Even if you have almost perfect skin, you do not suffer any stains or minor flaws in the form of pimples or rosacea, this does not mean that you will be able to do without a good Foundation. It is normal that the color of the skin can be uneven or closely spaced capillaries in some places will be more intense blush, in any case, it is necessary to use creams that will not only make your face like a perfectly smooth, porcelain, but will also protect from harmful external influences.Lumen, SS-cream: reviews, shades, composition

In the modern market of beauty and cosmetics today you can find not only tonal creams, but also BB tonal creams, and tonal CC creams. In a nutshell: the difference between them is that BB Cream is the next generation of similar cosmetics that contain particles of powder, which means that the effect from it will be slightly different. The last word in the development of a cosmetic market for foundation creams is the CC creams, which are not only able to mask the flaws, but also perfectly adjust to the skin color of their owner, that is, you can forget about the effect of the mask with the SS cream.

One of the most sought-after and praised among heartwarming products is “Lumen” (SS-cream), the reviews of which are mostly admired in most cases. What he earned such a love of customers, now we find out.

Now you do not need to pick up the tone by skin type.

Yes, one of the biggest advantages that “Lumen” possesses, the CC cream (reviews confirm this), is the possibility of applying it to any skin type. That is, it will be great to care for dry and oily skin, combination skin also responds well to SS-cream. If you are the owner of dry skin, then such a foundation will not overdry it and lie unevenly on your cheeks. If you have oily skin, then the CC “Lumen” foundation will perfectly hide enlarged pores and it will be sufficiently long to normalize the secretion of sebum, that is, the luster on the forehead, nose and chin can be at least a little forgotten.

And regardless of age, it is worth trying this remedy.

And young girls, and Mature women who has already tried for cream “lumen SS”, feedback is left only admiring. So it's really magic in a tube, because not every product can boast of ability to meet the expectations of women with different skin types, and even different age groups.

What is another unique tonalnik?

As already mentioned, the CC-cream Lumene perfectly adapts to the shade of your skin, in addition, it is able to quite well mask the external flaws of the skin that each of us has.

Another interesting fact is that today the SS abbreviation as soon as it is deciphered (in English, of course, we present the translation to you): color control, tone correction, perfect correction. Whatever it was initially conceived by the manufacturer, and “SS Lumen” received admirable admiration because it copes with all these tasks.

Mass of useful in one compact tube

It is “Lumen”, the SS-cream, which receives approval approval more often from similar products from other manufacturers, because this brand has managed to combine a lot of excellent qualities in one small tube, which cosmetic preparations, unfortunately, cannot boast.

The main advantages of CC-cream from Lumene

  • It can easily mask small imperfections on the skin of the face, even when you apply it with a very thin layer.
  • After applying this product to the surface of the skin, not only you, but everyone around you will be able to notice that each cell is filled with internal energy, the skin began to shine and look healthier.
  • Irregularities of the epidermis, which can be caused by enlarged pores, perfectly mask “Lumen” (CC-cream), the reviews of real consumers with problematic and oily skin confirm this fact.
  • Although the line of creams consists of only three shades, they are able to perfectly adjust to the natural color of your skin, so no blemishes or mask effect will be observed.
  • Despite the fact that the consistency of the product is sufficient light, it does not like the mix of plaster, which is very similar to many modern creams designed to mask the flaws. The effect of the applied CC cream lasts long even if you were walking in the rain or were heavily involved in its day.
  • Using such a tool, you will not need to use additional methods of protection against ultraviolet radiation, because it copes well with this task.

Some nice features

So, we present to your attention another list of advantages due to which the tone cream “Lumen SS” receives only favorable reviews:

  • this is exactly the product that will fit perfectly on your skin, even if you have not used makeup foundation;
  • even if you gently apply the product a little denser to places with reddening or imperfections in order to mask them, there will be no borders on your face;
  • the consistency is so light that it is not only very easy, but also pleasant to distribute the cream over the skin;
  • it will provide a beautiful appearance of your skin, so that helpers such as powder or concealer can be abandoned at least a little and let your skin rest;
  • no parabens, which means no negative effect on the skin; so, using the CC-cream “Lumen”, the composition of which is safe even for the most delicate skin, you will definitely not notice the withering of the epidermis;
  • the masking effect is reinforced by a rather pronounced matting effect.

