It has long been deservedly called the queen of flowers and the queen of sensual fragrances. Her exquisite, spicy-floral, tart amber is associated with femininity, tenderness, luxury and romance. The fascinating sweet smell of a flower prompted Persian alchemists as early as the 10th century to create a fragrant rose oil using the method of distillation of oils that was accidentally invented by Avicenna in those days.

The story of the essential extract of the royal flower

It was the first plant from which received healing essential tool. By the end of the tenth century, the extract of rose petals was cosmetic and toilet product, popular in the East. Rose oilVery soon, the fame of the fragrant elixir of beauty spread far beyond the borders of the Arab countries. Through India, Arabia and Turkey, rose water and aroma oil reached the European market. Today, roses for the production of essential oil are grown in France, Bulgaria and North Africa (Morocco).

How to get rose oil: distillation method

Modern technology for a unique aromatic oil of roses have become more progressive. But in our days the natural oil of Regal flower is so expensive that it is normally used in the production of luxury cosmetics and perfumes. In order to obtain 500 ml of rose oil, producers have to handle by distillation (steaming hot the maintained temperature) one and a half thousand kilograms of petals of fragrant flowers collected by hand at dawn after gathering drops of dew. Damask rose, or Rosa damascena (lat.), Is one of the leading crops that is grown today to produce essential oil. A special variety with fragrant several petals in the process of steam distillation gives the most resistant aroma. The noble “magic in the bottle” - rose petal oil - is actively used not only in perfumery, but also in cosmetology and medicine.

The use of rose oil in cosmetology

Biologically active substances, which is rich in rose essential oil, positively affect the skin in a variety of aesthetic problems. They moisturize prone to dry, flaky dermis, nourish and help to continuously retain moisture in its structure. Astringent of rose aromatic oil helps to normalize the production of sebum and pores on the oily areas. This unique cosmetic product that fights facial wrinkles and other aging signs of the skin. Antibacterial properties possessed by rose oil contribute to the effective treatment of a variety of infections, as well as the prevention of dermatological diseases. Especially effective is refined rose oil in the prevention and treatment of acne. One of the most beloved essential oils, pink, is excellent for burns of the skin, including sunburns. It soothes the dermis, relieves burning sensation and stimulates the process of regeneration of damaged cells. In the period of post-acne from small scars and blemishes, rose oil helps a lot; using it regularly helps to eliminate the effects of acne, returns a healthy, beautiful complexion to a person.

Oil extract or Crimean damask roses can be used along with massage oil for treatments. It effectively copes with cellulite and striae (stretch marks). Anyone who wants to feel on your face spicy-floral medicinal rose oil, reviews suggest to enrich favorite cream or mask 3-5 drops of extract magic plants. From wrinkles makes a mixture of 10 drops of rose and peach (or almond) oil. To fight with stretch marks, or striae, experts recommend massage problem areas with the oil mixture: 18-20 ml of olive, apricot or almond oil plus 5-6 ml of wheat germ extract and 3-5 drops of miracle rose oil. To neutralize the effects of sunburn, 20 ml jojoba with 3 drops of fragrant rose oil is perfect. Eyelid swelling and swelling under the eyes can be removed by mixing a special cream for the area around the eyes with a drop of miraculous oil. 4-5 drops of pink extract, added to the shampoo, mask or hair balm, help moisturize and give a healthy shine to the curls.

Home Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Prepare a evening mask with essential oils is very simple: to 20 ml of sweet almond oil to drip 2 drops of oil of rose, patchouli and one of neroli and ylang-ylang. The skin of the face, neck and décolleté gently clean away makeup and impurities. Apply fragrant oil mixture on the surface of the skin. After 15-20 minutes, DAB with a dry tissue paper. This anti-aging blend of essential oils enriches the skin with vitamins and moisture helps to smooth out wrinkles and whiten dark spots.

The use of rose oil in dermatology

Healing rose oil, whose properties help to restore hormonal balance and stimulate normal endocrine system, and calm the emotional sphere of man, it is used in treatment of many skin diseases. It is used in herpes and psoriasis, acne (acne) and dermatitis, ulcers of the mouth and scabies, insect bites and various inflammations of the skin. For herpes, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, mix 1 drop of rose oil with the same amount of the recommended ointment and treat the painful areas three times a day. Before self-administration even of such a harmless remedy as essential oil of rose, it is necessary to notify your dermatologist about this.

