Each sunscreen is designed to protect the skin from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet radiation. Cosmetic products differ from each other not only by manufacturers, but also by the degree of protection. Today we take a closer look at sunblock in the sun, reviews about them.

What does the Sun Protective Factor mean?

Many of us have paid attention to the fact that Sun Protective Factor is listed on all sunscreens. What is this abbreviation - SPF? It turns out that this term means sun protection factor. As a rule, the degree of protection may be in the range from 2 to 30. The smaller the damage to health can be caused by the rays of the spectrum A (UVA) and B (UVB), the higher the factor of such a tool as a sunblock on the sun. Reviews on the effectiveness of such products can be found below.

The best sunblock in the sun: reviews

How to find out the amount of time that is recommended to be in the sun when using the cream? Everything is very simple. The specified ratio must be multiplied by 20 minutes. Meanwhile, more and more scientists are stating that no cream can provide complete protection against the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays. However, this does not mean that they should not be used. It is necessary to learn how to choose the right sunscreen so that it brings maximum benefit.

How to choose the right SPF

Experts recommend choosing a company for sunburn in the sun, reviews of which are extremely positive. You should also pay attention to the natural color of the skin. So, if you have a naturally tanned body, then the drug should have a degree of protection from 2 to 4. Those who get excellent skin color quickly and do not suffer from sunburn, as well as people sunbathing for several days, can choose the means with a protection ratio of 5 to 10.

Even clothes can not completely protect the skin from the sun, so it is very important to get sunblock in the sun. Reviews of experts say that synthetic fabrics transmit up to 50% of ultraviolet rays, cotton - up to 6%. Water also does not save from radiation. So, at a depth of 50 cm, only 60% of the rays are absorbed. Therefore, it is very difficult to overestimate the role of protective equipment during rest in the active sun.

Main Functions of Tanning Cream

It is important to understand what a sunblock in the sun. Consumer reviews suggest that this is the most important cosmetic product for a safe holiday. It performs a number of functions:

  • prevents dehydration of the skin
  • protects from burns
  • nourishes the skin with valuable trace elements and vitamins
  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

How to use sunblock

If you have purchased a protective sunblock in the sun, reviews of which do not doubt its effectiveness, you need to know how to apply it. It should be noted that the protective composition of the product begins to act 20 minutes after it has covered the skin. To avoid burns and frustration, apply the cream in advance, before going out into the open sun.

There is a misconception that a single layer of waterproof product can last for the whole day. In fact, it is not. Protection must be updated. After two bathings, you should re-apply the cream to enhance tanning in the sun. Reviews of the most popular of them can be found in the article.

After sunbathing is not recommended to use all sorts of peels and scrubs. Experts do not advise the use of lotions on alcohol, because they strongly dry the skin and can lead to uneven manifestation of the pigment. Care cosmetics should contain a large number of components moisturizing and regenerating the cells of the dermis.

Types of sunscreen

The modern market offers a wide range of tanning products. In addition to the main function, they effectively perform additional tasks. Consider the most popular cream:

Means with a mark "waterproof" are chosen by those who plan not only to sunbathe, but also to enjoy swimming. The product differs in that it is not washed off from the skin at the first contact with moisture.

To give the skin a beautiful honey hue and enhance the production of melanin, you must choose a sunblock in the sun with bronzer. Reviews about him indicate that the composition of the tool provides not only protection but also a gentle glow. Sunburn with such means ideally equal and resistant.

Anti-aging sunblock contains components that protect the skin from premature aging. The rich complex deeply nourishes the cells and prevents dehydration of the dermis.

Baby creams are designed for the delicate skin of babies. They provide reliable protection from the sun and, as a rule, have a completely safe composition.

Why sun protection is needed

The name of the tool in question directly says that it was designed to protect from the sun. To fully understand why this is so important, you should consider one important point. The earth receives from the sun three types of rays – UVA, UVB, UVC (alpha, beta and gamma, respectively). The "soft" scientists call the first kind. However, alpha rays are not as innocuous as it may seem at first glance. They, penetrating into the deepest layers of the dermis, creating different formations.

Beta rays are very aggressive. They cause burns on the skin surface. Gamma rays almost do not reach the surface of the earth. Experts note that the layers of the atmosphere protect the planet from them. This kind of rays is detrimental to all living organisms.

You should pay attention to the fact that sunscreen should be used, even if the sky is overcast. As you know, the clouds can hold only about 10% of ultraviolet rays. For these reasons, it is worthwhile to find in advance the best sunblock in the sun. Reviews of such products is easy to read in specialized publications.

The benefits of sun exposure

In fairness it should be noted that moderate sun exposure is still beneficial. Thanks to the ultraviolet rays of the skin cells, the metabolism is activated, as well as the synthesis of vitamin D, which plays an important role in building bones, strengthening the heart muscle and establishing hormonal balance. Sunlight that hits the retina gas allows the body to produce melatonin, which is responsible for a full night's rest. Despite these advantages, you need to properly organize your stay in the sun.

Sunscreen from L’Oréal Paris

I would like to dwell in more detail on the means of the French cosmetics company L'Oreal. Specialists of the well-known brand have created a new series of sunscreen products - Sublime Sun, among which is sun cream in the sun. Customer reviews suggest that Mexoryl's innovative filter system, which is an enhanced protection from the sun, is at the heart of this line of products. The laboratory L’Oréal Paris has used the latest developments for the development of the cream.

This product should pay attention to those who are still looking for a decent sunblock in the sun. Reviews “L'Oreal” received the most positive. As it turned out, the product contains vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the skin and prevent its premature aging. Complex SkinElixir provides a golden and lasting tan. The skin during use of the product becomes soft and velvety.

Creams for children from the French manufacturer have a hypoallergenic composition. They do not contain harmful substances and protect the delicate skin of babies from harmful radiation.

Sunscreen from Nivea

Also noteworthy is another tool for tanning. This product is praised by all admirers of cosmetics by the German company Nivea. Consider its advantages and disadvantages. The cream has sun protection SPF 30. However, despite this, as a result of a long stay under the direct rays of our luminary, the skin will remain light. It perfectly protects from burns and from sunburn. The waterproof formula allows you to use the product very sparingly.

There is no need to update it after each swim. To wash the cream, you should use soap or gel. Thus, if you do not aspire to become the owner of tanning, then this sunblock in the sun is ideal for you. Reviews “Nivea” deserves good also because it is quickly absorbed and does not leave behind an unpleasant stickiness.

Recommendations for a good tan

After we have reviewed all the tips about choosing a sunscreen, it will be appropriate to recall the rules of a beautiful tan. Here are the main secrets:

1. Sunburns most often get in the period from 10 to 16 hours.

2. Only 10 minutes of tanning under the open rays are safe for humans.

3. Melanin stops being produced by skin cells after an hour of exposure to the sun. Therefore, to be on the beach all day with the aim to purchase a bronze tan does not make any sense.

4. In order to get a beautiful tan, the sun's rays must fall on the body from the side. In this case, they better penetrate the skin, and melanin appears faster.

5. The most stable and uniform tan is obtained as a result of resting in the shade of trees.

6. Before sunbathing, do not wash with soap and use perfume, because this can increase the skin's sensitivity to radiation.

Thus, we can conclude that the best tanning cream in the sun, reviews of which speak of its effectiveness, is the one that is ideally suited for your skin type. Choosing a suitable protective agent, you can not worry about the negative effects of sunlight on health.