Pluses in the very tube of such a cap

First of all, it is convenient packaging. A small tube of the product fits perfectly in the most compact handbag, so you can fix the makeup at any convenient time.

Also worth noting is a good dispenser: a thin nose allows you to economically use the tool, so that it suffices for a long time.

What disadvantages emphasize real users of products

In order to properly evaluate the product, it is necessary to learn about its shortcomings, which were seen by buyers who had time to test this product on themselves. So, you can find reviews that will indicate the following disadvantages:

  1. Not too better product. It is complaining about girls and women with very problematic skin for which it is necessary to do full makeup every day and adjust the tone is not site-specific, and the whole skin of the face. Professional stylists recommend in this case is not to ignore the makeup base, which will help to even out skin tone more efficiently and at lower costs CC cream from Lumene.
  2. After a long day, when the makeup was done early in the morning, the girls noticed that the pores had become the evening quite noticeable. In this case, if you too suffer from similar shortcomings, listen to the views of professionals who do not recommend too long to torment the skin of makeup, and wash regularly. If possible, do the re-makeup the skin at lunchtime, a refreshing face in front of this special cleanser. Then even later in the evening you will look fresh and beautiful.
  3. Some ladies noticed that the cream left marks on clothes. In such cases, it is recommended to apply cosmetics more thinly – and the problem will just disappear. Another is to remember that such defects can be caused not only by errors in the process of applying makeup but if you accidentally bought a fake instead of the original product or improperly stored your "Lumene CC cream is Absolute Perfection."

Consider a little more detailed composition

It is clear that all the advantages that Lumene CC cream gives to are provided by the high quality of the products of which it consists. Consider a list of them in more detail, to understand how each of them affects our skin:

  1. Dimeticon is a wonderful substance that not so long ago began to be used in cosmetics, because they were not aware of all its advantages, the main of which is the ability to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture from the skin and the ability to become a protective barrier from the effects of negative environmental factors.
  2. Cranberry butter – today it can be found in many cosmetic and tonal resources, the price of which is much higher than the "Lumene natural Code SS-cream". The reviews confirm that because of him the facial skin is enriched with antioxidants, which are essential for slowing the aging process of cells. It is also a great natural alternative to preservatives, without which no cosmetic product could not be suitable for use longer than a few days.
  3. Protects from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation with titanium dioxide, which is also in the squad. Unlike other products that can also help to protect from UV radiation, titanium dioxide does not react with any other ingredients of the cream or with the skin itself.
  4. Rosemary, or rather its extract, is also in the composition. This is another antioxidant that allows each cell to maintain its elasticity, which means it prolongs the youth of the skin.
  5. Sunflower oil: this product allows the skin to look so beautiful and glowing from the inside, because it is remarkably calming her and even adds a tone to tired cells of your face. Such a intracellular lifting.

Rules: to make your makeup always look perfect

Now let's talk about the simplest algorithm for applying make-up, which is worth remembering if you chose for yourself CC-cream “Lumen”. Shades, as already mentioned, perfectly adjust to the color of your skin, but choose the most approximate of the options proposed by the manufacturer:

Experts recommend applying such a cosmetic product on cleansed skin, because only so the result will exceed your expectations. Whether to use a makeup base before applying it is up to you, since it all depends on your skin type and how much visible flaws there are.

The cream will be great to go to bed regardless of the method of application - sponge or just fingers. As already mentioned, this is possible thanks to its ultralight texture.

Apply the CC cream on the skin should be movements similar to massage, it will distribute it most evenly, and the skin can easily absorb the cream.

It is necessary to wash, if you do makeup, as the skin in any case wants to relax, do not ignore this simple rule, even if you have skin without flaws, and cosmetics - only good.

And a couple of words about the product

Many modern women prefer this tonal tool, because it is really very light, does not clog pores, allows the skin to breathe, and you feel great. If you have not yet discovered the world of SS-creams, but you want to do it, then such CC-cream Lumene fits just perfect, as it is superior in quality to many similar products in the same price category. Lumene is a global brand, which means that it always cares about its reputation, so the original product will never cause you irritation or heaviness on your face. You should not think that buying a copy of the money will save your money, because the quality of such a product will have to be tested literally on your skin.