In Italian football, as nowhere else in the world, there are many talented players with enormous potential and at the same time a terribly nasty character. What cost Antonio Cassano - one of the most technically skilled players of the “A” series, who, despite this, managed to arouse the hatred of a good half of the fans with their behavior. Provocations Marco Materazzi also entered the history of world football.

However, all these bright characters fade in comparison with the great and terrible Mario Balotelli. The biography of a football player is remarkable not only and not so much for his sporting feats, as for all sorts of scandals and silly antics.

Difficult childhood

The future scorer was born in 1990 in Palermo, when Italy hosted the World Cup. Mario's childhood was not cloudless. A child from an immigrant family from Ghana, he underwent a complicated stomach operation at the age of two.Mario Balotelli: the ups and downs of a difficult child

The parents were unable to pay for expensive treatment and transferred the child to the care service. In the end, he was adopted by Francesco and Silvia Balotelli from Konchezio, in the Italian province of Brescia, who by then had two children. Giovanni and Corrado became real brothers for Mario and helped their parents take care of him.

Balotelli kept his grievance against his biological parents for the rest of their lives for refusing him. According to him, his only family lives in Brescia, and he knows no other.

The boy, not so long ago who was between life and death, fell in love with football. The first team of the seven-year-old boy became “San Bartolomeo”. This was followed by a series of little-known Italian clubs, and as a result, at the age of 17, he became part of Italy’s strongest team at that time - Inter Milan.

Young hope "Nerazzurri"

The arrival of Mario Balotelli in the camp of the “black and blue” coincides with the period of work as a trainer Jose Mourinho. Even then, the football player began to show his difficult character and constantly cursed with an already famous specialist.

However, Mario Balotelli, whose photos are increasingly appearing in all football publications in Italy, was distinguished by outstanding technique and showed great promise. Tall and athletic, he also had excellent coordination of movements, was fast, flexible and sharp. Already in the second year of his stay in the team, Mario scores 10 goals per season.

Dear Purchase of Arab Sheikhs

In 2010, Balotelli goes to Manchester City. The owners of the club - the sheikhs from the UAE, without thinking, laid out 35 million pounds for the infamous footballer. Together with the team, Mario took third place in the Championship of England and earned the right to play in the Champions League. The next season was the most successful in his career. “Super Mario” scores 17 goals in all tournaments, making a great contribution to the victory of his club in the national championship.

In the rank of the champion of England, he goes to the European Championship 2012 in the Italian team. The main game in the tournament is the match with the Germans in the semifinals, where Mario Balotelli scores two goals and leads the team to the match for the first place. In the final, however, neither he nor his partners were able to distinguish themselves.

In England, Balotelli continues to be strange. He manages to set fire to his own house, trying to sneak into the women's prison, shells young men of Manchester City with darts. He is unable to give a clear explanation of his actions and becomes a real nightmare for a respectable English club. There is nothing surprising that when his game figures fall, they immediately get rid of him and sell him to Milan in 2013.

From England to Italy and back

As often happens with him, after a disastrous season, Mario Balotelli takes on the mind and spends his first great year in the new team. In the second round of the season A 2012/2013 Serie A, he scores in almost every match, and in his first full season for Milan he becomes the club's top scorer with 14 goals.

The English “Liverpool” considered that the ever-difficult teenager had finally got better, and decided to buy him in exchange for the departed Luis Suarez. However, the time spent in this team was a real nightmare for Balotelli. For the entire season, he hardly differs only in one match. Last but not least “thanks” to the slurred game of Mario, Liverpool failed the entire tournament.

The player is rented to Milan, but his case did not work out there either. Mario Balotelli scored just one ball in all games, the club refuses to further extend the lease. No one was waiting for him back in Liverpool.

In despair, an agent of a football player publicly begged for another chance for his non-profitable ward, whom even second-class clubs no longer wanted to take to him.

Suddenly, salvation came from the Cote d'Azur. French “Nice” signs a contract with the forward. The first half of the 2016/2017 season the player had a good run, he started scoring again. What will happen next - no one knows.

Mario Balotelli. Personal life

In a series of constant scandals, between drunken fights in nightclubs, the football player manages, it seems, to establish a serious relationship with Raffaela Pico. In December 2012, they have a daughter. However, here Balotelli decides to spoil everything. To the whole world, he announced that he would refuse to recognize paternity before the results of genetic expertise, which would be positive as a result.

In 2013, he has a new passion - Fanny Neguesh.

Mario Balotelli is a vivid example of how irresponsible behavior, lack of a sense of reality can ruin the career of even the most talented football player. Not everyone is able to pass the test of fame, money, recognition.