Today we have to choose wax strips. Reviews of different manufacturers and brands of this tool are now very common. And sometimes they can be confused. This, in turn, rather slows down the process of choosing and buying depilation products. We will try to figure out what's what. We should not think that any manufacturer produces horrible and ineffective means. Not at all. Just someone wax strips of one company are suitable, but someone does not. And therefore, many are faced with rather ambiguous reviews. Nevertheless, one can always find opinions that are closest to reality. And now we will deal with this.

Why wax

Let's start with what we think about why you need to choose wax strips for depilation. This question begins to worry women when they face the task of getting rid of excess vegetation on the body in different places. After all, there are many options for depilation:

Of all this, wax strips are almost always positive feedback. And they are usually used on different areas of the body. Why? The thing is that this option is the most effective depilation. Root strips tear out hairs, which prevents vegetation from reappearing quickly. Plus, wax strips for depilation get good reviews and relatively their affordability. So many women prefer this particular method. Let's look at how to apply it, and also find out which wax strips are best for different parts of the body.


Regarding its use, wax strips get good customer reviews. You yourself can easily wax your hair at home. How?

Just buy specialized strips in the store, and then thoroughly wash the necessary area of ​​skin. Now heat the wax (for example, using a hair dryer or between your palms), and then stick it on clean, dry skin. Smooth and tear off the strip with a sharp movement against hair growth. That's all. The process is complete.

Wax residues from the body must be removed using olive oil or special napkins. They must be sold with strips. As a result, you will get smooth skin without unnecessary redness. True, in particularly sensitive areas will have to prepare for pain. But if you have ever done hair removal, you can be sure that waxing is compared to her - it’s just kid’s fun. In this case, you will not even feel the pain.

Delia Cosmetics

And now it's time to learn what wax strips are getting feedback from their customers. We will consider the most popular companies. For example, Delia Cosmetics.

These strips are designed for depilation at home. They are suitable for both sensitive skin and less vulnerable places (for example, hands, feet). True, it is better not to use them on the face - they are too large in size.

Such wax strips are not the best reviews. The price for them is average, but getting this product can be very difficult. After all, Delia Cosmetics is a relatively new brand. And it is not able to compete with the same Veet.

The effect after using strips Delia Cosmetics is not particularly happy. The thing is that this product for depilation is not quite good pulling hairs. Plus, many women claim that after use they had an allergic reaction. Especially this can be seen by applying wax strips to the bikini area. Reviews of this product, as you can see, are not the best. In principle, Delia Cosmetics can be used when there are no other options.

Lady caramel

Then you should pay attention to such goods as Lady Caramel. These are also quite new wax strips. Reviews about them began to appear recently more and more often. Consider what a remedy is before us.

As many customers say, “Lady Caramel” is a worthy competitor to the popular Vit brand products. These strips have not too great value. This tool is intended, as a rule, for use in particularly sensitive areas. But, for example, for the bikini zone will have a good practice. Otherwise, do not avoid strong pain.

By the way, “Lady Caramel” is a wonderful wax strip for the face. Reviews of them as a means of removing hairs in this area are positive. Plus, this product is usually used for depilation on the legs. Here, too, everything pleases - the minimum of pain and redness, the maximum result. Allergic reactions are extremely rare (usually in women who are prone to allergies).

And here is another worthy competitor for Veet. These are Floresan wax strips. This product has long been a leader in the market of goods and services. And it manifests itself mainly on the positive side. In any case, customers are satisfied.

“Floresan” - beautiful wax strips for bikini. The feedback they receive is extremely encouraging. As many buyers say, this tool is able to cope even with the smallest and ingrown hairs. With all this, the wax is easily removed from the skin.

Price also can not but rejoice. For one package you will give only about 120 rubles. Much cheaper than for the same “Vit”. Plus, Floresan is considered a fairly economical tool. You will be able to use one package for a long time. Of course, this is a significant plus, which buyers always notice, leaving their opinions about this product.

Alvin D’or C

Next on the list is Alvin D’or C. These are wax strips that have appeared on the market for quite some time. True, it is worth noting immediately: to find this tool is not so simple. After all, “Alvin” is often not imported due to the huge popularity of Veet brand products. So, these strips for depilation can be found only in some regions of Russia. But for the modern buyer is not a hindrance.

