All fans of beekeeping products appreciate acacia honey. Its useful properties are more pronounced than in other varieties. And all the other qualities of acacia honey make it the most delicious and popular. It is more liquid and light in comparison with other varieties, it does not crystallize very long and almost does not cause allergic reactions. It is for these properties and even for its effectiveness in many diseases so appreciate acacia honey.

Acacia honey

Acacia honey: useful properties and contraindications

Useful properties of honey have been studied for a long time. This variety is particularly appreciated, because bees can collect it only 1-2 weeks a year, when the acacia blossoms.
The flowers of this plant are very fragrant, and their properties are transferred to honey. Although acacia is a good honey plant, its honey is quite rare. Distributed these trees everywhere: they can be found not only in the forest, but also in the park, near the roads. In our country there are white and yellow acacia. Especially a lot of them in the southern regions of our country and in the Caucasus. It is there that the highest quality acacia honey is obtained - without impurities. If it is collected from a yellow acacia, it has a pale yellow color with a greenish tint. And almost colorless is a honey of a white acacia. The useful properties of theirs are no different.

Features of this variety

- The lightest in color, often almost white, with pearly tint.

- The most liquid of all varieties of honey, and this state persists for a long time - up to two years.

- Even after crystallization, it retains its homogeneous and delicate consistency.

- This is the most fragrant and delicious honey, and thanks to the large content of fructose it is the sweetest.

- Very effective acacia honey preserves skin youth and is used in cosmetology.

What substances are contained in acacia honey

- There are a lot of fruit acids in it, actively participating in metabolic processes.

- Acacia honey does not have any fat.

- It contains vitamins C, E, PP and almost all the vitamins of group B. And they are very long preserved.

- This honey is rich in biologically active substances. This explains its rejuvenating and fortifying properties.

- There is much in acacia honey of potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, copper and phosphorus.

"There is no sugar in it, but a lot of glucose and fructose."

- Acacia honey contains a lot of carotene and digestive enzymes.

Acacia honey: useful properties

- It is very easy to digest due to the large content of fructose.

- Improves metabolism.

- It has a calming effect on the nervous system, it helps with insomnia and stress.

- It normalizes pressure, expands blood vessels and improves blood circulation and blood composition.

- Clears the liver, improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

- Improves sight and memory.

- Increases immunity and helps to recover after long illnesses.

- Provides cheerfulness and improves working capacity.

- Possesses anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

- The only bee products that have hypoallergenic properties are acacia honey. Useful properties of it can be used even in the preparation of creams and ointments for newborns.

- Acacia honey helps to lose weight, so it can be used in dietary nutrition.

At what diseases is applied

This type of honey can be used:

- with hypertension and atherosclerosis;

- with inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, especially with cystitis;

- cleanses the liver and cures many of its diseases;

- An effective medicine can be prepared on the basis of acacia honey for the treatment of cholelithiasis;

- the only sweet product that can be safely applied to diabetics is honey from acacia; its useful properties in this disease are explained by the optimal content of glucose and fructose;

- effective for infectious and inflammatory eye diseases, for example, with conjunctivitis; In addition, instillation into the eyes of a solution of white acacia honey helps restore visual acuity;

- helps in the healing of wounds, burns and cuts, with dermatitis, pustular rash and eczema;

- Acacia honey is effective in the regeneration of mucous membranes, which allows you to use it for periodontitis, gingivitis or stomatitis;

- Inhalations with acacia honey help to cure bronchitis, laryngitis and rhinitis;

- Effetiven acacia honey, dissolved in water, with enuresis;

- with regular use of only 50 grams of this honey increases the tone of the body, improves efficiency, memory and mood.

Use in cooking

Connoisseurs consider the most delicious honey of acacia. It does not contain bitterness, but its taste is sweet and soft. Therefore, this variety of honey is widely used in cooking. It is added to desserts, pastries and used for nothing. It improves the taste of products and has a pleasant aftertaste. Especially often acacia honey is added to creams for confectionery, used as fillings and additives for pies and rolls. They then acquire an unforgettable taste. And such dishes can be eaten even by children and people with diabetes. But often not recommended to use acacia honey in products subjected to heat treatment. It is most useful in its original form or dissolved in warm water or in tea. Therefore, it is best to use it for making desserts and drinks. And oatmeal with honey and nuts is a healthy and tasty breakfast that will energize for the whole day.

Application in cosmetology

It is very effective for preserving the youth and beauty of acacia honey. Its useful properties for the skin have long been studied and are actively used in cosmetology. Honey is added to masks, scrubs and creams. It is also useful to use it inside with tea or dissolved in water. After applying acacia honey, the skin becomes fresh and tender, the complexion improves, peeling and acne develop.

Acacia honey is also beneficial for hair. The active substances contained in it, prevent their loss and improve growth. A bath with dissolved acacia honey helps with the separation and brittle nails. In addition, women who are overweight are also interested in using acacia honey. Useful properties and possibilities of its application in obesity and cellulite have been recently studied. Baths and wraps with this beekeeping product have an amazing effect. After a week of application, the skin becomes smooth, and subcutaneous fat is much reduced.

Can everyone use this product

It is believed that the most hypoallergenic is acacia honey. Useful properties and contraindications to it have long been studied. This product can be used even for pregnant women, people suffering from food allergy, and children over 2 years old. But do not exceed the recommended dose: adults do not have more than 2 tablespoons, and children - 2 teaspoons. Indeed, with an overdose of acacia honey can cause tachycardia and indigestion. You can not use honey only for young children and women during lactation. In addition, in some cases honey from acacia can be dangerous. For example, do not heat it more than 45 degrees, because in this state it can release a toxic substance. And in some cases, honey can be carcinogens that got into it if the bees are not properly cared for.

How to choose high-quality honey

To purchase quality honey, you must follow simple rules:

- it is worth buying only from manufacturers, best of all directly on the apiary;

- real honey when scrolling a spoon does not drain off it;

- quality acacia honey is very light, almost transparent, does not contain lumps and dark spots;

- do not buy honey, prepackaged factory way;

- qualitative monofloric acacia honey does not crystallize for a long time.