Lyudmila Pakhomova, a Soviet figure skater: biography, personal life, sporting achievements

Lyudmila Pakhomova. Biography

The future champion was born before 1947 – December 31, in Moscow. Mother – Lyudmila Ivanovna – doctor, father – Alex K. – General, wants to see his daughter a professional parachutist. But then, who knew what her fate will be figure skating.

Lyudmila Pakhomova first got on the ice at the age of seven years. Because the father wanted to see his daughter in skydiving, a group of figure skating a little Lyudmila took her grandmother. On the first day and for many years the professional activities of girl Lyudmila was ridiculed. During the first training, the children laughed at the girl because she came to the training in black skates. In the past it was difficult to get white shoes. In the first championship Pakhomov played on skates, which he created with his own hands father. The athlete tried to hide the legs, so as not to draw attention to sealed and cropped skates, which forced her to blush excessively.

Pakhomov felt their skills and riding with a partner, and as a single skater, but for a long time was not able adequately to show themselves. The young athlete was given with great difficulty. No one saw her as a potential future champion, and she herself in the beginning of his career did not really believe in their own strength. But after a while her faith was strengthened. A significant turning point in the fate of sports Pakhomova was a change in roles. To do this she was persuaded by CSKA coach Viktor Ryzhkin. Despite the fact that the coach was older Pakhomova, he was able to find an athlete with a common language and to convince her that dancing is a challenging sport that is only gaining.

For the championship, which took place in 64 of the last century, Pakhomov and Ryzhkina don't even want to admit, but a couple made and, to the surprise of all, defeated. The next two years so uneven couple double-reinforced his status as Champions, but lasted such a significant Union very long. For Ludmila the change of dance partner became the first ordeal in professional dance, which left a noticeable scar on the heart of a champion.

Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov

The next and last dance partner Pakhomova 1967 was Alexander Gorshkov. The legendary Duo became a six-time world champion. Coach of Champions was Elena Tchaikovskaya.

Few believed that the couple Lyudmila Pakhomova – Alexander Gorshkov will be able to achieve at least some success in ice dancing. Lyudmila in 1966 he was already the champion of the Soviet Union, and Alexander no one knew. In my early career and Lyudmila and Alexander, and especially the Duo, was not considered promising. Had the impression that the dancing couple will leave the sport after several unsuccessful attempts at the Championships, but fate decreed otherwise. Undoubtedly, young talents helped faith in each other, which supported the long hours and hard workouts Tchaikovsky.

The Golden couple Lyudmila Pakhomova – Alexander Gorshkov began her stellar dance career at a time when Soviet dance pair is much inferior to the place of the European and American duets. The non-standard approach to the sports and dancing love to the Soviet culture has pushed the legendary Duo to a new unusual style. Just two years later they won silver at the world Championships, and a year later became the first Soviet pair has won the world Championships and Europe.

After another victory at the European Championship, which took place in the 75th year of the last century, the young couple returned home, and Alexander felt a strong pain in the back. It seemed that the disease Gorshkov is a small cold that'll pass in a few days, but it was much more difficult and dangerous. Alexander is sent to the operating table where he is doing a unique surgery on the lungs. Despite major surgery, the pots returned to the sport, and a year later, the legendary Duo became the first Soviet pair to win at the Olympic games.

A unique dance called "tango Romance" which is prepared by skaters, together with its non-replaceable coach is included in the compulsory dance at various competitions in sport dancing on ice. He turns to the present day, emphasizing the high professional feature dancing couples.

Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov. "La Cumparsita"

The Duo Pakhomova-Gorshkov significantly changed the style of ice dancing. To them, the skaters performed their dances exclusively to classical, academic, and rigorous music. It was the legendary pair have brought to figure skating emotional folk music such as "La Cumparsita". The idea of dance belongs to Anatolia, the husband of Elena Tchaikovsky. This dance was staged for only one night, but, despite this, the dance elements of tango are not changed for all subsequent performances. "La Cumparsita", became the hallmark of the legendary pair during professional activities.

Featuring a delightful, sophisticated and incredibly complex (in a technical sense) performances, ice dancing was included in the compulsory program of the Olympic games. And, of course, Pakhomova and Gorshkov became the first Olympic Champions in this kind of competitions.

After a series of victories in European and world Championships and at the Olympic games, "Golden couple" decides to retire from the sport. In the Palace of sports will organize the Champions for the farewell score, and the last executed dance on ice was the famous "La Cumparsita".


After surgery on the lung, which moved the pots, the young athletes have to think about changing activities. Alexander became sports authority, and Lucy's trainer.

Have Pakhomova was not choreographic education, so before the exams in GITIS skater just not allowed. But Ludmila was able to convince the examination Board that figure skating you need professionals with choreography education and was accepted without exams. At the time Pakhomov did not realize that she has to go through. On the course, she was the youngest student. Her fellow students were high-level professionals, who knew by heart a lot of dance parties, had many years of dance experience and are well versed in the history of classical ballet. Pakhomov to feel out of place, but it is these difficult conditions forced her to quickly learn basic dance knowledge. However, after the first year Lyudmila has again arrived on the first course to study carefully the basic knowledge. Skater felt that such a step she needs to achieve great heights not only as an athlete but as a coach.

