Mirror is our best friend and worst enemy, especially if we approach him in a bad mood. Girls and women, admit, how many times have you planned changes in your own appearance, looking at yourself in the mirror?

It is interesting that the fair sex are rarely satisfied with their appearance. The soul needs changes, and we succumb to its persuasion, for example, about changing the color of the hair. As a rule, after such rash decisions, other problems arise - with health.

Luxury curls instantly turn into brittle, dry and naughty. In search of salvation, we are buying even more cosmetics. Believe me, this experiment can last indefinitely. If you decide to color hair with modern beauty products, then be morally ready for the consequences. Another option is to experience the action of nature. Yes, to change the color of the head of hair in a really different way, one of which is a hair mask.

To lighten hair, the mask can be made from vegetable components, more about which you can read in our review.

Do not wait for miracles

We hasten to disappoint those who hope to turn from a sultry brunette into a platinum blonde at home. It's impossible! Even in the most expensive salon, the procedure of clarification is done in several stages using professional means.

In our case, the color of the ringlets can only be made lighter in several shades, but for someone and this will become a "small victory." So, home masks for lightening hair with regular application on blond hair will show results in a month. Owners of dark hair maximum after 4 weeks will see a golden shine, and after 2-2.5 months the curls will become lighter 1-2 tone.

Additionally experts advise to use nutritious masks - in fact even the most sparing components can harm hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of lightening is the instantaneous transformation of the exterior. Such a result will not go unnoticed, because blondes are always bright girls. Together with the new color, you will come to the self-confidence and desire to change further.

The second plus is the lack of chemistry. Any mask for lightening hair, the recipe of which you will find in our review, contains exclusively natural remedies.

And, finally, accessibility. It's no secret that the procedure in the salon is worth a "whole fortune." The price, moreover, depends on the length of the hair and the skill of the master, but no one can guarantee the desired result.

The only drawback that can be voiced - this is a small probability of deterioration of the ringlets. Even with gentle lightening the hair loses its moisture and elasticity. The correct recipes and our advice will help you to avoid this.

Features of discoloration

  1. Owners of natural hair color should start with the most simple methods, for example, rinsing with lemon or decoction of chamomile up to twice a week.
  2. Do not immediately apply a hair mask after a chemical wave. To lighten hair, it is important to wait one month.
  3. To maintain the health of the ringlets nutrient masks will help. In addition, use powerful means for lightening only in exceptional cases.
  4. It's easiest to discolor thin hair, but with hard ones you'll have to try.
  5. Brown-haired and brunettes will wait longer for the result than blondes, blondes or redheads.
  6. Always follow the recipes exactly and do not increase the number of products.
  7. It is best to try different recipes to speed up the clarification process.
  8. The use of peroxide gives a good effect, but it damages hair very badly. Curls can become weakened, dry and brittle. If you have not been able to brag about the health of strands before, then in this case you risk being left without half of the hair.

In every kitchen you can easily find aromatic cinnamon. This spice is well known since ancient times, because the first mention of it is dated 2800 BC.

The benefits of cinnamon are really limitless: colds, arthritis, weight loss, strengthening of immunity, diabetes, skin infections and much more. In addition to cooking, for spices there was also application in the cosmetic industry. For example, it is believed that cinnamon brightens the pigment and accelerates the growth of hair.

One of the most popular is a mask with cinnamon for lightening hair. For the procedure, it is better to take spices in the form of dry sticks, because the packaged cinnamon is often falsified, adding there seeds of the tree.

So, at the first stage, the cinnamon sticks are ground with a coffee grinder. Then "roll out" the powder with a rolling pin and send it back to the coffee grinder.

It's not easy

To prepare the most simple mask, we need:

  • 100 ml of balm for hair;
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnamon.

Mix the ingredients and apply the mass to wet hair. We wrap the head with a towel, and after two hours wash it off with lemon juice. Advice: it is desirable to use balm without sulfates, parabens and other "mucks". Girls and women who like the mask with cinnamon for lightening hair, talk about the incredible aroma and real effect, but only after several procedures.

Perfect pair

Even better, cinnamon works in combination with honey. This sweet component nourishes lifeless and dull curls and restores microdamages. In this case, honey softens the aggressive action of the spice.

