needs effective ways to combat excess weight. That is why a huge amount of money, methods and systems of weight loss are being developed every day, promising a more or less rapid result, provided certain efforts are made. Find a suitable program that allows you to say goodbye to excess inches at the waist and hips, today is not difficult, an abundance of options may well be confusing.

In this article, we will consider key features of the method developed by Gillian Michaels. Feedback about this system is mostly positive, which served as a kind of impetus for the beginning of the program research.

Something about personalities

The presented program, like many others, comes from the United States, and therefore the largest number of its fans is concentrated there. Nevertheless, today the method of losing weight is becoming increasingly common in the territory of the post-Soviet space. In Russia there is even a fan club Gillian Michaels, whose reviews are distributed on the Internet at an enviable rate, attracting more and more attention of the public, wishing to end the excess weight.

The diverse approach

Personal experience at the core

Gillian Michaels, the slender figure of which is now widely admired, was able to take her weight under control at the age of 14. It was then that the girl came to an understanding of the fact that her own body is not just a collection of bones, muscles and fatty deposits, but a pliable material from which you can create your own dream and achieve perfection. In fact, during this period the foundations of the famous technique of Gillian Michaels "30 days" were laid.

Beginning of the legend

The girl opened her first fitness room when she was only 17 years old. Now she admits that perhaps nothing would have happened if there were no friends near her at the right moment who agreed to help and support. Gradually, fans of the training system and a specially developed diet became more and more, and today there is hardly any person who is overweight, who has not heard about Gillian Michaels' "30 days" technique.

Two basic rules

Of course, in this respect, too, is the desire to fight and achieve success. After all, without it, there will be no incentive to continue, providing the body with greater loads.

Method for a month

Consider that in 30 days (based on the name), you will lose the hated 30-40 kg, it is not worth it at all - nothing so quickly works in this world, except, perhaps, liposuction. However, with the right approach, the results will be truly stunning.

Training with Gillian Michaels, as you can guess from the name of the technique, are calculated for 30 days of intensive work. This, however, does not mean at all that this can stop and continue to eat as before starting work on your body. The term indicated in the title only indicates that during this period you will be able to achieve a certain effect.

The presented program can be called ideal for beginners, only set foot on the warpath with excess weight, because the duration of the sets is only 30 minutes, which makes stress for the body minimal. Nevertheless, the coach always offers an alternative, more complex option for those who have already managed to go through a certain path and achieve some effect.

Work organization

In total, the program provides for three levels, each of which takes only 10 days to complete. In the technique of Gillian Michaels, Level 1, like any other, provides the most complex load - this means that the load is evenly distributed to all muscle groups. At first glance, it may seem that such a system of training leads to a rapid plateau, but it is not so. Frequent change of exercises allows you not to worry about the phenomenon of addiction, which can be called an important advantage of the technique.

The basis of the system

In the Gillian Michaels program, Level 1 is both the simplest and most difficult, because the body is not used to such intense stresses. Nevertheless, already in the middle of the first decade of the system, you will be surprised how quickly the musculature adapts in accordance with the proposed set of exercises.

The basic set of methods can be called the active combination of plyometrics and cardio loads, which makes it possible to achieve results in such a short time. The first level can be compared with such an attack on extra centimeters, the second - with stabilization, and the third is aimed at fixing the obtained indicators. It is the final stage that seems to be the simplest in comparison with the others due to the lack of such a serious complication of the system.

Specificity of the diet

Limit the consumption of a variety of sausages, sausages, fatty and canned foods. But vegetables, fish, lean meat, legumes, fruits, nuts and all kinds of greens should become the basis of the diet.

Alternative program

For those who have a problem of extra centimeters, rather, a local character, there is a separate technique from Gillian Michaels. The 6 weeks spent under her leadership will lead to truly colossal results. A flat stomach allows you to achieve a program that includes 2 stages, each of which lasts for 3 weeks. The duration of training is the same as in the first case, but the intensity here will be completely different. If the first technique was mostly suitable for beginners, then it is not necessary to count on the second one in particular. The passage of this program is recommended, rather, to people who have an average physical form.

Nevertheless, this system of training has one very important advantage - it does not require active use of simulators and equipment. All you need for an ideal press is a dumbbell whose weight is 1.5 and 4 kg.