Almost every second woman faces the problem of lack of hair volume. Moreover, the owners of thin and spongy curls feel this especially strongly on themselves: their hairstyle usually quickly loses its shape and pomp. To correct the situation, you need proper care for hair, which begins with the choice of such a cosmetic product as a hair shampoo. For the volume of rare and thin strands, you need a special tool that allows you to make them lighter and airy.

What do manufacturers offer us?

To date, the consumer is given the opportunity to purchase a product that meets their financial expectations. Simply put, manufacturers offer a huge amount of goods: some of them are cheaper, some are more expensive. All of them are divided into household and professional. As the name implies, the first group is a mass market, which can be purchased at no special cost in any store and used at home at its discretion. But professional shampoo for hair volume is unlikely to find on the shelves of supermarkets. Such funds are sold in specialized stores.

It is worth noting that the cost of professional shampoos to give the head of hair volume is much higher than the price of their household counterparts. The quality of the first is much higher. So, household shampoo gives only a visual and short-term effect - hair remains thick and voluminous only for some time after washing the head. Professional shampoos contain protein and keratin. These substances nourish and strengthen the structure of the curls, thereby giving them a healthy and long-lasting volume.

A couple of practical tips to help you when choosing a means

There are so many brands that produce cosmetics for the care of thin curls, that the store just runs up. Therefore, in order not to fall into the trap of an unscrupulous manufacturer offering shampoo to increase the volume of hair, it is necessary to remember three main rules:

  1. Do not rely on obscure trademarks. So you buy a cat in a bag. Yes, shampoos of famous brands are expensive, but they guarantee their customers a quality product. Such manufacturers, in the first place, value their name.
  2. Be sure to carefully read the composition of the shampoo. It is best if it is saturated with conditioners and detergents, as well as natural ingredients. At the same time, the number of silicone additives and pearlescent particles should be minimal.
  3. Advertising is the engine of progress, but not your adviser. Therefore, in no case should not blindly trust her, choosing a shampoo for the volume of hair. Customer reviews will give you much more useful and reliable information.

How to get the maximum benefit from shampoo?

Many manufacturers mention that it is better to use shampoo in combination with balm-conditioner. Of course, in many respects this is just a marketing ploy, but there is also some truth to this advice. Despite the fact that air conditioners and balsams can make the curls heavier, they facilitate the combing process, as well as nourish and moisturize the hair. If you fear that the curls will become too fat and lose volume from these products, you can only apply them to the lower third of the strands, or you can simply retreat a few centimeters from the root zone. In any case, hair shampoo for the volume is better to use along with the balm - this ensures a neat appearance to your curls.

Having deepened into the composition of the product, it is worth clarifying that the presence of moisturizing components in it is not only desirable, but also extremely necessary. An excellent example of such additives is almond milk and wheat germ extract. These two components nourish the hair and saturate them with beneficial substances, protecting the hair from drying out. However, they do not make the curls heavier, and, therefore, do not interfere with the main function of the tool - the formation of density.

The principle of shampoo to give volume

We all understand that the shampoo for hair volume is not a miracle of nature, but a product carefully developed by the manufacturer with certain properties. But what makes him so wonderfully influence the hair, making it magnificent? In fact, everything is very simple. Manufacturers include in the composition of shampoos such substances as:

  • silicones;
  • amino acids;
  • keratin and vitamin-mineral complexes.

The beauty of silicones is that they create an excellent visual effect. Due to its water solubility, these substances cover the hair with a thin transparent film, thereby thickening and slightly lifting them. In this case, the hair really begins to seem thicker and more magnificent, and also becomes smooth and shiny. However, experts do not recommend regular use of silicone shampoo for hair volume. The rating of such products is usually high, but they clog the pores of the scalp and do not allow the hair to breathe.

Amino acids act on the principle of restoring the structure of curls from the inside. They nourish the hair as well as strengthen their root system. A similar effect is provided by vitamin-mineral complexes and keratin.

Miser pays twice?

On the shelves of cosmetic stores, you can see shampoos that promise additional volume of hair from a different price category. It would seem, why pay more for the product with the same effect? However, in fact, expensive and cheap shampoos differ much more than just the price. First of all, due to the excessive availability of the product, its quality suffers. So, a cheap household remedy is likely to contain more aggressive ingredients than expensive hair shampoo. For the volume of them will be quite enough, however, as well as to spoil your hair. For example, cheap shampoos from the mass market, as a rule, contain sodium lauryl sulfate - a substance that can not only dry the scalp, but even cause allergies. In addition, the composition of household tools usually have heavy silicones that can accumulate in the structure of the hair. As a result, after some time of regular use of this shampoo instead of the promised volume, you get dirty strands the next day after washing.

