Recently women have less often resorted to using folk methods for hair care. Most likely, the reason lies in the fact that they simply do not know how to use them correctly. The opinion that the oils have the property of weighting the hair is true, but if you can make friends with them, they will replace all the jars of balms and conditioners from leading cosmetic brands.

Answering the question, what is the best hair oil is quite difficult. To do this, you need to know all the subtleties of the female body and the structure of the hair in general. Therefore, before filling the shelves in the bathroom with various vessels with “liquid gold”, it is necessary to understand what type you will take your hair to.

For example, the best hair oil that can save the tips from dryness in winter is peach. You can, of course, use coconut, but its structure is slightly thicker, and therefore it causes minor difficulties when applied.
Thanks to Cleopatra, for many centuries, they labeled the “Best Hair Oil” label on olive oil. It can not only improve the condition, but also restore damaged bulbs. It is often included in the composition of hair dyes, since after this procedure, they need a strong diet.

Three main types

According to the texture of the oil there are three fat content, and for each type of hair you need to choose the right consistency.

  • Fatty (castorca) due to the large molecular weight have the property of weighting the hair.
  • Bold (avocado oil, almond oil) - they are best absorbed.
  • Dry (coconut or grape seed) due to its weightlessness does not weigh down the hair.

Popular hair oils: application in cosmetology

First you need to set a goal to use and understand what effect you want. Some want to make hair thicker or more shiny, others - to grow length in a short time, so they are looking for oil for hair growth. The main thing is to remember that they act either in a complex or locally way. Therefore, we will conduct a brief overview of the most popular and accessible from the entire range of "liquid gold".

1. Burdock. It can be used both in pure form and as an additive. This oil should be stored in the arsenal of young mummies, as during pregnancy, after childbirth, the condition of the hair worsens, and you need to immediately start the restoration procedures.

Best hair oil

2. Castor has the ability to eliminate dry scalp, which contributes to the appearance of dandruff. In order to make the hair thicker, you need to do wraps with this oil once a week. And to strengthen them, you can pamper yourself with the following mask, which will strengthen their structure: 1 tsp. castor oil and 0.5 tbsp. kefir. Also use this oil for hair growth and eyelashes.

3. Rosemary is the most sought after aromatic oil. If you use it on a regular basis, you will notice that hair growth has increased and the curls have become stronger and healthier.

4. Flaxseed - a storehouse of vitamin F. When using this oil at home, it is preheated, then rubbed with the tips of your fingers into the roots and distributed with a comb through the entire length. Warm the head and hold on the hair for about 2 hours.

5. Tea tree oil is classified as essential, and therefore requires extreme caution. A couple of his drops can be added to the shampoo, and it will have a beneficial effect on the condition of oily hair. Also, this oil will become an indispensable tool in the fight against dandruff.

6. Coconut. Indian women know a lot about caring for their appearance and it’s not for nothing that of all oils they preferred it. If it is diluted with other skin care products, it can also be used in pure form for hair, although its length distribution will be a little difficult. Coconut oil based masks prevent protein loss when washing hair, which means your curls will be shiny and soft.

Source of life and health

Every self-respecting mistress in the kitchen has olive oil. It became popular and affordable only in the 90s and since then it is considered the most popular in the consumer market. Since there is a deficiency of vitamins in our body, its regular use will have a beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the skin and nails. That is why olive oil has become an indispensable component in the manufacture of masks, shampoos and balms.

If you choose it to care for curls, then it should be the first spin, unrefined and yellow-green shade. It can not only be distributed along the length of the hair, but also consumed inside. It is enough to drink 1 tbsp. l oil per day.

With regular use of olive oil, you will understand that this is the easiest and most natural product to keep your skin young and in good condition.

Burr oil

Due to the fact that the composition of cosmetics is increasingly based on chemicals, this oil is becoming increasingly popular. We are talking not only about the fact that it can improve the structure of curls, but about a deeper result in the form of reducing the number of lost hair and stimulating the growth of new ones.

Problems such as split ends, dandruff, fatness and brittleness, seborrhea after application of burdock oil will leave your life forever. For enhanced and visible effect, it should be applied according to certain rules. For example, it can not be used daily, as the hair will seem dirty, greasy and heavy. If you have a normal type, then you need to use masks based on burdock oil 2 times a month. For effectiveness, you need to give hair a rest. For example, 6 months of treatment and 2 months break, and after that you can resume the procedure.

Beauty secrets

Nourishing hair mask with burdock oil  - This is the easiest way to cost. For this you need only 1 ingredient. Heated on a water bath burdock oil is applied over the entire length of the hair, then on the head creates the effect of a bath. Keep it to about 1.5 - 2 hours and rinse thoroughly in the usual way. If you carry out this procedure 2 times a week, then after 20 sessions you will notice that the number of lost hair is significantly reduced, and the curls have acquired a healthy shine.

