The moon in Capricorn will target the wards for professional growth and will bring financial stability. She will make a personal horoscope practicality and ability over the years to achieve your goals.

The value of the moon in the Natal chart

The Natal chart of the person helps to know his past and future, personality traits, identifying favorable and negative days. It is the basis of the individual horoscope, which is tailored to the precise time, date and place of birth.

To Natal charts in recent years via the Internet with the help of special programs. The transcript will indicate which house and sign were on the planet at the time of birth. Their relationship (trigoni, squares, knots) and other details will tell about the qualities, which a person. Will indicate a critical situation and highlights future events.

The moon in the horoscope – the symbol of the subconscious. She is responsible for human interaction with the surrounding world. Talking about the ability to relax and time that it takes the individual to recover.

A harmonious Moon gives a person the required stamina, the ability to interact with people and develop their potential, enjoying the happy moments of life. Amazed is fueled by negativity. It forms a distrustful attitude towards the world, quarrelsomeness, the desire to cause conflict.

The moon in Capricorn will reward a person a sense of responsibility and desire for power. It develops strength of character, compassion (at best) or a constant struggle with everyone and everything, in the worst case hate.

If the Earth satellite in the sign of Capricorn

The moon in Capricorn will give your mentee a strong mentality, restrained emotions, strong will. In the harmonious aspects it will help to develop hard work, patience, diligence, and patience in the most difficult situation, practicality and sensitivity.

But if in a horoscope the Moon is damaged, then the person is endowed with qualities such as sadness, melancholy, stubbornness, lying and dishonest actions, laziness, irritability.

Lunar Capricorns are reserved and serious. Their emotions are under strict control of mind. Long may they wait for the opportune moment to achieve its purpose. These people are rude and ruthless. But they know how to take care of the people with whom fate was harsh. They are wonderful organizers and defenders of the weak.

How to build relationships in a person whose Moon is in Capricorn? Compatibility will be harmonious, with a subdued and patient people. Moon Capricorn is not able to quickly open up. He spent a long time eyeing the man and checks him. The partner does not tolerate loquacity and bustle. The confidence of Capricorn moon can be earned in a caring, calm, stable attention, emotional balance.

Traits moon Capricorn

If in the individual horoscope the Moon is in Capricorn – this person is a model of restraint and punctuality. He is alien to risky behavior and adventures. Trying to calculate and extract from them the maximum benefit. Indifferent to money and able to earn them.

Moon Capricorn seeks to defend his opinion, he is a man of principle. In dealing with people trying to keep a certain distance, why it seems to be introverted and distant. Loves to manipulate the weaknesses of others and uses them for their own purposes. The enemies are vindictive and cruel.

From his childhood in the Capricorn moon can be a strained relationship with his parents. Becoming older, he will experience serious difficulties in family life. With its own habits and rules, will force your partner to follow them. Dislikes objections and prefers to leave her husband than to seek consensus.

For men

That promises the males a Moon in Capricorn? In men it will form such qualities as strength of character, steadiness of sensual manifestation, practicality. He will patiently and methodically to reach your goals through all of life's obstacles. Not building castles in the air and avoids romantic fantasies.

Lunar Capricorn man sparing of emotions, but very insightful. He cannot be fooled, he sees right through a man. Can be reserved and even timid. Appreciates his freedom and independence. Therefore, the companion chooses carefully. Long value suitable candidate. But if you have decided to marry, I will try to keep it.

Great family man will be the one person whose Moon is in Capricorn. The man she will develop care of the household, the desire to provide financial stability for their loved ones. With children, he is strict, but ready to make significant sacrifices for the sake of their happiness. Wife seeks spiritual intimacy. Prefer intelligent, calm woman with good manners.

For women

What a gift from the daughters of eve, the Moon in Capricorn? Women born in this period will be a beautiful appearance, it is full of charm. Over the years, these ladies become more attractive and look better than in his youth. They are elegant, have good taste and sense of proportion. These women are practical, prudent, strive to occupy a prominent position in society. They seek a senior position with their patience, diligence, consistency.

Lunar Capricorn woman does not tolerate scandals. She would prefer to quietly lead the most unpleasant discussions. Sometimes pessimistic and prone to prolonged depression. She's no stranger to dreams and fantasies. Loves a romantic atmosphere, although tries not to show this to your partner. Her exterior coldness leads to bad novels.