How not to "overhang" hair with silicone?

As they say, good should be a little. This proverb is the best suited for those who regularly use shampoo for the volume of hair. The opinions of specialists are directed to the opinion that at least once every 1-2 weeks it is necessary to wash your hair with an ordinary means in order to remove all accumulated silicones from the hair. In addition, it is recommended to limit the use of styling products. All varnishes, mousses, foams, gels and other products contain all the same silicones. Excessive accumulation of these substances in the hair leads to a lack of volume, as well as to their fragility and fat content.

Long volume with Elseve shampoo from L’Oreal

As the manufacturer promises, the effect of the use of the agent is kept on the curls for at least 18 hours. Shampoo not only creates a visible volume on the strands, but also protects them from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Many women claim that it is the best shampoo for the volume of hair, but at the same time some still complain about the appearance of itchy scalp and dry dandruff. Of course, it is not worth making sparkling conclusions from this, because each person has individual peculiarities of hair.

The manufacturer did its best to take care of the health of thin strands lacking volume, including a vitamin complex in the shampoo. Thanks to this tool is suitable for the care of damaged hair. As indicated on the package, it is enriched with vitamins A, B2 and E.

Yves rocher presents: elastic curls without silicones

Fans of this French company know that it specializes in the production of natural herbal cosmetic products. Relatively recently, the manufacturer launched a new product - a shampoo for the volume of thin hair called “Elastic curls”. It can be called the perfect product for the care of hair. The first and, perhaps, the most important advantage of the shampoo is that it does not contain silicones. The main active ingredient is baobab oil. It reliably covers each hair with an invisible film, acting as a fixer hairstyle. In addition, the oil layer protects hair from the effects of external factors. However, he does not leave fat traces on the strands. Reviews of women using this shampoo are filled with information that the product makes curls soft and docile, and also adds density to them.

Health and volume in one bottle: Dichos shampoo from Vichy

Not all shampoos for giving volume to hair contain useful minerals in the structure. But in this tool of these substances is almost a surplus. The manufacturer has saturated it with a complex of minerals that are contained in this combination in thermal water. Each of the components has its own role in hair restoration and giving it pomp. For example, magnesium is the main participant in the cell regeneration process. Iron also contributes to the acceleration of oxygen metabolism. Such a mineral as manganese is a powerful antioxidant, which is also important for healthy hair. The composition of the shampoo included even silicon, which is responsible for restoring the structure of curls.

Body Full: thick hair with shampoo from Redken

According to consumers, this is another effective shampoo for the volume of thin hair. Reviews of women who use it, carry information that the tool allows to reduce the frequency of washing the hair. In addition, the density of curls increases markedly. The huge advantage of Body Full shampoo is that it makes the hair smooth and shiny (there is no “dandelion effect” that often occurs when using detergents).

Despite all the positive properties of the product, it is worth mentioning some not so joyful nuances. First, the product is suitable only for normal or oily hair. And secondly, such a shampoo is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

Finding for curly locks: Big shampoo from Lush

This is not the cheapest shampoo for hair volume. The rating of this tool explains its price: consumers note an improvement in the work of the sebaceous glands, as well as the appearance of a noticeable volume. True, some ladies claim that the effect lasts not too long. However, such responses are a small percentage, so they do not provide an opportunity to objectively judge this shortcoming. If you go through the composition of the shampoo, it pleasantly surprises: half of the product is sea salt, and the remaining 50% is natural oils and auxiliary components.

Homemade gelatin shampoo: a great alternative to purchased products

As an economical option and a small experiment, you can try to make homemade hair shampoo. For the amount of hair before washing, you only need to add gelatin to your usual product. The recipe is as follows:

  • To start brewed chamomile flowers. After that, the liquid is cooled to room temperature.
  • Then 1 tbsp. l gelatin poured 2 tbsp. l broth. The composition must be left for half an hour so that it is swollen.
  • The resulting mass is mixed with any shampoo to a uniform consistency. If there are lumps of gelatin, the composition must be slightly heated.

At this stage, homemade shampoo is ready for use. It is necessary to use it in the same way as the usual means with which you wash your head.

It is definitely not possible to say exactly which hair volume shampoos are the best. It all depends on the characteristics of your hair. Only by trial can you find a product that is ideal for a particular type of hair.