French manicure has long been a classic of the genre. Business women and brides are happy to wear it, it is appropriate always and everywhere. But women are whimsical creatures, and here the classical combination of shades became few. Manicure "colorful coat" is becoming more popular, it looks coquettish and playful and allows you to reflect the latest fashion trends. Look for ideas for inspiration? There are a lot of them.

How is the jacket colored?

Technique of execution almost does not differ from usual French manicure:

  1. Prepare nails: give them the desired shape, move the cuticle, grind the nail file.
  2. Apply the base coat.
  3. Then paint your nails with a base varnish. Wait until it is dry.
  4. Stick the manicure tape at an equal distance from the tip of the nail.
  5. If the main color is semi-transparent, then first cover the smile line with a dense white lacquer.
  6. Then take a contrasting color (or a few) and paint them with the tips of the nails.
  7. After the varnish has dried, carefully remove the tape.
  8. Cover the nails with a fixing coating - and the manicure is ready!

Interesting combinations

Change the color of the nail and smile lines to brighter colors - this is the easiest way how to make a jacket multicolored. Here are the winning combinations:

  • Almost flesh-colored beige with a matt finish and a very thin strip of golden varnish is an excellent option for summer.
  • The combination of pastel pink and blue has a gentle, slightly vintage appearance - it's the choice of romantic natures. If you want more bright colors, then use a dark blue color on the tip of the nail, or electric blue. And if you want a pedicure to match the color with a manicure, then it's enough to make up the nails on the legs with one of the shades used on the hands.
  • The color of the blue sky and wildflowers - this jacket is colorful at the same time bright and gentle.

  • A black or red strip on the tip of the nail is a challenge to the classics. Such a manicure looks daring, and at the same time, strictly and restrained.
  • Red as a base and silvery on a nail smile is an option for a femme fatale. Depending on the color of the accessories, you can make a strip of gold.
  • Is there a party? French colored jacket, made with glistening purple varnish, will look interesting and catchy.
  • Metal foil makes it possible to achieve an even more striking effect than just a metallic lacquer. Manicure in cool silvery tones looks very futuristic.

Non-standard solutions

  • With the help of a coating with sparkles, you can instantly make a normal jacket brighter. And if you want to leave it modest enough, then use glitter only on the tip of the nail.
  • When you use two colors of varnish, you can make an interesting French jacket simply by changing their order on one nail.
  • Ombre or gradient is now in fashion in everything: in hair color, clothes, accessories, manicure and make-up. A gentle smooth transition of color in shades of pink in a new way presents a colorful coat on nails.
  • Well, fans of peas will appreciate a colorful smile on a white background.

Multicolored jacket with pattern

Even if it seems to you that nail art is terribly difficult, do not rush to abandon this idea. Stickers, stencil and stamping plates will turn you into an artist in minutes.

So, ideas, how to make a jacket colorful with a pattern:

  • The simplest version, which is pretty close to the classics: on the base lacquer flesh color, cover with sparkles and decorate the ring finger with a small pattern-sticker. Simple and elegant.
  • White and red peas on the background of bodily varnish, underlined by a thin strip with a bow, looks coquettish and a bit vintage.
  • A bright pink tip of the nail, peas of different shades of pink and a chic flower with a sparkling pebble on the ring finger - this manicure will make you work hard, but the result is worth it.
  • Do you like the "ombre" technique? Then why not raise it to a new level and draw a stunning manicure that looks like a sea beach? Looks impressive.

  • And for winter holidays, the combination of rich blue varnish with sparkles and gentle snowflakes is the best.
  • Whichever color for the manicure you choose, a contrasting thin strip with or without sparkles that separates the "smile" from the main part of the nail looks interesting and elegant:
  • A strict jacket with black tips can be softened with small painted white flowers.

So the options for colored French manicure are huge.