Probably, everyone sooner or later comes to the idea that there is no closer and more dear to the mother in the world. This is a woman who not only gave life, but also helped to become what everyone of us is today. It is impossible to overestimate her contribution to the development and formation of personality. Each of us in warm times warms mother's love: boundless, tender. It is like a ray of sun, making its way through the dark clouds of everyday days.

What is love?

If you interview people on the streets, the answers can be quite diverse and sometimes interesting. Love is a feeling. And everyone feels in a certain way and can describe it in completely different words. In addition, this concept has a deep philosophical meaning, which can be interpreted from different perspectives. For example, there are differences between what we feel about the opposite sex and the notion of "mother love". The arguments for each of these options will vary.

In any case, we can say that this feeling is a sublime state of a person. Experiencing love, we send positive energy to the universe, we emit light of tremendous power.

Mother's love

Interestingly, even in ancient Greece, several concepts of love were singled out:

The first option is an enthusiastic love, similar to honoring the object or worshiping it. The second term can describe friendly relations, conditioned by social ties. Storgue is tenderness, which is especially suitable for describing the concept of "mother love". The latter variety is a feeling that is not conditioned by any framework. So you can describe the attitude of believers to God.

Waiting for a miracle

Most often the first warm feelings for a child a woman begins to experience already during pregnancy. Each remembers those exciting moments when the baby first started to stir in the stomach, causing incomparable experiences. If during this period to ask a woman about what is mother's love, the definition will be vague and not entirely clear. Because, only having picked up a child, having spent with him days, months and years, you can answer this question correctly.

But do not forget that it is still impossible to obtain the same definition. For someone - it's care, for others - boundless faith, support.

Even before the appearance of the baby you can show your love for him. For example, sing lullabies, read fairy tales, talk to him. And according to scientists, all this will be heard and accepted by the child. He will understand that they are waiting for him. But this is so important. The moment of childbirth is accompanied by painful sensations not only for the mother, but also for the child. Therefore, support and faith in the best will be favorable. We think, everyone understands how happy it is when someone expects you.

The first days in the world

However, the most incredible feelings, bright and multifaceted, are experienced by a person who first saw his child. Just like a toddler who, in the nine months of his existence, who has never seen the sun, suddenly finds himself in a lighted room. He screws up his eyes, inhales air and cries. At this moment, he needs a mother's love as never before, which is capable of surrounding him with care, giving peace and confidence in the future.

The little man who has appeared in the vast new world needs a mentor, a guide, an assistant. And all this he is looking for in the face of his mother.

It must be remembered that there are a variety of examples of maternal love: in history, literature, life. And, getting to know them, you can understand what is positive in this feeling, and what can be reflected in a negative way.

It is necessary to constantly strive to understand and comprehend your feelings and relationships with your child in order to give him the best, without traumatizing. After all, if you look at the sun for a long time, you can go blind - here and constantly surrounded by excessive love a person can lose important life guides.

The power of maternal love

It is difficult to determine how this feeling should be in its strength, intensity and volume. With this question you can turn to the church. In one of the sermons the priest asked the parishioners: "If there is a fire in your house, who will you be the first to save: the spouse or the child?" And without waiting for an answer, he himself pronounced the correct version: "Wife!" This is the person who is your part, an integral half. You can not be divided. It is the spouse who will help in difficult moments, will support and show concern. If there is no it, then the offspring should not wait. And as for the children, God gave them to you, he can take them.

It can not be accepted by every believer, but what can we say about ordinary people. For many, the power of maternal love is of paramount importance. It surpasses all other feelings. However, when studying the question in more detail, it is possible to come to the unequivocal conclusion that in the first place is the love between a man and a woman. It is she who creates a space full of light and kindness, which will become the basis for a happy childhood.

but on the other hand

The issue of relations between parents and children, husband and wife has been affected for many millennia. But if examples of a lack of love we find in literature, theater, music, cinema, the excessive manifestation of this feeling is rarely said. But it can cause not less than the worst consequences. Unfortunately, today people do not understand enough how excessive, if any, excessive love can be harmful. She breaks down destinies, destroys families and sometimes even kills.

What are the reasons for such a strong feeling? First, it may be a misunderstanding of one's own life goals. Not having an idea of ​​why she is here in this world, a woman believes that the main thing is the upbringing of children, which become the meaning of her life. This is where the problems begin. Secondly, often all this comes from the depths of the family, is inherited. Thirdly, certain religious views, the influence of modern upbringing trends, when a child is put on the first place can become the reason.

Two more feelings that make you surround the child with excessive love - a sense of ownership and pity.

All this must be carefully avoided, so as not to cause irreparable harm to the identity of your child.

Maternal therapy

Considering the issue of relations between children and parents, one can go deep into the jungle, but never understand what maternal love should be. The arguments cited by the two sides sometimes differ drastically, but sometimes they support the general idea, for example, that this feeling plays a rather important role for the child. Thanks to the mother's love, the kid feels more confident, protected and, therefore, comfortable.

Just think about how, when you hit a pen or leg in your childhood, you resorted to tears. Mom just kissed her, and the pain passed. Similarly, in more serious issues - the child suffices to feel the shoulder in order to achieve greater results.

Mother image in literature

Life examples

In every house and even in every entrance there is a person who has suffered from love. Someone did not have enough, but over someone, she was dominated. Such people usually suffer from a variety of diseases, often alcoholism and other kinds of addiction. They can be insecure and unsound. In order for such examples of maternal love to be met as rarely as possible, you must constantly work on yourself.

Despite the fact that in the Christian faith love for the spouse is given more importance, there is still a place for prayers for children. And these are not just words in which the mother asks for forgiveness or begging for her child before God. These are prayers that help to create protection, to surround the child with light energy throughout life. As you understand, maternal love is not only what a woman gives her son or daughter, but also what she feels and thinks. All this the mother sends to the universe, which, reflecting the rays, directs the light on the baby.

It is impossible to unequivocally consider feelings for a child, because how many people - so many opinions. For everyone, it has its own - motherly love. The meaning of this feeling in our understanding is formed for years on the basis of our own experience, experiences and bright moments.