Use in medicine

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, hemostatic, wound healing, tonic and soothing properties of natural oil of Crimean rose helps in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies, digestive system, respiratory system, gynecology and phlebology, psycho-emotional and hormonal sphere. Rose is very common oil in aromatherapy. Delicate persistent aroma of a popular aphrodisiac, which is the Damascus rose, is used for baths (10 drops) and for other spa treatments. For dysbiosis and diseases of the digestive tract, aromatherapists prescribe such a remedy: connect one drop of rose oil with one teaspoon of honey, which you can drink 200 ml of warm water. The same treatment is suitable for PMS, but the aroma of rose essential oil must be inhaled for 5-10 minutes every hour. With vaginal dysbiosis - daily douching (10 days) with a solution of 3 drops of rose oil and 500 ml of boiled water. For irritation, insomnia, apathy or depression, use an aroma lamp with three drops of rose oil before bedtime. The same remedy is great as an aphrodisiac to stimulate libido. To calm down during a fit of anger, relieve stress, or improve well-being during the production process helps inhaling the noble smell of an extract of the Crimean or Damascus rose for 3-5 minutes. Thanks to this therapeutic aroma, you can permanently get rid of fatigue, migraine attacks (due to relief of spasms of cerebral vessels). The refined smell of the rose harmonizes the psycho-emotional state: calming the nervous system, it tones the body, improves mood and gives confidence in his abilities.

The famous Cleopatra bath

In warm milk (500 ml) pour 25 ml of liquid or melted honey and 10 drops of pink oil extract. Rose essential oil, which helps to make the skin not only smooth and silky, but also wonderfully fragrant, besides, it will be an excellent preventive measure against problems with the female reproductive system. Used long since as a remedy for frigidity and impotence, rose oil today serves as an effective natural aphrodisiac.

Rose oil in dentistry

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties of rose oil made its use justified in case of paradontosis (elimination of bleeding from the gums), for the rehabilitation of dental canals, for pulpitis, for anesthesia and for the production of certain types of toothpastes. At home, toothache is usually relieved by applying a cotton pad soaked in a mixture of rose oil and base oil (3 extracts of the base - 1 flower extract). To rinse, dentists recommend using a solution of 200 ml of water, one tsp of salt or soda, and 2 drops of rose oil.

Dosage with essential rose oil

Massage with essential rose oil (or composition) is a tool prepared from the calculation: 20 ml of base or cosmetic massage oil – 4-6 drops of rose extract. Internal use (only in diluted form!): rose oil (1-2 drops) 15-25 g of liquid honey. Bath – 5-10 drops of floral essential oils. For douching – 1 drop of rose extract 100 ml of water. For applications of 1 drop of rose oil to 2 parts ointment base. For compresses – 6-10 drops. For saturation of cosmetics – 1 drop per 3-5 g of a cream, gel or mask.


Despite the safety of natural rose oil, its use should be abandoned to people with individual intolerance, a tendency to allergic reactions, pregnant women. In its pure form, use rose oil is allowed only in emergency cases: for antibacterial or antiviral treatment (herpes, open scratches or small wounds). In cosmetology, the use of undiluted rose oil is prohibited! This can provoke negative skin reactions!

Rose oil: price

In most pharmacies and cosmetic stores can be found inexpensive rose oil. But with such difficulty extracted extract of hundreds of thousands of petals and delivered from Damascus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco or the Crimea can not be cheap. Unscrupulous producers can pour sandalwood or geranium oil instead of the most valuable rose oil, and sometimes even try to falsify these oils. Of the natural extracts, tea rose oil is the cheapest. The cost of the essential oil of Damascus or Moroccan roses is much higher due to delivery. The price tag for Crimean rose oil (a classic rosehip, from which exotic oil was originally prepared) will be lower, but the numbers may vary depending on the amount of product packaging: 5 or 10 ml. On average, for a bottle of 10 ml will have to pay from 200 to 700 rubles.