Loving a woman is always a perfect manicure. Despite the fact that recent trends have elevated naturalness on the highest pedestal, sometimes you want something more expressive and vivid. Because of the unusual lunar French firmly entrenched in the fashion world. In addition, each season brings its changes, as fashion trends change quite active.

The moon manicure appeared almost a century ago in the United States. Due to the fact that it can be seen on the nails of many famous Actresses, it is called a Hollywood French. The meaning of it was what was emphasized, not the free edge of the nail, as in a classic French manicure, and the light part at the base of the nail, resembling a Crescent moon. Originally this area was left uncoated with varnish. Over time, the fashion for such a design was. But in 2007 it decided to recall the fashion house of Christian Dior whose models showed this manicure on your own nails. And so over the decades it never goes out of fashion.

Moon French: photos and equipment

The types of the line of the moon

Moon French nails have such a wide approval on the part of designers and stylists that all pleasure began to regularly bring something new into the design. And a modern interpretation of the original idea often looks very plain and boring.

There were quite a lot of options underscores the lines of the moon:

1. The classic semi-circle. This form emphasizes the natural line of the moon at the base of the nail.

2. Concave line. It is identical to the natural shape of the nail. The line can take place not only at the bottom of the nail, and be continued on each side, up to the top.

3. The triangle shape is also quite often used. To perform such a difficult design to perfectly apply the stencils.

4. Lunar French quite well combined with the classic French. This Duo allows you to create a truly stylish nail Polish.

The combination of colors

In the classic version of the bright semicircle at the base of the nail is not painted with varnish. A modern twist combines two tones coating – natural shades of beige and pink with brighter. For example, beige and red.

Fashion trends lunar jacket, photos of which can be viewed below, include a cover pretty quiet colors. The best choice would be shades of grey and black, brown, Burgundy and beige. This palette is perfect for everyday manicure. It is appropriate for work and for leisure.

When it comes to the French manicure on the way out, stylists recommend to experiment with texture. Perfect combination of gloss and Matt varnishes. Or bright shades cover with foil.

Not be discounted and pastel color palette. Modern fashion dictates a natural manicure, so it is advisable to look at gentle shades of blue, mint, yellow and lilac. These colors can be combined with each other. Looks very nice duet of two coatings with different saturation within a single color.

Design with partial coverage of the nail plate

It is not necessary nails design “French lunar” to perform the classical Canon. For several years there is no requirement that all the nails look identical. It is permissible to use several techniques. One of the fashionable and interesting solution is the so-called negative space. This design is to apply the nail color nail Polish only on the part of the nail plate. But on the other side retained the natural color of the nail is covered with clear varnish. With the help of color run pictures: hearts, stripes, squares. This simple design goes very well with the moon or French manicure.

Stones and rhinestones

It is believed that in order for lunar jacket looked fresh and relevant, the boundary between the hole and the main part of the nail plate should be bright enough. It is therefore recommended to use various decorative elements. For unobtrusive manicure you can put a small border strazikami. Especially harmoniously will look like this design if you use lacquers in pastel shades.

Convenience stones and crystals is that they allow you to simply and quickly transform the most simple manicure. You can cover the nail varnish one tone. And put on some nails the border of the moon stones, and on the other – the line between the free edge and the nail bed (French). other nails you can not decorate at all.

Stones often lay out the hole a triangular shape. Especially luxurious these decorations look great on long nails coated with saturated color.

The length of the nails

Manicure “lunar jacket” perfect for nails of any length. It can be performed on natural or synthetic plate. He looks good with any shape of the nail. But if you want that the area of the moon had the shape of a triangle, it is better to have long nails, because a manicure visually shortens the plate. The most stylish option for every day is black-and-white design.

For short nails, it is recommended to use the lacquer more natural shades. In the choice of decorations should give preference to medium-sized items. Otherwise, the nails will look rough and tasteless. While on the long nails you can experiment with rich colors and large stones, and even pearls.

The technique of lunar French

In order to make a fashionable lunar jacket, you can go to a beauty salon. But if you like this simple manicure is quite possible to do yourself.

We must start with the preparation of nails. Carefully clean away the old varnish, to give form and length, treating the cuticle. Then applied base coat. It will close existing cracks, protects the nail plate from the influence of the varnish, to extend the life of manicure. After complete drying of the base of nails are covered with two layers of varnish of the chosen color. Waiting for it to dry, you may glue the stencil to the area of the moon. Then paint the nails with the second color. Stencils are removed after drying of the coating. This technique is used when implementing two-color manicure. If the area of the moon is transparent, then the stencil must be glued before applying colored nail Polish. To make the moon French manicure more festive, you can put the border line of the moon stasis. Manicure is completed by applying the top coating that protects the surface from damage and extending the life of the varnish.

When you want to make a simple but fashionable manicure and classic French already tired, should pay attention to the lunar French, photos with examples of works which demonstrate how diverse he can be.

When creating a design you can use paintings, drawings, three-dimensional elements. The number of ideas is so great that you can come up with truly exclusive option to any outfit.