A woman who loves herself always wears the perfect manicure. Despite the fact that the tendencies of the last time have raised naturalness to the highest pedestal, sometimes you want something more expressive and vivid. It is because of the unusuality that a lunar jacket has reliably settled in the fashion world. In addition, each season brings its own changes, as the fashion trends are changing quite actively.

A bit of history

Lunar manicure appeared almost a century ago in the United States. Because he could be seen on the nails of many famous actresses, he was nicknamed a Hollywood jacket. Its meaning was that it was not the free edge of the nail that was emphasized, as in the classical French manicure, but the light part at the base of the nail, reminiscent of the shape of the crescent moon. Initially, this area was left uncovered by varnish. Over time, the fashion for this design has passed. But in 2007 he decided to recall the fashion house Christian Dior, whose models showed this manicure on their own nails. And now for a decade it does not go out of fashion.

Lunar jacket: photo and technique

Types of the Moon Line

Lunar jacket on nails has received such wide approval from designers and stylists, that everyone with pleasure began to regularly introduce something new into the design. And in modern interpretation, the original idea is often very simple and boring.

There were quite a few options for emphasizing the line of the moon:

1. The classical semicircle. This form underlines the natural line of the moon at the base of the nail.

2. The concave line. It is identical to the natural form of the nail. At the same time, the line can pass not only along the bottom part of the nail, but can be continued along the sides, up to the very top.

3. The shape of the triangle is also quite often used. In order to perform such a complex design perfectly, stencils are used.

4. The lunar jacket is successfully combined with classical French. This duo allows you to create a truly stylish manicure.

A color scheme

In the classical version, the bright semicircle at the base of the nail is not painted over with varnish. In modern interpretation two colors of a cover are combined - natural shades beige and pink with more bright. For example, beige and red.

Fashionable novelties of a lunian jacket, which photos can be looked below, include coverings of rather quiet colors. The best choice will be shades of gray and black, brown, burgundy and beige. This palette is ideal for everyday manicure. It is appropriate for work and for free time.

When it comes to French manicure on the way out, the stylists recommend experimenting with the texture. Glossy and matte varnishes are perfectly matched. Or bright colors of the coating with foil.

Do not throw off the pastel color palette. Modern fashion dictates the naturalness of manicure, so it is recommended to look at the gentle shades of blue, mint, yellow and lilac. These colors can be combined with each other. Very beautiful looks duet of two coatings of different saturation within the same color.

Design with partial covering of the nail plate

It is not necessary to design the nail design "lunar jacket" according to the classical canons. For several years now, there is no requirement that all nails look identical. It is acceptable to use several techniques at once. One of the fashionable and interesting solutions is the so-called negative space. This design consists in applying a colored nail to the nail only on a part of the nail plate. And on the other part, the natural color of the nail is preserved, covered with a clear varnish. With the help of color, drawings are executed: hearts, stripes, squares. This simple design is very well combined with the lunar or French manicure.

Stones and rhinestones

It is believed that in order to make the lunar jacket look fresh and relevant, the boundary between the socket and the main part of the nail plate should be sufficiently bright. That is why it is recommended to use various decorative elements. For an unobtrusive manicure you can lay out the border with small strazikami. Particularly harmonious will look like this design when using varnishes of pastel tones.

The convenience of stones and rhinestones is that they allow you to easily and quickly transform the simplest manicure. It is possible to cover all nails with a varnish of one tone. And lay out on some nails the border of the moon with pebbles, and on others - the line separating the free edge and the nail bed (French). The rest of the nails can not be decorated at all.

Of stones, often lay a hole triangular shape. Especially luxurious such jewelry looks on long nails with a coating of saturated color.

Length of nails

Manicure "lunar jacket" is ideal for nails of any length. It can be performed on natural or extruded plates. It looks good with any form of nail. But if you want the region of the moon to look like a triangle, it is better to have long marigolds, since such a manicure visually shortens the plate. The most stylish option for every day is a black and white design.

For short nails, it is recommended to use varnishes of more natural shades. When choosing decorative ornaments it is worth giving preference to medium-sized elements. Otherwise, the nails will look gross and tasteless. While on long nails, you can experiment with saturated colors and large stones, and even pearls.

Technique for making a lunar jacket

In order to make a fashionable lunar jacket, you can go to a beauty salon. But if you wish, this simple manicure can be done on your own.

You should start with the preparation of nails. Thoroughly clean them from old varnish, give shape and length, treat the cuticle. Then the base coat is applied. It will close existing microcracks, protect the nail plate from the influence of lacquer, extend the life of manicure. After complete drying of the base, the marigolds are covered with two layers of the varnish of the chosen color. Waiting for it to dry, you need to paste the stencils on the moon. Then make up the nails in the second color. Stencils are removed after the coating dries completely. This technique is used in the implementation of two-color manicure. If the zone of the moon remains transparent, then stencils must be glued before applying a colored varnish. To make the moon coat more festive, you can lay out the line of the moon line with stasis. The manicure ends with a top coat that protects the surface from damage and prolongs the life of the varnish.

When you want to make a simple, but fashionable manicure, and the classic jacket is already tired, it is worth paying attention to the moonlight jacket, a photo with examples of works which demonstrate how varied it can be.

When creating a design, you can also use painting, drawings, dimensional elements. The number of ideas is so great that you can come up with a truly exclusive option to any one along.