The recipes of many national cuisines include an abundant use of vegetable oils. For the Mediterranean is characterized by the use of olive oil cold pressed, Russian accustomed sunflower oil. The calorie content of these products is slightly different from each other, the oil of the beloved sunflower she is 15 kcal higher, but vitamin E in it to order more than Mediterranean counterpart. In moderation, sunflower oil has a beneficial effect on the human body. Sunflower oil: calories in a tablespoon, in a teaspoon, per 100 gramsThe storage of the most useful fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins - oil from sunflower seeds - is necessary to preserve youth and attractiveness. No wonder the ancients called it a product of health and longevity.

Useful properties and caloric content of oil from sunflower seeds

The benefits conferred sunflower oil, distinguishes it from animal fats, are: stimulation of metabolic processes in the body, normalization of the endocrine and reproductive systems, prevention of disorders and diseases of the digestive tract, liver and respiratory systemThe canons of classical dietetics say that the most successful combination of animal and vegetable fats, which have a beneficial effect on human health, is considered to be such a proportion: 20 percent of the animal product and 80 percent of the oils obtained from plants. The most accessible source of unsaturated fats and vitamins today is sunflower oil. The caloric content of this useful product is quite high due to the high content of vegetable fat (99.9 percent). She is 899 kcal. People counting the energy value of daily consumed products should not be afraid of such a high number. Since the daily amount of the popular oil, which nutritionists recommend to cover the deficit of fatty acids and vitamins, is small.

Daily Consumption of Sunflower Oil

Answering the question about how much you can eat of vegetable oil per day, not to gain weight, sports nutrition experts and dietitians say that not more than two (maximum three) tablespoons per day. This number includes sunflower oil. Calorie it in this case will not exceed 300-450 calories a day. This figure is well within the norms of consumption of healthy fats, designed for slimming people. The diet for weight loss 30% must take the fats and 60% carbohydrates. Moreover, the major share (60-70% of the total amount of vegetable oil) is refined sunflower oil is the most useful product with all stored in it after processing vitamins and minerals. It differs from others by the presence of dark shade, permissible draught, and a pronounced aroma of roasted seeds. They can be added to vegetable salads, but this product is unfit for heat processing food. Fry fish, meat or vegetables on a butter would not venture any one experienced owner, as in a hot pan it is sprayed, foams, burns, and also gives the bitterness the finished dish. For frying the best fit refined sunflower oil, the calorie content of which does not differ from the nutritional value of other types of this product (899 kcal). This oil is pale yellow in color, it is transparent, has no specific smell and taste of sunflower.

Calories - 899 kcal

On the labels of bottles of sunflower oil often indicate the calorie content of the product per 100 g. It is 899 kcal. The majority of used oils derived from plants – flax, corn, sesame, coconut and sunflower oil caloric value per 100 grams are about the same – 898-899 kcal. And only olive oil cold pressed gives the body 884 kcal. The marketing techniques of about the absence of cholesterol in vegetable fats cause a smile from the dietitian – cholesterol is contained only in foods of animal origin. In the pursuit of profit, such inscriptions often label even sunflower oil.

Calorie: 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

Forums to network people often discuss the question of the caloric value of sunflower oil in a tablespoon. It is possible to determine, on the basis of two parameters: the volume of the spoon or its weight. The volume of the working part of the spoon (drew) may vary in the range of 18-20 ml, and the capacity of the device size 7x4 cm in is 17 grams In one gram of sunflower oil contains 8,99 kcal. The weight of the spoon can take common, but you can measure it using kitchen scales individually. The difference between a dry and a spoon full of sunflower oil can range from 12 to 17 g. the Result can be multiplied by 8.99 kcal and get the final number of caloric product in your kitchen (108-153 kcal). For another variant of the standard calculations take a spoonful of Russian – made 18 ml If 100 ml contains 92 g of sunflower oil, its energy value is 827 kcal. How to determine how nutritious sunflower oil? The calorie content in a tablespoon of this useful product is equal to 18х8,27 kcal = kcal of 148.9. Anyone who strictly monitors the nutritional value of your diet, nutritionists recommend not to exceed the daily norm of consumption of vegetable oils, including oil from sunflower seeds. A couple of tablespoons per day can completely cover the daily rate of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, not synthesized by our body vitamin F and other important elements. What else can measure the energy value, which has sunflower oil?

Calorie: 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil

Quite often, losing weight when filling vegetable salads are interested in the question, what is the caloric content of sunflower oil from a teaspoon. This popular device weighs about 5 g. By simple calculations, you can also calculate how many calories you can get from a teaspoon with sunflower oil: 8.99 kcal x 5 g = 45 kcal.