Graduation is an important event in the life of every girl. On this day, you want to look amazing, charming and luxurious. Girls choose outfit a few months. Everyone wants to look their best.

Become a Greek Goddess

Makeup for prom should match the selected image. Ideal if it fits your inner state. The image can be sophisticated, bold, majestic, bold, puppet, whatever. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in it.

Recently, the image of the Greek goddess is popular among yesterday's schoolgirls. He assumes clear, straight lines, a monophonic dress without a crinoline, a simple smooth hairstyle. Within the image there are significant variations. Makeup for prom depends on the color type and color of the dress. The Greek image will make you refined, majestic and even a little cold. He likes many girls.

How to look - you choose

The puppet image is completely different. He assumes flower prints on clothes, an abundance of curls and a bright make-up. In the hairstyle appropriate bows. Dress should be lush. Skirt length - to the knee. The puppet image should not be overloaded with details. Therefore, large decorations are inappropriate here.

Makeup prom, associated with the image of "vamp", requires a special approach. The main thing in it - do not overdo it. After all, graduation is not only a party, but also ceremonial events, speeches, congratulations, awarding medals and certificates. When creating the image of "vamp" is not limited to two traditional colors - black and red. Dilute them with similar shades: purple, burgundy, blue, amber. Appropriate fabrics with a slight sheen: silk, satin, satin. The dress should be long, but not necessarily narrow.

Perfect makeup looks at the graduation in retro style. A dress with a high waist and a hairstyle with curls will create a romantic image of a languid young lady. The choice of style depends on the individual characteristics. If you have an hourglass figure, you should choose a flared dress up to the knees, a babette hairstyle and short gloves. High-waisted style will suit the happy owner of a luxurious bust.

Proper preparation is the key to success.

It is best to do makeup for prom at home. Preparation for the solemn event must begin in advance. In the evening, take a bath and perform the necessary hygiene procedures. Make a peeling and face mask. Usually the event starts in the afternoon or evening. This will give you a chance to have a good sleep. In the morning you should take care of your hair. If you usually use a scrub for the scalp and mask - do it. Never heard of it? You should not experiment on the eve of an important day.

Do you have dry skin? Apply on the face moisturizer. If the skin is normal or oily - do not need to do it. On a hot summer day, an excess of secretion will ruin the makeup. Take time to manicure. If possible, make a nail design. Tell the master about your look, dress and hairstyle. He will help you choose the right picture.

Facial care

Make-up for graduation at home should start with a primer and tonal framework. This is necessary for problematic skin. Usually the girls face is smooth and fresh. If you have normal skin, you should not apply foundation. But to walk on the face with a powder puff is very desirable. Graduation - not a place for artificial tan. Choose a powder that is lighter than your skin. Add a drop of pearlescent pigment to it. Then your face will mysteriously flicker in electric light. Pigment - dry colored powder. It can be purchased in shops for artists.

Classic visage

Light makeup at graduation is ideal for girls who have completed ninth grade. Such a visage implies an emphasis on the eyes. Black mascara should choose brunettes and dark brown hair. A blonde and fair-haired girls fit brown. There is a blue and green mascara. It is believed that it is combined with the eyes of the corresponding shade. If there is a blue mascara in your cosmetic bag - save it until a more suitable occasion. It does not combine with light classic makeup. Extravagant visage will be appropriate at the theme party.

Light makeup at the prom suggests bright eyeshadow: beige, pink, blue. But if you are a swarthy brunette, it is better to choose a brown tone. Shadows can be dull or sparkle slightly. Eyeliner for the upper eyelid should be black or brown. Apply a thin line. Do not start it too close to the inner corner of the eye. Bring the line to the outer edge, but do not make a long “arrow”. Smoky Eyes make-up is popular today. If you chose languid eyes, use a pencil instead of eyeliner. Apply it on the upper and lower eyelids and gently blend with your fingers. Remove excess paint with a cotton swab. Do not pick up the shade of the color of the dress. They should be combined with a shade of skin and hair.

