In this article, the best medical universities of Russia with the highest ratings received from the Ministry of Education and Science will be considered. The quality of student training was evaluated first and foremost, and the improvement and editing of existing curricula was also taken into account. Top of the best medical universities in Russia will be considered from the first stage to the last, and the first universities will get more attention because they are more old and worthy.

The best medical universities in Russia: a list

First MGMU them. Sechenov

The oldest and largest of Russian universities occupies the first line of the ranking, and therefore we will speak about the First Moscow Medical University named after IM Sechenov, the successor of the only medical school in pre-revolutionary Russia at Imperial Moscow University. From the times of the distant 1758, the university carried and magnified the best qualities that characterize the best medical universities in Russia. It was here in 1794 that the country's first dissertation on a medical profile was defended; doctors who were educated at this university carried the greatest burden in the war with Bonaparte in 1812 and in the First World War.

It was here that the most talented natural scientists, the founders of scientific schools, who prepared many hundreds of doctors for the country, made their discoveries. They are G. A. Zakharyin, A. I. Polunin, N. V. Sklifosovsky, A. A. Ostroumov, S. S. Korsakov, A. Ya. Kozhevnikov, I. M. Sechenov, A. I. Babukhin, V. F. Snegiryov, N. F. Filatov, F. F. Erisman, and others. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the university was replenished with clinics, the complex of which operates today. The clinical campus and now helps future doctors practice, not all the best medical universities in Russia have such equipment.

Before the Great Patriotic War in 1940, the university was awarded the Order of Lenin. Since the beginning of the war, more than half of the collective signed up as volunteers and went to war. Nevertheless, during the war years, 2,632 physicians learned to the front and received a higher education. The clinics became hospitals where they not only treated the wounded and sick, but also conducted scientific studies dictated by urgent requirements.

It conducted a lot of clinical trials for the treatment of pathogenesis, dystrophy, new methods of treatment of wounds, improved field surgery. From here to the fronts went penicillin, past clinical trials. All the forces of sanitary and epidemiological work were devoted, and that’s probably why there were no epidemics either at the front or in the rear. Here the doctors worked - Heroes of the Soviet Union: Fionov, Klumov, Bogomolov, Troyan.

After the war

The university gradually expanded, new faculties were organized. In 1955, the institution was named after the famous physician I. M. Sechenov, whose whole life was connected with this Moscow University. There were practically no times when First Medical did not head the list of the best medical universities in Russia.

Large theoretical and clinical scientific schools were formed here: E. M. Tareeva, M. P. Konchalovsky, V. Kh. Vasilenko, V. N. Vinogradova, A. L. Myasnikova - therapeutic; N. N. Burdenko, V. V. Kovanov, B. V. Petrovsky, M. I. Kuzina - surgical; EK Sepp - neuropathological; M. Malinovsky - obstetric and gynecological; R. M. Fronshteyna - urological; V. P. Odintsova - ophthalmologic.


For the last twenty-five years, the university has changed its status: the institute turned into an academy, then into a university, but the name of Sechenov always remained with this educational institution. It was possible to preserve and strengthen the former glory and lead the top 10 best medical universities in Russia. Professors and teachers developed and introduced new state standards of both higher medical and postgraduate education.

Six more faculties were added, a new building was built, where the research center was located, three new scientific research institutes began to work: molecular medicine, thoracic surgery and uronephrology, seven university clinical hospitals were opened, in which nineteen clinics of different profiles. The Faculty of Pre-University Education is another achievement of recent years. New specialties were added: bioengineering and bioinformatics, biotechnology, pediatrics, clinical psychology, economics and enterprise management, and social work.

After 2010, new research institutes appeared in the structure of the university, as well as the Institute of Advanced Professional Education and the opening of the “Medicine of the Future” - the Center for Innovative Educational Programs. The work done by the best medical school in Russia in terms of international cooperation is enormous. Leading scientists come from all over the world to give lectures to students, students are exchanged, and conferences and seminars are held, joint scientific and research work is conducted with many foreign medical universities and leading world clinics.

RNIMU them. N.I. Pirogov

The list of the best medical universities in Russia is continued by the Russian National Research Medical University named after N. I. Pirogov. This is also one of the very old and large educational institutions. It was founded in 1906 as women's courses, then they were transformed into the Second Moscow University, from which the Second Moscow Medical Institute separated in 1930, which later received the name of the great anatomist and surgeon N. I. Pirogov.

In 1991, the institute became a university and continued the traditions of the country's leading educational, methodical, scientific, and medical institution. It is not for nothing that the top ten medical universities in Russia gave second place to RNIMU: there is an excellent material base, the highest qualification of graduates who have undergone a three-stage training course. Correspondence and full-time departments have thirty directions - from therapy and dentistry to cybernetics, which they also put at the service of medicine. There is an internship, residency, graduate school.

The third place in the overall rating is given to St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University. Of the pediatric universities, he is the oldest, accepting sick children's hospital, which the university is heir of, began in 1905. Judging by one of the top places of the top, the training here is high-class, the training and material base is correspondingly good. Excellent teachers, about which many grateful feedback left by students and graduates.

Student life here is in full swing: there are many public associations, sections, circles, creative clubs, permanent cultural and sporting events. The famous club of artists “Hippocrates” works, which is so loved by children who are treated at clinics. Here there are also various studios: vocal, theater, dance, there is its own VIA.

For many decades, this university operates as an international center of medical education. For fifty years, several thousand students from four continents and from seventy countries have learned alongside Russians. The diploma of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Medical Education of the Saint-Petersburg State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia is very highly rated both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

PSPbGMU named after IP Pavlov

The fourth place is rightly given to the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Academician Pavlov, since it has always been one of the best medical universities in Russia. The ranking changes places leading educational institutions, but this university never went beyond the top. Its structure consists of ten faculties and sixty-seven departments. More than five thousand students study at the same time. In the university clinic there are more than one hundred departments; every day it receives patients from all over our country.

The university has sixteen scientific divisions. The territory of the university is located in the historic center of the city and contains eighteen architectural monuments. Besides studying, students have something to do: there is a huge fundamental library, its own publishing house, a sports complex with a swimming pool. Students live in four comfortable and equipped with all necessary hostels.

SSMU and others

The list of the best medical universities in Russia is continued by the Siberian State Medical University, which is located in Tomsk, it is in fifth place in the overall rating.

Ryazan State University. Pavlova continues the line - he is the sixth. The seventh step of the top is given to the Volgograd State Medical University. The eighth place in Novosibirsk - NGMU successfully develops and gradually rises on the rating steps. Krasnoyarsk is in ninth place, KrasSMU has recommended itself very well. Closes the top ten Krasnodar University - place given to the Kuban State Medical University.