To achieve the desired, many people pray, some prefer to rely only on themselves and do business, and someone reads the mantra of fulfilling desires. The following article for those who are engaged in yoga, believes in the power of mantras or just really wants his wish fulfilled. However, it should be remembered that any intention should not harm the neighbor. If a person is sick with such a desire, then it is better for him to not practice the mantras.

What is a mantra?

The mantra consists of two syllables. The first, "man" means in translation "think", "mind", and the second "tra" - "liberation", from the word "trai", "protect". Thus, the mantra denotes the release of the mind.

It is charged with divine light and power coming to the person from the depths of his subconscious. That is why the sounds entering the mantra have an impact on the body, heal and adjust to the right way and fill with energy.

It is not a work of literature. Yogis and sages heard mantras in meditation, like sounds emanating from a higher than human level of consciousness. Therefore, in the process of its repetition, consciousness can be transferred to such a level.

Mantras of the fulfillment of desires, love, success and prosperity


Each mantra has the following similarities.

  1. Rishi is a sage who heard her first and gave it to others.
  2. Poetic presentation.
  3. Devata is the divine patron. For example, the mantra of love and fulfillment of desires and the mother of all the Vedas - Gayatri has Davat Savitri.
  4. Binja is the essence.
  5. Shakti is the power, the energy of the creation of the deity.
  6. Kilaku - locking the conscious essence of the mantra, which is eliminated only through diligent repetition.

There are mantras of the fulfillment of desires, explaining the Truth, healing and contributing to the attainment of any emotional state.

The repetition of any mantra is called japa. It can be performed with or without counting. According to the theory of yoga, all qualities of the deity, during the utterance, quietly and gradually pass into the mind of man from God, like oil flowing from one vessel to another.

Gayatri Mantra

She is considered the main and universal, the mother of the Vedas and the destroyer of sins. Gayatri is the mantra of love and fulfillment of desires, healing and success, purification, beauty and magical power.

Repeat it at least three times: morning, afternoon and evening.

It consists of twenty-four syllable sounds without "OM".

The sages called it the most powerful and all-powerful, which is the invariable support of everyone who seeks truth and believes in its power.

By chanting this mantra daily, a person will soon feel such an energy that he has never experienced before. She will guard against dangers, give strength to overcome any obstacles and lead to success, power and bliss.

Binja mantra

They consist of one or more syllables. Bearing in itself the essence, the energy of the deity, the bungee-mantra of the fulfillment of desires - is very powerful, stronger than the ordinary ones.

Some of them are shortened versions of long species.

  1. Aum. According to the theory of yoga, the whole world came out of this sound. It is the symbol of the god of Brahma. Mantra illuminates the mind, expands the aura, increases vital energy and endows power. It is sometimes combined with others, strengthening their power.
  2. Shrim. Everyone who needs the mantra of success and fulfillment of desires connected with material wealth, this species will do. Its goddess is Mahalakshmi, who protects wealth, luxury and material well-being. In addition, it strengthens the feminine and harmonizes the energy and psychic currents in man, contributing to the enhancement of vitality and sexual power.
  3. Hum. The deva's syllable is the god Shiva, therefore it will protect and reflect any negative influence up to the black magic. She will expel the demons from within, purify and reassure the person. It also awakens the energy of Kundalini.
  4. Ram has a great protective power. A person receives support and strength, peace and tranquility. At the same time, she will give the body indomitable energy, burn all sins and the consequences of karma.
  5. Hrim. The goddess Maya is associated with this mantra, which will soothe, purify, dispel fear and give energy, ecstasy and joy.

How to practice?

All japes of magic texts are mantras of the fulfillment of desires. After all, they are chosen depending on the need, ultimately, achieving the result. But for this you should work hard and read them daily.

It is best to chant the mantra of fulfilling desires one hundred and eight times. The unit means Higher Energy, zero is the perfection of the creation of God, and the eight is indestructibility and eternity. But you can confine yourself to another quantity that is a multiple of three. Of course, it will not be very convenient to concentrate and count at the same time. Therefore, for these purposes, use beads from a hundred eight beads. They can be made on their own or purchased in an esoteric store. The mantra of fulfilling desires is very powerful due to them, since attention will not only not be dissipated to count, but on the contrary, it will help to concentrate better.

So, the best time to read is the sunrise, although it is useful to practice in any free time.

You need to find a quiet place and light a candle or incense. Close your eyes, concentrate and imagine yourself in a stream of light. Express what needs to be resolved, and begin chanting the mantra.

But before you start, be honest with yourself and think carefully about whether or not you really need what you ask for, because desires have to come true. If the answer is positive, then bring it to the end and perform the mantra until the desire is fulfilled.