Every day we are faced with a large number of people. We enter into polemics with someone, we establish long-term friendly relations with someone, and we even begin to represent the closest people in the portrait gallery. With each of them, we develop a different level of mutual understanding, which is classified by psychologists and mystics as a mental connection between people.Mental connection between people

How do we communicate?

Have you ever paid attention to how dialogue is built between members of one family? Even if it was created not so long ago, then communication at the household level looks strange (although no one often pays attention to this): “Tea?” - “No, coffee”. And that's all. This instead of the whole dialogue: “What will you be - black tea or instant coffee?” - “Instant coffee without milk and with one spoon of sugar”.

Simply, the connection that connects close people allows them to miss most of the information, because it is already transmitted (one can say, telepathically) from one partner to another. This is the mental connection - a condition that helps to feel the thoughts and mood of another person, even being with him at a great distance.

It turns out the mental connection can be seen

“Thoughts converge” is not only a figurative expression, but also a rather real description of exactly how the mental connection between the representatives of the human race manifests itself and in what way. Researchers have found that if people have mutual sympathy or have friendly relations, then even with the help of MR imaging, it is possible to detect synchronization of neural activity in brain cells in one and the other.

The same connection exists between the narrator and the one who listens to him carefully and interestedly. By the way, it has been found that with a high degree of empathy among the listener, neural activity even somewhat outstrips that of the person who is telling.

How to build a mental connection

By the way, mental communication is most easily established where emotions are involved in the process of communication. And depending on where they are directed, mutual understanding arises between people. Of course, a significant role in this will be played by the mutual striving for further relations, and a similar level of intelligence.

Sometimes in such cases psychological methods of establishing relationships help:

  • copying the posture of the interlocutor;
  • repeating his last words during a conversation;
  • and if the situation allows, then light touch to the hand of the interlocutor.

All this leads to the fact that soon strangers and hitherto strangers begin to feel mutual sympathy and disposition.

Between whom the strongest bonds are formed

It has long been no secret to anyone that the strongest bond at the mental level is formed between parents and children, as well as between lovers. Often the same relationship can be observed between friends, especially if a lot is experienced together, and friendship is time tested.

Note that in this case the emotional sphere plays the leading role in the above relations. After all, you love a child not for something, but simply because you love ... Probably, this is why a mother always, as they say, with her heart feels if something happened to her child. And loving son or daughter also clearly feel the condition of their parents.

Why it happens? It is obvious that a dry calculation or relationships built only on mutual benefit will not allow mental connection between partners to develop until such time as emotions — respect, affection, and affection — intervene in their life together. They will slowly melt the ice crust, which does not allow to build sincere relationships and subtly feel the partner, and after that the mental interdependence will develop.

Quite a bit about love

The mental connection between a man and a woman is not always the kind of love that is customarily spoken of as true. But what is true love - passion between sexual partners or endless devotion to the object of love? No one can articulate an answer to this question. But it is interesting that sometimes the partners who are rapidly surviving their relations have a very poorly developed connection, while the calm and trusting relations between them allow it to become very visible and manifest itself at every step.

You did not have time to think about your beloved, and she is already calling you. You feel anxiety and a strong desire to call your beloved, and when you do this, it turns out that he is in trouble. Happened so? Probably more than once! And this means that your relationship has moved to a new rank, and the relationship established between you will help maintain them for a long time.

How mental connections look like for mages

By the way, the mental connection for people who call themselves clairvoyants takes on completely clear forms. It turns out that it looks like a non-silvery thread that stretches from head to head or from heart to heart (it all depends on which chakras work better at the moment).

Interestingly, such threads are stretched from teacher to student, if he loves his work and treats the audience with sympathy. Students listen to such lessons or lectures very carefully, and what's more, they memorize the lesson material very well!

But again I want to repeat - for this you need emotions. There is, of course, inconceivable connection between the “teacher” who dryly read his lesson and the bored students.

Now imagine: you go to such classes, you have a true friend (or even more than one), you love and are loved - all these connections are slowly creating a web around you. And a person who knows how to be friends, to love and empathize, is enmeshed in it rather thickly. Interestingly, it does not interfere, but on the contrary, it helps to easily establish new relationships and to feel subtly even strangers.

Mental communication: how to break a relationship?

Between two loving people, mental connections are established quickly and most often firmly. This gives a lot of advantages: you can always feel the emotional background of your partner and capture the moment when he is in dire need of support.

But the mental connection between lovers sometimes does not break even with parting. Especially if one of the partners is not ready to break. And this, you see, is a completely different feeling. It is difficult to build a new life if you always imagine your ex, if the feeling that he is somewhere near does not leave you. How to be?

The recipe is simple and banal - release it yourself. Even if you are convinced of the opposite, try to understand why you remember your relationship. Maybe they had something that you are now acutely lacking? Be sincere before you. After all, even if the initiator of the gap was you, it is possible that now, after a while, regret of what has been done wakes up in you. And if there is no way back, to the restoration of relations, release your partner. Talk to him mentally and ask him to leave your life, not to remind yourself. Imagine how that silver thread that connected your hearts disappeared, broke, feel the slight pain from this gap. But after it the relief will come.

But I want to repeat: all this will work only if you sincerely (!) Want to break off relations.

Some last words

An increasing number of studies prove that the mental connection, which until now was customarily referred to as something mythical, is in fact an absolutely real phenomenon. And no matter how it is represented - in the form of threads connecting us with someone, or in the form of synchronous neurons of the brain - it helps us to maintain non-formal relationships.

As already mentioned, the main thing here is to feel the sincere and emotional desire of a person for their development and strengthening. Do not be afraid to give, then in return you will receive as much pleasant and beautiful, and on this everything is built in our life.