It is difficult to choose a place in which a citizen will monitor their health, to undergo certain tests, and also just to be treated if necessary. Especially in Russia, when there are several options - to get help for free or with special comfort. Often people prefer the second option. Therefore, today it is necessary to understand what the 21st Century Medical Center is. St. Petersburg is the city where this institution is located. What are the pros and cons of sharpening attention? Is this clinic good? What is offered in the corporation in the form of services? Is the population sufficient service here? To understand all this will help numerous reviews of citizens. According to them it will be possible to determine how the medical center meets the expectations of potential and real visitors.

But before that, you will have to learn some useful information for the public regarding the institution. What is the 21st Century Medical Center (St. Petersburg)? This question will help to understand how much a citizen needs to contact the institution.Medical Center 21st Century, St. Petersburg: addresses, reviews

“21st Century” is a clinic of modern medical technologies of a private type. It offers the provision of medical care in various fields. Therefore, the organization can be called multi-disciplinary.

In addition, the undoubted advantage is the orientation of the medical center at the family. This means that the clinic welcomes children and adults. It is very convenient. Especially for those who want the whole family to be observed in the same place. “21st Century” is a family private multi-type clinic.

National distribution

A huge role is played by the location of the organization. The thing is that the medical center under study is an institution that is popular in Russia. Not too wide, but heard about it in some cities of the country.

The city in which the main medical center “21st Century” is located is St. Petersburg. You can also find branches of the corporation in Valdai and Novosibirsk. In other areas, so far there is no branch of the organization.

About addresses

“21st Century” (Medical Center, St. Petersburg) offers different addresses. As already mentioned, in St. Petersburg most of all departments of the organization. There are about 18 points that are open to all residents of St. Petersburg and other cities.

Where exactly can you find branches of the company in St. Petersburg? For example, branches are located at the following addresses:

These are just some of the affiliates of a corporation. It is recommended to specify more precise information about the location of the nearest 21st century clinic directly at the medical center. The branches are “scattered” all over Peter. And this fact pleases all citizens.

About services

Medical Center "21st Century" (St. Petersburg) is a place where you can get a variety of medical care. After all, this is a family multidisciplinary clinic. What is so necessary often for moms with small children!

More specifically, the clinic specializes in working in the following areas:

  • pediatrics;
  • therapy;
  • neurology;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • dermatology;
  • venereology;
  • allergology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • psychotherapy;
  • traumatology;
  • surgery;
  • Ultrasound diagnostics;
  • laboratory research;
  • nephrology;
  • phlebology;
  • endocrinology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • nursing care.

It follows that in the clinic you can get different help. Doctors of the corporation go to the house. This service is widely distributed at the 21st Century Medical Center. In addition, in the organization draw up hospital sheets, as well as provide management of pregnancy.

Medical Center "21st Century" (St. Petersburg) is a private organization that offers the possibility of recording to specialists not only directly in the branch, but also remotely. It is about using contacts to communicate with the clinic. By phone, you can easily sign up for a specialist or for tests, as well as cancel / transfer the record. It is very convenient. Clients note that it is this way of writing to the doctor that is most often used in practice.

The Children's Medical Center “21st Century” (St. Petersburg), as well as the adult departments of the polyclinic, offers a telephone for communication. You can clarify it on the official website. Having called, it is possible to register in the specialist in any branch. There is nothing difficult or special about it. Calling a doctor at home is also possible using a telephone. Very comfortably. It is recommended to clarify in which branch of the clinic a citizen wants to come to a specialist consultation.


“21st Century” - Medical Center (St. Petersburg). Bryantseva or any other street is not so important, the basic conditions in the entire medical network are approximately the same. What do the citizens say about them?

In general, the situation pleases. If you believe the opinions left about the center, then the entire network of clinics made new repairs, installed high-quality equipment, and also has everything for the comfort of visitors. Nice to be in a calm and friendly environment. It is felt that the citizen is in a private clinic, where they thought about comfort in advance.

In all branches of the organization clean, tidy and cozy. It is noted that there are no queues at the reception. Service is carried out on time, do not have to wait long for their turn. And this fact pleases many citizens. “21st Century” (Medical Center, St. Petersburg) reviews earned in this area are mostly good. Claims to the situation a little.

Special attention should be paid to such features as medical care. It is physicians who often form the main impression of a certain organization of the medical type.

What does “21st Century” offer (Medical Center, St. Petersburg)? The doctors here are all educated. There are distinguished physicians, staff of the highest categories, candidates of science. From time to time, doctors undergo advanced training courses. The experience they receive daily is well applied in practice.

Only all this is not a guarantee of good service. The 21st Century receives mixed reviews from the public regarding the doctors who work here. Some say that the doctors are really good - attentive, sympathetic, pleasant, trying to find an approach to the patient, they know for sure their work. They are not afraid to entrust their health.

At the same time, some clients indicate a lack of professionalism among doctors. Someone stresses that doctors do not have tact. For example, on an ultrasound the doctor incorrectly sets the duration of pregnancy (instead of 32, they say 30 weeks). Or you may be faced with the rudeness of some doctors. Fortunately, not too many complaints. And therefore it remains to hope that the “21st Century” (medical center, St. Petersburg, Kosygin or a branch on any other street) offers really good doctors. And all the negative - it's just fiction.

House calls

Some visitors emphasize such a feature as home service. The service itself pleases potential customers. It’s not necessary to go to the clinic “21st Century” on your own. You can call a specialist right at home. This applies to both adults and children's specialists.

Often, mothers complain that when they call doctors at home, either specialists do not come, or they have to wait a very long time. If you try to find out when a particular specialist comes, parents risk running into rudeness. This is said by many. Even those who have long been observed in the medical center with the whole family. Therefore, do not think that the clinic is the perfect service.

There are no more significant complaints about calls. If you do not take into account the mentioned feature, the citizens are satisfied. Inspection is carried out in full, without any problems. Accordingly, you can safely use the service call a specialist at home in the "21st century".

So how good is the studied clinic? Patients say that the medical center “21st Century” (St. Petersburg) offers, in general, good conditions and prices. If you look at the price of the clinic, you will notice that it is not overvalued. Reception specialist will cost almost 1 500 rubles. This is not so much.

The conditions of stay are encouraging, many doctors, too. It is recommended to just carefully approach the issue of choosing a specialist in a particular area. Then the probability of obtaining a negative experience will be reduced to a minimum.