Masquerade: summary

Eugene falls in love with his wife

Nastasya Pavlovna returns from the ball

Undoubtedly, his wife is an angel, but she is both a child and a child. Mikhail Lermontov notes that she adores the childishly everything that glitters, and most of all - balls with their noise. Today, too, Petersburg is entertained, Arstenina Nastasya Pavlovna dances somewhere (Nina is at home). She promised to return before midnight, but for the second hour. Finally the girl is. She creeps on tiptoe and, like a good uncle, kisses her husband's forehead. Spouse arranges Nina scene, after which they make up.

Yevgeny rescues Zvezdich

Yevgeny Alexandrovich is also not without sin today. He broke the vow he had given: do not sit down for more cards. He sat down and won a lot of money. True, the pretext for this was plausible: it was necessary to help Zvezdich out of the misfortune, the prince lost. He goes with him from the gambling house to Engelhardt's masquerade house. It is necessary for him to unwind. However, one can not relax: Arbenin is a stranger in the idle crowd, but a very handsome young guard, Zvezdich, in his element. He, of course, dreams of a love affair.

Love adventure

A dream comes true. Intriguing Zvezdic, a mysterious lady with a mask on his face admits to him in passion. The Guardsman asks for some symbolic object in memory of this meeting. Without risking to give Zvezdichu a ring, the girl in the mask gives him a bracelet, lost by someone. The prince shows Arbenin a masquerade "trophy". He saw somewhere similar, but does not remember exactly where. He now does not have time for Zvezdich: after uttering insolence, someone unknown has just predicted the misfortune to Eugene, which is to happen on this winter's night.

Arbenin discovers the loss of a bracelet

Arbenin, you see, after such a stormy day, there is every reason to be nervous, waiting for his wife. But the storm rushed away, without becoming a storm. What with the fact that her husband loves him differently than he, playing with feelings, is unconscious? The main thing is that she still likes. In a fit of tenderness, Eugene kisses his wife's fingers.

Mikhail Lermontov goes on to say that the hero pays attention to the bracelet on her arm. This is how Zvezdich boasted a few hours ago. The bracelets are paired, but on the right wrist there is none. Nina says she lost the bracelet. The whole house, according to the order of Arbenin, is looking for a loss. Of course, they do not find it. It turns out that Nina was delayed not at a ball at a respectable family, but at Engelhardt at a masquerade. And there it is shameful to go to a decent woman without companions.

Struck by the unexplained act of the wife (is it really only a childish curiosity?), Arbenin suspects that she has an affair with the prince. True, this suspicion has not yet turned into confidence. How is it possible that Nina preferred Arbenin, a mature husband, a cute, empty boy. The prince resents the wife of Nina while much more than his wife. Tom probably would not have been up to amorous pranks, if Arbenin generously did not win back his card loss. Spouses, half-dead tired of clarifying the relationship, diverge around the rooms in a bad mood.

Nina tells about everything Zvezdich

Nina the next day goes to the jewelry store. She believes that her husband will stop being angry if she chooses the same instead of the lost trinkets. Not having bought anything (bracelets of this piece work), the girl calls in her secular friend Baroness Shtral, a young widow. She, meeting Zvezdich in the living room, tells him ingenuously about his trouble. Guardsman, deciding that Nina Arbenina and the lady in the mask are one and the same person, and the "fairy tale" about the lost bracelet that was composed to her is a hint, is transformed immediately into a fiery lover. Nina, having cooled his "ardent cold" with his ardor, hastily retires. The prince in vexation lays out the entire history of the Baroness. The widow is horrified, as she gave Zvezdich to Ninin's masquerade a bracelet.

Letter from Zvezdich

However, saving her own reputation, the widow leaves Zvezdic in error. He hopes to confuse Nina and thereby achieve his. He sends the girl a premature letter, which says that he would rather die than abandon it. The prince informs about the contents of the letter beforehand half of secular Petersburg. Scandalous message as a result of intrigue is in the hands of Arbenin. Evgeny is now convinced that he was cruelly deceived. He also sees a prophetic sign in the incident. Anyone who has experienced in his life all the sweetness of villainy and vice, can not dream of carelessness and peace. What, in fact, is the husband from the player, the father of the family? However, Arbenin can not take revenge on the "seducer" in the way that a "genius of villainy" should have been done: to strangle him asleep. The union with virtue changed something in it.

