In 2014, a sports club was opened in the Moscow region with a ski track and an outfit center. The first biathlon shooting range, where everything is ready for training camps for both sports teams and amateurs. A club for children is also open, where they will be able to improve their skills together with professional athletes. The inspirer and organizer of the peresvet club for skiers is the Honored Master of Sports Alexander Legkov.

Skier Alexander Legkov: biography, awards and interesting facts

Legkov Alexander was born on May 7, 1983 in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Region. The father of the athlete is a former military man, engaged in hockey and football. Gennady Viktorovich - an avid hunter. From childhood and children to this accustomed. Sasha's mom teaches physical education at school. Older brother Victor graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during his studies he broke all the sports records of his father, who once studied there. Here is a sports family.

Sasha's performance in school until grade 9 was good, until he began to periodically go to training camps. Then in the diary appeared bad grades. At one time, even stopped playing sports. But Alexander Legkov is a very purposeful person, as friends say about him, yet he achieved great success in sports and received a higher education.

Alexander in childhood was fond of hockey, played in the children's team "Whirlwind". Somehow the team won the Moscow Region Championship and was presented with skis. It was very difficult to advance along the hockey line in Krasnoarmeysk, there were no hockey masters in the city. Father advised me to change my hobby. Alexander Legkov engaged in biathlon, but soon the section was closed in the city. After the biathlon, he was noticed by coach Vladimir Krenev, from Tushino. So began the race.

Athlete family

Alexander has been very hardy since childhood, the athlete’s father recalls and says: “Sasha and his brother once took a rest in summer in a pioneer camp. And the fizruk announces who will run 100 laps, that champion. For children, this is an incredible load for health. And the circle was 300 meters. The elder Victor ran 64 laps, but Sasha, who was then 12 years old, mastered a hundred in three hours. I drank a can of kefir, and went about to play tennis as if nothing had happened. ”

Sasha made endurance not only skiing, Alexander Legkov already in his childhood was distinguished by perseverance and endurance. In the seventh grade, he had two operations. I ate along with the peel of the seeds, it came to peritonitis, they barely managed to get to the hospital, the athlete’s father recalls. The surgeon said that the guy has phenomenal physical conditioning, if not for her, it is not known how this would end. When he was transferred from the intensive care unit to the department, the father immediately went to him, saying, ask, son, what you want, I will fulfill your every desire. And Sasha said that he didn’t want to go to the music club anymore - to play the button accordion.

“Yes, what kind of a button accordion is here,” says Gennady Viktorovich, “we still cannot recall this without tears.” Competitions are watched only by family, they love that there is no one around. They do not want their experiences to be seen. Gennady Viktorovich has become accustomed recently to go fishing. Irina Nikolayevna (Sasha's mom) will record the race on video, and her father then looks at it several times.

Athlete's personal life

April 21, 2012 took place the wedding of Alexander Legkov and Tatiana Guseva. Young wanted to sign a secret from everyone. And they did it. The public learned about Sasha’s marriage after the wedding photos appeared on the Internet. Alexander G. Legkov believes in omens and superstitions, therefore he did not tell anyone before his time about his plans. The intention to get married young people told relatives a week before the wedding. July 2, 2015 in a young family appeared baby - son Arseny.

Desire to win

On the eve of departure to France, Yevgeny Dementyev was involved in a car accident. Alexander Legkov was in the back seat and broke his nose, and Dementieva was saved by an airbag. Parents did not inform about this, they learned everything from the Internet. At the World Cup in 2008, Alexander shocked the entire sports world - he entered the thirty-kilometer race with a broken nose. Knowing the character of the athlete, the coach did not particularly persuade with persuasion. Legkov then won the bronze.

Alexander Legkov is training, after he got into the junior national team, from Yury Borodavko. The coach admires the athlete's phenomenal endurance. Focused Sasha gives all the best in training. If ahead of the competition - all the fun poboku, only skis. Legkov Alexander says that he represents his professional life only this way: breakfast, training, lunch, sleep, second training, and massage and rest in the evening. There can be no other result.

Best friend

The pupils of Yuri Viktorovich are very friendly with each other. Whenever possible, all holidays are celebrated together. With the Dementyev families are friends. Zhenya often stayed with them in Krasnoarmeysk. The room at the training camp was shared with Sasha for two. Now, when he does not go to the charges, they constantly call up each other. Alexander Legkov says that he always feels the support of a friend.

Sport Club

In October 2014, the club of Alexander Legkov opened in Peresvet. The sports center has a hotel, a sports complex, a kids club, an outfit center and a 12.5 km long ski track. In 2015, a biathlon shooting range of 18 rigs was opened. Moscow region biathlon received a full-fledged training base. Legkov Alexander G. trains in the center and helps young athletes, he participates in competitions and invites athletes guests from abroad.

There are very few such clubs, says Alexander about his sports center. And he is ready to talk about him for days. The idea of ​​the club was suggested by an acquaintance working for Promfinstroy, who proposed to build a center and name it Alexander Lykov. I liked the idea. The athlete says he is very grateful that it all happened.

Sports achivments

  • 2003 - 1st place in the Continental Cup in Krasnogorsk.
  • 2005 - 3rd place in the FIS competition in Krasnogorsk.
  • 2006 - 2nd place in the Russian Championship in Rybinsk and 1st place in the World Junior Championships in Slovenia.
  • 2007 - Eastern European Cup competition - 1st place; 2 place on the Tour de Ski; World Cup in Japan - 2nd place.
  • 2008 - 1st place in FIS competitions in Finland.
  • 2009 - 1st place in the World Cup in Finland.
  • 2010 - 4th place at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.
  • 2012 - 2 place in FIS competitions in Sweden.
  • 2012 - 2013 - the winner of the marathon in Norway.
  • 2013 - 1st place on the Tour de Ski; At the World Championships in Italy - 3rd place.
  • 2014 - Olympic champion at the Winter Games in Sochi.
  • 2016 - 3rd place in the World Cup competition in France.