Today, life has changed a lot and dictates very harsh conditions. A woman must support her family and manage everything in her household, educating her children. However, if the society is very loyal to the man, then the woman must necessarily look at 100%. That is why vitamins for hair, and nails, and skin today have become so popular. Wrong way of life and stress, unbalanced nutrition, all our worries and worries are primarily reflected in our appearance.

Vitamins or nutrition?

Usually we remember about this already when we see an obvious result, the premature withering of natural beauty. Of course, this can be objected to, on the market today there is an abundance of various creams and masks, shampoos, which should solve all the problems. However, if you do not begin to follow your diet, then the benefits will be negligible. Find the full year of the market full-fledged sources of the substances we need is very difficult, so the forefront of vitamins for hair, and nails, and skin.

Let's evaluate our state

If you lack certain micronutrients, this will immediately lead to a metabolic disorder, which will affect the appearance in the most unpleasant way. Someone will have cosmetic defects on his face, others gain extra pounds, while others lose weight. At the same time, hair is an important indicator. If your curls become dull and lifeless, this is the first signal of violations. The second bell is nails. If they break down, then the metabolism is far from ideal. It is necessary to quickly buy good vitamins for hair and nails.

The beauty of our skin

To your body functions as a clock, he needs all the minerals and vitamins. But each of them has its own specificity, so today we will separately consider vitamins for hair, nails, and skin. First of all, we need to remember our largest organ. This, of course, is the skin.

It primarily suffers from a lack of vitamins. In this case, the skin loses its elasticity, which means it not only loses its attractiveness, but also performs defensive functions worse. Protect and restore her healthy appearance can vitamins for hair, and nails, and skin. Some of them can be obtained from simple food products.

First of all you need to remember about retinol. It is he who actively protects the skin from over-drying, which means that it is important in the summer. He also returns the lost elasticity. Only with a limited diet you will experience a deficiency of this trace element. It is quite varied to eat, eat fish and liver, cottage cheese and carrots, greens. These products are inexpensive, and they should be on your desk regularly.

Surely, hearing about vitamins for skin, hair and nails, everyone immediately remembers vitamin E. This is a real "honeydew", the vitamin is a terrific antioxidant, responsible for cell renewal and protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Vitamin E found on our table is even simpler, its sources are vegetable oil and fish, eggs, milk and greens.

Vitamins necessary for the beauty of your hair

Another indicator of the problem in our body is the hair. With stress and various diets, they begin to drop very intensely. What woman will like this state of affairs? It's time to remember that there are vitamins for the skin, hair and nails. I must say that the problems of hair loss are of concern to most women and men. At the same time, the first and correct decision will be the optimization of nutrition, as well as the selection of a biologically active food additive, which will help to normalize the condition. The most important and necessary for health of hair are vitamins of group B. Only a sufficient quantity of vitamins B1 and B12 stimulates hair growth and provides them with the necessary energy and strength. These important elements can be obtained from meat and dairy products, as well as eggs. Often that's why during the diet we see a strong deterioration of the hair. The body lacks nutrients. To correct this condition, vitamins are required for the growth of hair, nails and skin.

The gloss and strength of your hair is attached to vitamin B1. Most of it is contained in the liver and kidneys, so it is worth loving offal. And to prevent the appearance of premature graying helps vitamin B9. It can be found in almost all vegetables and fruits. The most important element with a strong hair loss, as well as alopecia is vitamin B6. It prevents their loss, and also allows to grow new, healthy hair. In order to grow beautiful and strong, they need vitamins A, E and C. In addition, if we talk about the health of hair, it should be noted that the balance of minerals and nutrients is necessary, all in a complex they supplement and strengthen the action of vitamins.

Beautiful nails

Before choosing the best vitamins for the beauty of the skin, hair, nails, it is necessary to get acquainted with how the shortage of various trace elements can affect the health of our nails. Surely you have encountered such a problem as fanning. Nails look untidy, and the only option is to cut them to the root. That's right, and then start to consume vitamins, so that new ones grow beautiful and strong.