These are wonderful wax strips for the bikini area. Reviews about “Alvin” can be found now absolutely on all sites otzovikah. Consumers claim that this tool perfectly pulls hairs. But in particularly sensitive places you will have to practice - without this, you will not be able to avoid very strong pain. If you use wax strips on the face and legs, then you can rejoice - the pain here is minimized.

Plus, “Alvin Dor” is not very expensive, but consumed quite economically. So you should pay attention to this product. If you manage to find it and order, you will not regret it.

And now it's time to talk about the most popular product in the field of depilation tools. This is a veet. Probably not worth saying that this wax exists in several forms. And each of them has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

For example, wax strips for the bikini area. Veet reviews in this category are not particularly good. Despite the popular brand, for the intimate zone, these strips are not the best choice. Firstly, they are very badly torn. This, in turn, entails too much pain and redness.

Plus, wax strips for the Veet bikini area are not very good reviews because of their inefficiency and high cost. On average, for one package of such funds you will give about 300-400 rubles. And enough for you for one use. At the best - on 2. Not especially pleasant moment.

In addition, wax strips "Vit" reviews are not the best yet for their effectiveness. And this concerns not only the options for the bikini zone, but for the entire product as a whole. Sensations after use do not add optimism, and the result can be achieved only after repeatedly applying wax to the same area on the body.

So, as you can see, Veet wax strips are not particularly good reviews. Bikini or any other area is processed, it does not matter. The main thing is that you will have to try hard to save this tool and achieve maximum results. But these strips are extremely affordable - you can buy them at any cosmetics store or supermarket.

Beauty formulas

The next tool for depilation is Beauty Formulas. These are inexpensive wax strips which, according to many customers, will be able to please you. Especially if you plan to get rid of excess facial hair or intimate areas.

“Beauty Formula” is a great solution. True, it is often necessary to order on the Internet. After all, this product is not very often appears on store shelves. Nevertheless, it is still recognized by many customers as the best hair removal tool imaginable.

Beauty Formulas - wax strips for the face. The reviews about them are mostly good. Herbal extracts do not cause allergies, and also make the skin soft and silky. And it pleases. After all, the absence of adverse reactions, availability and price - this is what is important for women. And efficiency is a matter of course.

“Camomile Elf”

You should also pay attention to such a tool as wax for depilation called “Elf Camomile”. This is a common product that has an average cost. True, attention should be paid to him not because he is very good. The reason is somewhat different.

The thing is that “Camomile Elf” is mostly strips for the face. And they, as customers say, are not particularly pleased with their results.

Plus, “Camomile Elf” often causes redness, itching and other allergic reactions. Not all buyers complain about this, but many.

We hurry to present you a novelty. These are wax strips for Markell depilation. To be honest, they are often used not only for sensitive skin, as originally intended, but also for carrying out the process of hair removal in all areas, for example, on the legs.

Customers say that Markell will help you achieve smooth skin for a long time. And all this for a small price. Plus, the strips are spent extremely economically. So one package may be enough for 4-5 applications. These wax strips get positive feedback. Only there is one drawback. The thing is that it is extremely difficult to buy Markell products at a regular store. After all, all the stalls flooded the popular product brand "Vit". But on the Internet you can order such strips without problems. So, pay attention to “Markell” - you will not regret the money spent on it.

We have almost completed a review of wax strips for depilation and reviews about them. There are products on the market and a tool such as Byly with mint extract and green tea. Many consumers say that Byly is a tool that acts worse than a regular disposable razor. Numerous photographs of the results of use - confirmation of this. However, Byly has a very low price. And if this is a decisive factor for you, you can use this tool.

Today we chose the best wax strips. “Wit” reviews in our rating, as you see, receive far from the best. And all this because buyers decided so. You can always find a cheaper and effective means for depilation. For example, “Markell” or “Lady Caramel”. Also pay attention to the tool that is not included in our rating. This is “Tanita” - the strips are not particularly expensive, but effective. And they compete well with the same Veet. This tool along with the promoted brand can be found in all stores.

Choose your best wax strips. Reviews of many products you already know. So now it's time to try the tools yourself!