Correct lip makeup

Gentle makeup on the prom involves an emphasis on the eyes. Good to use false eyelashes. The dark line of the liner should be very thin. Apply beige shadows to the moving part of the eyelid. Underline the outer corner of the eye with a brown color and blend. Paint the eyelashes. Lipstick must be applied on the tonal basis. Instead, you can use a primer. Put on the lips a little cream, circle a pencil of the appropriate color. It is better to choose a light shade of lipstick. Brown brunette suitable coral color.

Delicate makeup on prom perfectly with lip tint. This is an innovation in the world of cosmetology. Such a liquid remedy will make the lips natural and seductive. Tint is almost impossible to wash off. It is removed only by a special cosmetic. Tint will not leave marks on the glass, will not flow and will not be smeared. It is quite difficult to apply it without training. The fact is that the tint is absorbed very quickly, so it should be almost instantly shaded. Otherwise, ugly spots are formed on the lips. If you choose tint, practice applying it correctly and quickly.

Accent selection

Eye makeup on prom is very important. It is on them that the best place to focus. You can emphasize bright lipstick lips. But then you don’t need to let your eyes down; it’s better to limit yourself to mascara If you have rare eyebrows - underline them with a pencil. Do not go beyond the contour. Adhere to the natural shape of the eyebrows. Dark shadows are appropriate only at the outer corners of the eyes. Create a main accent with mascara. Then the eyes will look natural. If you have rare and short eyelashes - use the overhead.

Evening makeup for prom should not be too harsh. Burgundy lipstick fits to a bright dress. Do not paint your lips in a dark cherry color. The exception - light-skinned brunettes. Such girls will suit wine lipstick. When choosing a colored dress and bright lips, be careful. Avoid combining shades that do not fit well together. For example, a blue dress and carrot-colored lips will create a sharp dissonance. Coral lipstick is ideal dark brown-eyed brown-haired women. It will be perfectly combined with a beige dress with a simple cut.

Reveal secrets

To create a beautiful makeup for graduation, you need to know some basic things. Makeup should not cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is better to use proven tools. If you bought a new mascara or shine the day before, be sure to test it. Apply makeup in advance and hold for about an hour. Wash and check the reaction. No redness and itching? Feel free to use. If you have to check cosmetics for an allergic reaction, take a photo in a new image. Make sure you look perfect.

Eye makeup should be waterproof. Graduation - a sentimental holiday, sometimes it does not go without tears. Your make-up should look fresh before dawn. Emphasis should be placed on the eyes or lips. This is the main rule of good taste.

Vizazh in details

It is important to know how to do makeup at graduation. Start with a primer or base. These are cosmetic products that smooth the surface and tone the skin. They are made of silicone, enriched with vitamins and microelements. Choose a primer based on your skin type (dry, oily, problem). The base should cover the entire face, with the exception of the eyelids and lips. The primer is applied to the skin moisturized with cream. Use a light texture tool. Apply foundation and loose powder over the base.

The next stage is eyebrows. They can be emphasized not only with a pencil, but also with shadows. Do not overdo it. Eyebrows should look natural. For a natural make-up it is better to use light brown shadows without shine. Eyeliner and mascara must be black. Light blondes can use dark-brown makeup. And finally sponges. They are best made light - peach or light pink. Schoolgirls graduating from grade 9 can use the transparent shine.

Remember the clutch

Choosing a dress and shoes, do not forget about the purse. Exquisite and spectacular clutch you need to constantly carry with you. In it, in addition to the comb, mobile phone and other important things, should be matting napkins, powder and lipstick. For a young girl is very important not to overdo it with makeup. Want to stand out from the crowd? Use jewelry and hair accessories. A bright bracelet will suit a girl who prefers to be in the center of attention. Do not forget that your main advantage is natural beauty.