Can contribute to an unhappy marriage the Moon in Capricorn. The woman may be an illusion of love at first sight, and she's willing to endure the ridiculous antics of the partner. Realizing all the shortcomings of the spouse, patient person can long postpone the divorce. Over the years, it will become more demanding of fans. In the second half of life can create a great Union with a strong, reliable man.

The Black Moon in Capricorn

Such a person may have a high social status, having achieved his manipulation and dishonest actions. If the thirst for power will not be realized in the profession, he will vent his frustration on the family. Will become oppressive and violent, not reckon with the opinions of others.

Lilith in Capricorn makes a person a conservative. He does not perceive new ideas and trends. Believes only his opinion is the one truly. Demanding of others and loyal to him.

Moon and Venus in Capricorn

If in the individual horoscope, the Moon and Venus are found together, the kind of person to be restrained and disciplined. Outwardly, he is cold, distant, polite. But, knowing him better, you can find in this vulnerability, the ability to be compassionate and care for others.

The man with Moon and Venus in Capricorn high demands on yourself and others. He keeps his word, but also by others waiting for the same. Otherwise, break relations.

He is loyal, caring and reliable partner, but tend to be deceived in people. Frustration become frequent companions of his youth. Over the years, it clearly divides people into those with whom to maintain a relationship, and those with whom it is better not to face.

He is able to analyze their own and others ' experience. Can achieve career heights (in extreme cases professional success). Partners tries to choose someone with similar social status.

The sun and the Moon together

Sun in Capricorn – Moon in Capricorn – this tandem gives us stealth, the pursuit of loneliness. He's stubborn, but knows how to maneuver on the way to their goal. Bear any idea to the masses. Practitioner by nature, he committed his energy to send in a constructive direction.

For him it is important to choose the right spiritual focus. The man with the Moon and the Sun in Capricorn is a practical leader. He finds a high idea and follow it the rest of my life, dragging others along.

Such a person a realist, but, more engaged in work or love, risk to be left alone. His first half of life is filled with quest and struggle. Becomes a miser who values its financial stability, bearing in mind the difficult years of youth.

To the element of Fire

Moon Capricorn-Leo is energetic and ambitious. Power-hungry, has the power of the spirit and aspire to leadership positions. Its thirst for luxury is based on the pursuit of material wealth. He is responsible, knows how to take care of others.

The sun in Sagittarius will present lunar Capricorn with refinement and intuition. He is dreamy. Avoids static actions, routine work. He is ambitious and reliable, he is interested in various spheres of life.

For Earth

Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn is reliable and strong. He is not afraid of routine and willing to sacrifice a lot on the way to a career. Often there is a risk, a sober assessment of their shortcomings and failures. Is insecure and dependent on the opinions of others.

What qualities will be awarded to the virgin? The moon in Capricorn will give her prudence and focus on material wealth. She has organizational skills, strives to be visible. Will not take care of themselves, discreet, and indifferent in the relationship.

The sun in Capricorn, Moon in Capricorn – the Union of the stars will bring its mentee thirst for power and glory. A man may be slow and cautious. But his slowness in building a career can lead to good results. A cunning strategist, he will achieve its goals.

For the elements of Air

Lunar Capricorn-Gemini is businesslike and calculating. Despite the friendliness and apparent openness, it is very cold and cautious in the relationship. Quickly adapts to new conditions, loyal and reliable.

The scales are constant and ambitious. They have creative abilities, but they can also perfectly do administrative work. Often ignore their feelings if they can disrupt its material stability.

Lunar Capricorn-Aquarius does not scatter his emotions. He is active and intelligent, irritable and nervous. In the pursuit of power, people are used. He does not like adventures and experiments.

For the elements of Water

Moon Capricorn-Cancer straightforward and active. He is restless, often rushes from one extreme to another. Loves to teach, is interested in the spiritual Sciences. Disappointed, long experiencing. Has a craving for money and a tendency to nervous exhaustion.

Scorpio is perceptive and possesses breakthrough abilities. Cunning, prudence seeks to gain recognition of others. Perfectly understands people and uses them as a stepping stone to fame.

Pisces with the Moon in Capricorn is stubborn and persistent. But they've got more than all signs, expressed sensitivity. They are rational, but romantic. Know how to arouse the sympathy of others. Focused on material values.