The main goal of a woman’s life is to have a baby. But an equally important task is to bring up a good and pure person from your baby. If the child suffers from various misfortunes, has gone astray, or simply needs the support of the Almighty, then the mother prayer will help.

Woman debt

The basis of the life of any person is faith in God. It is religion that should form the principles, rules and morals. A child is brought to the church by a defenseless baby, but it is worth it to attach the child to the Heavenly Father before birth. A pregnant woman more than anyone feels a little man who grows in her. But the baby also has a deep connection with the mother. The thread connecting these two native people does not disappear throughout life.

Maternal prayer for her childThe duty of parents is to bring up real Orthodox people from their babies. In connection with gender characteristics, men are more practical in their plans and actions, therefore, it has become a custom to send a child to God - the work of a woman.

The prayer for children will be strong from the lips of the keeper of the family hearth. The maternal request does not remain without attention of the King of Heaven. He will help guide the child to the true path, strengthen his faith and give strength to fight life's troubles.

That is why every woman should know by heart at least one appeal to God. Indeed, in difficult situations, there is often not enough time to search for the necessary texts, and then the minutes are worth their weight in gold.

Magic of prayer

For a baby who is still in the womb, it is also worth praying. You need to ask God for your child's health and strength. This action has two advantages. On the one hand, baby gets vital energy from the heavenly forces. On the other hand, the maternal prayer has a complacent effect on the woman herself.

Scientists have long proved that appeal to the Almighty is a kind of meditation. During this process, the personality is cleared, the mind relaxes, calms down. The heart is filled with good, and the mind with light. Doctors note that with this procedure, the lungs use oxygen more efficiently. The headache and muscular pain partially disappears, the heartbeat and blood circulation are normalized, the pressure is leveled. Depression and insomnia disappear.

In addition, this process is not capable of harm, because it does not provide for heavy physical exertion. It helps to deal with the ills of pregnant women, not only mother prayer for their children, but also sacred texts and other religious materials.

Without Borders

The theme of fatherhood is widely present in Christian subjects. No wonder the fifth commandment teaches people to respect and love their father and mother. After all, it is these relatives who have the greatest power over the child.

In general, the church considers the relations of children with parents following the example of the Most High and people. And since the woman has an extremely strong bond with the child, the mother's prayer rises to a special place among other requests. After all, it is the purest and kindest, has no boundaries, and any distance is subject to it.

These words can heal, add energy. In their power to change the worldview of your offspring and help him get on the right path. After all, it is not without reason that people say that with a spell a mother can get her blood even from the bottom of the sea.

The story of the unshakable faith

There are many role models in the Bible. One of the stories that inspires and impresses is the life of Monica, mother of St. Augustine. Her biography is full of simple life situations that happen to everyone. Monica is a model of what the power of the mother prayer can be.

This woman was born in 331 in a Christian family. The girl was captivated by alcohol for some time, but she managed to overcome this sin. She was later married to an unloved man. Patricia was an unbeliever and did not appreciate the sanctity of marriage at all. He cheated a lot and openly to his wife, and Monica endured everything and forgave. The couple had three children. Among them was Augustine.

The guy walked in the footsteps of his father - he lived with a woman who bore him a child, although they did not even get married, he later found himself in a sect and promoted the wrong faith. For ten long years, Augustine wandered in the dark.

But all this time, Monica did not lose faith, and a prayer for her son constantly flew from her mouth. The maternal prayer became the force that freed the child from the fetters of the unclean.

As already known, all the weapons that this woman had were her God. Indefatigable requests saved not only the child, but also the husband. Patricia, watching his wife, understood where real joy and truth lay.

In the release of Augustine from Satan did not believe no one but Monica. The woman urged Christian acquaintances and priests to also ask the Most High mind for their son. One of the ministers of the church said that the tears of this mother can not be in vain. This is what happened.

Today the world knows Augustine as the Blessed righteous, philosopher and preacher. He was returned to God by maternal prayer. In his works, the man himself noted that all his worthy deeds were accomplished only because the Almighty gave him such a good mother.

If your child turned the right way, then ask Monica for protection. Pray for her the same faith that she had with her children. Let him send you patience and understanding, as well as the strength to fight the demons that are chasing your family.

Appeal to the saint

You can ask a lot from this heavenly woman. The main thing is that the words flow from the heart. The maternal prayer for her child sounds like this:

  • “Pious Monica! The Lord God has given you the faith unshakable. With hope, you walked through life and conquered all difficulties and troubles. Do not harden the heart from the shadows of the demons that surrounded you. Do not break the spirit of the great devils evil. The heart never left the love of the Father. Now you are in heaven, and the son Augustine, prayed by your words, is one of the best disciples of God. Give me, an earthly woman, a simple woman, a slave of the Lord's patience and your love. If not, then let fall on my share of adversity, and my own child will be happy. Let my body be wounded by arrows, and my child will be healthy. Let me be the shield, and all the misfortunes that are destined for him, I will take upon myself. Because the eternal love of God and the pure feeling of a woman for her child. Amen".

This can be either a request for a son or a prayer for a daughter. Mother prayer is first of all those words that fly from the heart.

Tests - as the path to truth

Many people underestimate the power of faith. When life is full of bright colors and good events, people often forget about God, believing that all this happens by itself. But as soon as misfortunes fall on their family and home, the people immediately run for help to the Most High. But not the simple plan of the King of Heaven and all the trials that He sends to destiny have their own purpose. Sometimes tests are needed to turn people back to the path of truth.

A strong maternal prayer can overcome everything. An example of this is the story of what happened to Gregory the Theologian. Once he, still a young man, sailed on a ship. A storm rose at sea, everyone panicked. People were afraid of death, and the guy did not want to lose his soul.

At that moment, his mother Nonne had a dream that the child was drowning. She was frightened and began to ask God for mercy. The woman stood up, and sincere prayer for her son fell from her mouth. Mother prayer then saved the child. He asked for the child and the father of the saint. While parents tearfully turned to God, the sea became quiet. A friend of St. Gregory later recalled that he had seen Nonna come out of the clouds and lead the ship to the shore. After that, even the pagans who were on the ship gave praise to the Almighty.

Blood immunity

There are hundreds of Bible stories that show the power of desire and the mercy of the Lord. And the only thing that unites them is faith in the goodness of the King of Heaven.

Protecting your family from harm will help the prayer for children. The maternal request, which sounds not only in difficult times, but also in good, plays the role of immunity from dark contagion. And a woman who asks from heaven for her children of health, happiness and joy every day receives God's blessing. Her little fellows will not suffer grief, because the angels constantly accompany them and watch them.

Ask the Most Holy Theotokos daily for your children. The Heavenly Queen herself gave birth to a child, and since then has been the patroness of all women. It will help to get married and have a children prayer for a daughter. The maternal prayer for the son also helps the boy to start a family and become a worthy Orthodox.

Today, at every turn of life, evil spirits are waiting for us and our loved ones who intend to seduce and lead away from God. But they are not terrible to the one who goes on his way with the angels of heaven.