Mistress Shtral tries to tell the truth to Arbenin. The punishment of Zvezdich

Baroness Strahl, meanwhile frightened that the life of the prince, whom she loves, is in danger, decides to open the truth to Arbenin and thus prevent the inevitable, as she believes, duel. We will not describe her story in detail, compiling a brief summary. "Masquerade" Lermontov can be summarized, without going into detail in various scenes. Note that Arbenin, scrolling through the options of revenge in his head, does not hear it. In despair, Mrs. Shtral. But she worries in vain: Evgeny's plans do not include a duel. He intends to take away from the spouse of fate, not life at all, but something more: respect for society and honor. Arbenin is quite capable of a clever enterprise. Drawing a spineless prince into a card battle, he finds fault with trifles and accuses him publicly of fraud. Having said that Zvezdich is a scoundrel and a sharper, he gives him a slap in the face.

Further Intrigue

Thus, the offender is punished. However, the intrigue continues, in which the heroes of the "Masquerade" Lermontov were involved. Now it's Nina's turn. However, the girl is not a godless and immoral prince. Superstitious, like all players, Arbenin hesitates, expecting that tells his loyal and ancient slave fate. However, fate is extremely insidious dealing with it. It entangles the intrigue by unraveling it. After an unsuccessful attempt to explain herself to her friend's husband, Mrs. Shtral, realizing that her secular career is ruined hopelessly at any turn of events, decides to go to the village estate. The woman explains to Zvezdich before leaving the "unraveling" of this "charade".

Already translated into the Caucasus at his own request, the prince lingers in Petersburg in order to return the real owner of her ill-fated bauble and warn Nina, a girl who is sympathetic to him, that her husband is a villain. However, he does not find a better way to talk to her alone than it is very careless to approach a girl at a high society ball. The prince does not dare to speak frankly, and Nina does not understand his hints. She also does not know what decision at this time ripened in Arbenin's head, who was watching this scene from afar: he decides to kill his wife.

Murder of Nina

A terrible event continues the summary. "Masquerade" Lermontov - a play in which the murder of Nina occurs in the third act. Nastasya Pavlovna, flushed with dancing and having long forgotten about the ridiculous officer, asks her husband to bring her ice cream. He obediently goes to the pantry and pours poison into it, and then brings the saucer to his wife. This poison was tested and fast, so that night Nina dies in terrible agony.

Eugene is going crazy

We describe the fourth action, its brief content. "Masquerade" Lermontov ends very effectively. Friends and acquaintances come to say goodbye to Nina. Arbenin, leaving the servants of visitors, wanders in gloomy solitude along the empty house. Zvezdich, as well as an unknown gentleman who foresaw Arbanin's misfortune on a masquerade a few days ago, find him in one of the rooms. The predecessor is his old acquaintance. Evgeni Alexandrovich once beat him, ruining him and letting him through the world. Having learned from personal experience what this character of Lermontov's Masquerade is capable of, an unknown person at Zvezdich openly declares that Arbenina did not die at all by her own death. Eugene in horror, shock for a while takes away his speech. Zvezdich, taking advantage of the pause, sets out in detail the true story of the fatal bracelet. He passes to Evgeny as evidence the written testimony of the Baroness. Eugene is going crazy. However, he manages to plunge into the darkness of insanity before falling into the darkness of insanity, to charge God with cruelty.

Zvezdich is inconsolable

The unknown triumphs: he is avenged. However, Zvezdich is inconsolable. With the current state of Eugene, a duel is impossible. This means that Zvezdich, a young, handsome and full of hope and strength, is deprived forever of honor and tranquility. Thus ends the drama M. Lermontov's "Masquerade" - a play about the Petersburg society of the 1830s. Today you can see the ballet based on this work. Music for Lermontov's drama "Masquerade" (waltz) was written by A. Khachaturian.