For most of us, when we hear the phrase “display advertising”, it seems that we are talking about banners, posters and billboards. But in fact, this category is much broader: it includes online advertising, which is a whole separate industry, worth mentioning.

In this article we will talk about what media advertising on the Internet, as well as give examples of the most effective models for the promotion of goods and services. Also touch on the topic of online advertising. All this is further in the article.

What is display advertising?

Display advertising on the Internet: examples, features, types

As is known from the general theory, any graphic advertisement is called a media one, since it can be perceived by the user visually. If we are talking about what media advertising on the streets is, then we should mention leaflets, banners, decorated shop windows, addresses on buildings and other items that we see. All this can be attributed to the category of advertising in question in this article.

The advantages of this type of promotional materials quite a lot. It is known that a person perceives the most information at the expense of sight. That’s how our advertisers want to get across our brains. In addition, a graphical way you can transfer a fairly large array of data - ranging from the name and logo of the company and ending with its products, services or place on the map. Moreover, visually, you can connect additional attributes to create the correct image in the brain of the viewer. For example, to depict the nature, the attractive girl, the power of the elements - depending on the product that is being promoted.

Media should be distinguished from audio advertising. You can run into it on the radio while listening to materials from a mobile operator.

The development of online advertising

All 100% of the information available to us on Internet sites, we perceive visually. This means that the most effective advertising in “online” is just media. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to verify this. Go to any portal - and with your own eyes you will see a lot of graphic advertising materials. They can be presented in different forms - ranging from contextual ads and ending with pop-up windows, but the essence of all these types of materials is one - to convey some visual information.

Examples of online media advertising

Various banners dazzling in the side fields of websites; teaser images (the very smallest square pictures that lure us with their headings); text information; videos, animated images - all this is actively used by webmasters and advertisers in order to attract our attention and bring any information. And to choose what type of advertising is used in a given situation, it is necessary for those who place it, taking into account various statistical indicators: the size and properties of the audience, which covers advertising, themes, targeting and many other criteria.

Largest online advertising providers

It’s best to learn how to use display advertising and where it should be placed in practice by studying offers that are already present on various Internet resources. Accordingly, it is enough to go to the sites of major suppliers of such advertising to see as many ads as possible. These are the most visited online resources, including Google, Yandex, Facebook, VK, Yahoo and others. Each of them creates its own form of promotional materials that are ordered by advertisers. In social networks, this is, for example, a display advertising that combines a picture and a title with a description. In search networks, textual textbooks are used more often, since it more organically fits into the issue. There is another example.

The Yandex service sites directly sell the places where display ads will be placed. “Yandex”, taking into account the millions of visits to its services, is able to provide stable coverage of a large audience. Due to this, advertisers have a place to turn around, and the search engine gets revenue.

There is also the Google Adsense advertising network, in which not only the search engine itself participates, but also thousands of websites on various topics, including “Runner” and “Yandex.Direct”.

Further growth of the market

Now the most effective advertising is the one that operates in the Internet sphere. Despite the fact that this is already a whole industry with billions in turnover, experts predict its further growth. It's all about the possibilities - they are much more than advertisers understand today. Many companies simply do not use the opportunity to promote their services online, which would allow them to achieve a significant expansion of the market and the development of their business.

However, in this business approach will gradually change. New types of display advertising will appear, the number of users with access to the network will grow. The number of advertisers will also increase.