Stimulating hair mask with burdock oil and castor oil. Its main goal is hair growth and dandruff removal. To prepare, it is necessary to mix and heat an equal amount of oils (it all depends on the length and density) and distribute it carefully. Keep 1.5 hours and wash off.

Aromatherapy for hair

Essential oils for hair have not only a preventive effect, but also a therapeutic one. If you correctly calculate the proportions, then they can not worse than others strengthen curls, eliminate dandruff, add shine and well-groomed appearance.

For the treatment of dry and brittle hair, it is recommended to use oil of mandarin, sandalwood and ylang-ylang. The latter can transform their state beyond recognition. They become gorgeous, shiny and strong.

Since antiquity, lavender essential oil has been especially respected, which not only treated the hair, but also gave it a pleasant aroma. For sensitive skin, palmarose or jasmine oil will be an excellent sedative.

Oily hair gives a lot of trouble to their owners. Therefore, to reduce greasiness, you need to replenish your arsenal for the care of hair with chamomile, pine, tea tree and juniper essential oils. They will help bring to a tone their general condition and restore the structure.

Essential oils to strengthen hair

An excellent tool for this would be the essential oil of tea tree. It is not for nothing that the aborigines of Australia used it in the treatment of various diseases and the healing of wounds, as it is rich in organic components, which number more than 400.

Few have heard of petigrein oil. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it restores the structure of damaged hair and prevents its loss.

As you already understood, essential oils for hair, not worse than usual, can help in solving problems with the health of our curls. But the most valuable of all is considered to be rosemary, which will give hair elasticity, remove dandruff and skin itch, and also stop their loss.

“Liquid Moroccan Gold”

It is difficult to argue with the fact that any woman’s cosmetic bag is filled with products with chemical composition. With these sets of beauty, she tries to care for her appearance, sometimes unaware of how much harm she gets from it. But natural oils are famous for their benefits for both internal and external use.

What do you know about argan oil? Probably only that it is obtained from the seeds of the same tree. In fact, real argan oil for hair is produced only in Morocco and only then the cherished vessels with “liquid gold” are exported to all countries. The process of collecting fruits, separating the seeds and squeezing the product itself is not at all easy, so the price, accordingly, is not low. Real argan oil, often used for hair, costs about the same as black caviar or truffles.

Due to its healing properties, it is increasingly becoming an important component for the preparation of cosmetic products for the care of our curls. The peculiarity of the oil is that it is able to protect every hair from environmental aggression. It nourishes the scalp, which means that with regular use you will soon forget about the problem of dandruff.

Perfect beauty product

Storming the Internet in the search for masks based on natural oils, you probably met with such an interesting word as "jojoba". It is safe to say: many, not knowing about this plant, did not pay attention to it, thinking that it is sold only in overseas cosmetic stores. And in vain! Compared to others, jojoba oil is in high esteem, as it has no equal, thanks to its beneficial properties. It is extracted from the Chinese plant Symond, and it is a wax of plant origin.

Miracle oil is suitable for any type of hair, so it can be used to restore the structure of weakened strands, and to normalize the exchange of sebaceous glands with oily hair. The uniqueness of the oil is that natural wax dissolves impurities of the skin and eliminates irritation. Therefore, it can be used as a reducing agent after staining, highlighting or coloring.

Jojoba oil masks

Using symmondcia oil, you can prepare the following masks.

Nutritional. mix 2 tbsp. l burdock and jojoba oil is heated in a water bath. Next, rub into the scalp. Approximately 40–50 minutes are kept under a plastic cap and a warm towel.

To give strength. mix 2 tbsp. l liquid honey, 1 yolk and 3 tbsp. l of our butter. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and hold for half an hour. You will get a stunning result after 14 procedures, but remember that such a mask should be done a maximum of 2 times a week.

Feminine opinion on the two most popular oils

Sometimes, in order not to harm yourself, you need to listen to the opinions of other people. For this purpose, forums have been invented that serve as a kind of bridge of trust between people.

Coconut Hair Oil. Reviews of this product have helped many to cross the line of no confidence in Indian manufacturers. Many were embarrassed that everyone admired the result after use, but at the same time the cost of the oil was quite low. But this did not prevent the product from gaining such wide popularity. Wonderful remedy for Indian beauties shakes a chic result in the form of healthy, strong and shiny hair.

Burdock oil for hair.  Reviews of this product can be found almost everywhere, all women who have tried to grow and strengthen the structure of their strands, strive to boast of their results. He is advised to add to shampoos, conditioners and balms, but you will get a greater effect only when used in its pure form.

It’s very difficult to name the best hair oil, as each of them has its own unique properties, but thanks to such a variety of choices on the Russian cosmetic market, every beauty can find exactly what her hair will like.