In the 70th year of the last century skater Lyudmila Pakhomova graduated from the choreography Department and after completion of sports dance career began to train future Champions. With 78 years of the last century, she worked as the coach of the Soviet Union and raised several Champions. Of course, Ludmila helped her professional experience and an incredible love for art and sports. The champion looked at the sporting life with bright eyes and believed in the Soviet sportsmen who have given themselves without reserve to sports activity.

Honored master of sports

Lyudmila Pakhomova – honored master of sports. This great title she got in the 70th year of the last century. In 1970, the year has been generous for the champion on significant events. Pakhomova was like to be an artist to be recognizable and meaningful person in his time.

The backstage life of Lyudmila Pakhomova

During his career a couple Pakhomova-Gorshkov has repeatedly been fatal blows, which could put an end to their career.
Before the performance at the world Championships in calgary "Golden couple" heavily poisoned. The team doctor tried to put skaters on the legs, making all the necessary procedures. Fortunately, the doctor was able to revive Lyudmila and Alexander, but the athletes from severe poisoning could barely stand on his feet.

In the tournament "Prague skate" Pakhomov at high speed drove into the ridge of Alexander, and in spite of severe pain, continued performance. Only after the evaluation of the performance was exhibited, Lyudmila was taken away by the ambulance. Shoes skater was filled with blood.

During numerous tournaments abroad by Pakhomova and Gorshkov was often approached by ordinary people, to talk, to meet and enjoy the company of the talented athletes who were the pride of the country and of the Soviet Union. Skaters did not hurt so-called "star disease" and was happy to answer simple questions. Sports fans with great pleasure presented Lyudmila and Alexander a variety of Souvenirs and small gifts.

But the most meaningful gift athletes received the Championship, which was held in Geneva, in 1976. Figure skaters presented a clock that is still ticking in the home of the legendary athletes.

The strange gift athletes believe the huge vases, which they gave to the world Championship held in Bratislava. They were the height of over one meter and weighing about twenty pounds. The gift went to Moscow through the efforts of the husband of Elena Tchaikovsky, "the Golden couple" immediately after the championship went on another tour.

Personal life Lyudmila Pakhomova

The face of the "star pair" believed she, and the skater it felt right. She was emotional, sensitive, brilliant and irresistible, Alexander, by contrast, had a restrained, calm character. Ludmila felt around Alexander like a stone wall. She trusted him, saw in him not only a talented skater, but a real man. Ludmila has realized that due to the peculiar nature of Alexander, their dance, the Duo has taken place. Young people complement each other.

In the 70 th year, when the Duo Pakhomova-Gorshkov won the world and European Championships, the young athletes decided to legalize their relationship. Hours of training, thirst for victory and the love of art and sports is a unifying element for talented people. After the wedding for the couple superficially, nothing has changed. Their marriage did not affect their professional activities, and the understanding has been strengthened. Once Lyudmila admitted to the media that his first soup prepared at the age of 30 years.

The fruit of their love and understanding was the daughter of Julia who was born in 1977. After the birth of a child, Ludmila was tight to work as a coach and immersed himself in work. Little Julia was sitting grandmother.

The Death Of Lyudmila Pakhomova

The cause of death of Ludmila Pakhomova is a malignant disease of the lymphatic system. This terrible diagnosis, the doctors gave champion in 1979. In the first stage, the disease can be cured, but Pakhomov did not want to consider themselves sick until the last days, whenever possible, returned to the ice to teach lessons to their wards. During his stay at the hospital, the champion continued to record the next job for their students. And despite poor health he continued to smile his smile. The last six months of life Lyudmila was in the hospital. Her strength left, but in spite of sickness and terrible fatigue, Pakhomov wrote the book "monologue after the applause."

Doctors and Ludmila herself struggled with a terrible disease until the last minute, but she was stronger.

Died legendary athlete may 17, 1986, at the age of 39 years. The cause of the death of Lyudmila Pakhomova the reader already knows. Skater said goodbye to CSKA. All lined up is so huge, that had blocked the street.

Daughter Lyudmila Alekseyevna Pakhomova

First, coaching activities, and after the disease took away Pakhomova all the time. Raising her daughter Julia was engaged exclusively in the mother of Ludmila. When champion died, the grandmother took the girl to himself and did not allow the father to see Julia. The hostility has increased because of the fact that Alexander had another woman, a novel which took its beginning from that period, when he was alive Pakhomov.

Only after the death of Lyudmila Shvetsova, Julia was able to establish a relationship with the father. It did not take long a new family of the father, but after a while was able to come to terms with the new circumstances. Julia to become a successful fashion designer, went to the fashion capital – Paris. There the daughter of Ludmila Pakhomova met an attractive Frenchman, who later became her husband. Young couple legalized their relationship, but, unfortunately, the marriage broke up. After a failed marriage and painful divorce, Julia was left to live in France or to climb the occupational ladder. Only recently she returned to Russia to continue his career in the Homeland.

The resting place of the champion

The grave of Ludmila Pakhomova is located in Moscow at the cemetery Vagankovsky. She was buried next to his father. Mother Ludmila stayed with her daughter until the last minutes of her life. Lyudmila Ivanovna, after the death of his daughter was engaged in raising a granddaughter. Died in the 93 year of the last century and were buried next to her husband and legendary daughter.