Required trace elements

Most often, if the nails become brittle and weak, the cause is a lack of vitamin A. But, as you know, everything is interconnected in the body, so it will have the best effect together with iodine and calcium. It is easiest to get this important set of trace elements from chicken and pork liver, as well as butter. Another important vitamin that is necessary for a good nail condition is vitamin C. It is very much in such a useful vegetable as cabbage, red dog rose, currant and citrus. All these substances are the best vitamins for skin, hair and nails. As you can see, they are very easy to get them from the most simple and affordable products. However, it sometimes happens that the food is balanced enough, but still the body lacks something. Hair fade, and the nails do not look the best. This is because any stress causes the instant burning of B vitamins, which means that their hair will not get any more. In order that at any time you do not suffer from deficiencies of such important substances, and there are various additives and complexes. Now we will review the rating of vitamins for hair, nails and skin, this selection will facilitate your choice and will be the first step towards beauty.

The drug number one for your health and beauty

This is a special vitamin dragee called "Merz Beauty". This complex of vitamins for the skin, hair and nails solves a number of problems at once. If you have weak, dry, dyed hair, or even more so a perm - this is the drug for you. Balanced complex of vitamins of group B (B1, B5, B6, B12 and PP), besides it is a source of iron, silicon and calcium. This complex is a novelty in the market, but managed to gain popularity. Assign it for chronic overloads, beriberi and other conditions, characterized by a shortage of micro- and macroelements. Judging by the reviews, the result is seen very soon.

Hair product "Pantobrigger"

It should be noted immediately that these are not classic vitamins for skin, face, hair and nails, but a specialized drug. It should not be taken without the advice of a doctor. The composition includes a number of different substances, such as medical yeast, calcium pantothenate, cystine, keratin and many useful acids. In addition, the composition has auxiliary substances. Assign this drug with degenerative changes in the structure of the hair, especially with chemical exposure and non-hormonal hair loss. This drug does not give an immediate effect, its effect is cumulative. The course of treatment is about 6 months, and it is necessary to show patience. In the first month of the results may not be, but by the middle of the course of treatment it is already noticed all around.

The third place - the drug "Perfectil"

This is a complex preparation, which has a very complex composition. Perhaps, therefore, about it there are the most contradictory reviews. Headache, heaviness in the stomach, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms, which people write about, give the ground for thought. It is clear that among the 25 microelements and nutrients that make up its composition, there may very well be one that a person is allergic to, or simply has its individual intolerance. In this regard, preparations with a simple composition are preferable.

In the composition there are vitamins and trace elements, minerals and extracts of medicinal herbs. However, if your body took this cocktail normally, then in a month you will definitely say that these are the best vitamins for skin, hair, nails. Reviews of thousands of women say that the reception of this drug completely solved the problem with the hair, and the skin began to glow with health.

The drug for improving the structure of nails and hair "Revalid"

To date, a unique tool that helps not only to improve the appearance, but also to change the structure of the hair from the inside, heal the nail plate, improve the condition of the hair bulbs. The composition includes the most useful extracts of oats and millet, wheat germ, yeast and a number of microelements. In addition, the capsules contain B vitamins. Often this drug is prescribed if hair loss is observed on the basis of strong stress. Judging by the fact that they report the preparation of a woman, after about 2 weeks the first result is already noticeable.

Specialized complex "Alerana"

This is a Russian drug, which is not inferior to the most advertised drugs. That is, before you are classic complex vitamins for hair, nails and skin, and they help more with systematic disorders of the diet. The complex is excellent for hair growth. In a short time you will notice the difference. This drug is one of the few that works not only during the day, but also at night. This division allows you to achieve better results. Daytime mostly contains minerals that restore and protect the hair follicles. The night formula contains almost the entire group B, as well as silicon, calcium and many useful acids, it helps to stimulate hair growth. The course is 1-3 months. As the responses say, after about 10 days the problems of hair loss recede, the nails become more beautiful and strong, and the skin is leveled, a healthy shine and blush appears.

Economical solution: vitamins "Fitoval"

This is another capsule for solving problems with hair loss, as well as preventing skin and nail problems. They are very effective, especially with their help, the problems of growth disruption. Very quickly strengthened weakened and brittle hair and nails. The composition does not represent something special, it's all the same vitamins of group B with different additives and trace elements. But the price of this product is very attractive. As a result of taking you after a week you observe a stable result, and every day you need to take only one capsule. Gives lasting results, destroying the stereotype "the more expensive - the better." It is undesirable only to take the drug on an empty stomach, otherwise there may be not too pleasant sensations, nausea and heaviness. Judging by the reviews, this is one of the best and available drugs for your beauty. Summing up, we can say that any of the courses presented will give a result, but before starting treatment consult with your doctor.