Interested in a mask with honey and cinnamon? There are a lot of recipes and, as a rule, they have additional ingredients to make the mixture less dense and sticky. In our version, this role is played by the air conditioner.

Many representatives of the fair sex like the mask for lightening hair. The reviews mark a slight difficulty in the procedure, but what can not be done for the sake of beauty.

  1. Honey warm in a water bath. Then mix all the ingredients in the ceramic container with a plastic or wooden spoon until smooth.
  2. Comb the clean (slightly damp) hair and strand the strand with a honey-cinnamon mixture. To avoid a burn, do not rub the mask into the scalp.
  3. Wrap hair with polyethylene, and cover it with a warm terry towel.
  4. After 40-45 minutes, remove the package and towel, and leave the mask for another 3-4 hours.
  5. Wash off with warm water, and to fix the effect, rinse with a decoction of chamomile.

A little less time is required for another mask. Combine 3 tablespoons of cinnamon and liquid honey with two egg yolks. Blend the mixture on clean and dry hair, wrap it with a towel. In two hours, wash it off.

This citrus fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins, which have a beneficial effect on hair and skin.

  1. Eliminates the split ends.
  2. Normalizes the pH level.
  3. Restores brittle hair and restores vitality.
  4. Eliminates itching and discomfort.

In addition, lemon is indispensable in the excessive allocation of sebum. Some owners of oily hair mix water with lemon juice and sprinkle on dry hair, which thanks to this method for longer stay clean.

Hair mask with lemon

In its pure form, the citrus fruit, or rather, its juice, has the ability to destroy the natural pigment. For this reason, some believe that the hair mask (for lightening the hair) must necessarily include a lemon.

Ingredients for the first recipe:

Additional ingredients will relieve the possible dryness of the skin. Keep the mask for two hours.

Pleasant dreams

Mask for hair with lemon and yogurt promises to us clarification in two colors. At the first stage, we mix the necessary ingredients: one yolk, one half lemon juice, some shampoo, 0.5 cup kefir and 2 tbsp. l. cognac or vodka.

In the second stage, the resulting mass is applied to strands and rubbed into the head, which is then wrapped with a film and a towel. Experts recommend this mask for the night, and in the morning, wash it off with shampoo. Improve the smell of the mixture with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Vitamins B and E, yeast, calcium, lactic acidic sticks and protein - substances that make up kefir, will make your hair shiny, relieve dryness and give locks a natural volume. And one more important property: this sour milk product is able to wash the pigment, making the strands lighter. Reviews of girls and women argue that the result can be obtained both on natural and dyed hair.

Kefir mask for lightening hair is quite easy to use. The necessary amount of kefir must be applied on strands along the entire length, wrapped in film and leave for at least one hour. Most of all, this method suits the owner of dry hair.

When using kefir in masks it is important to follow certain rules.

  • Sour milk product should not be cold.
  • If you have oily hair, then use kefir with a lower percentage of fat. Maximum 3.2% suitable for split and dry hair, for normal - 2.5%, and for fat - only 1%.
  • Hair should be slightly damp or dry, and wrapping with a film and a towel is a must.
  • Kefir mask first applied to the scalp and a little rubbed into the roots, and then distributed along the entire length.

Since ancient times, women have used natural dye - chamomile, which contains a lot of nutrients and fortifying substances. Minerals, vitamins, essential oils and resins have a beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the scalp.

Mask for lightening hair with chamomile is popular among blondes and blondes, because it gives the curls an amazing golden shine. To prepare the mixture, both fresh and dry chamomile are suitable. The latter is much easier to find - at any time of the year at the pharmacy counter. In addition to the main component, you can also add lemon juice or nettle.

Regular rinsing of the hair with a decoction of chamomile will make the shade not only lighter, but also give them shine and vitality.

Nature versus Chemistry

It is important to understand that the natural hair mask does not always work. It is sometimes not enough to lighten hair once or twice. The effect depends on the initial parameters (colored or unpainted locks), the structure of the hair, and the exact observance of the recommendations.

An important factor is patience. Pick up products, mix, apply, wrap and wait sometimes a whole night to get strands of one or two shades lighter are not all girls and women ready. Some people find it easier to go to a beauty salon and "feed" curls to another portion of chemistry.