Technique of fulfilling the desires, which Bibin offers, supposedly helped him become a very successful person. Its main achievement is not only 5 developing business projects, but also a lot of followers, as well as a new family with whom he likes to travel and spend his free time.

The energy of Reiki is what the reader is invited to use as an instrument to achieve goals. Get access to the universal energy, change the life program - that's the ultimate goal of the practice of Bibin.

"Technique of fulfilling desires", Igor Bibin. Fundamentals of Learning

The best technique for fulfilling desire

  1. The brain, and hence the possibilities, all people are the same. Nature has created all of the same principle, so what happened to Donald Trump under certain circumstances is subject to any other person.
  2. The main difference between people - in the settings and programs that are stored in their head. They just need to be changed.
  3. The universe is able to help any person. The technique of fulfilling the desire works for everyone alike, if everything is done correctly.
  4. The universe will stop giving something to a person if he does not know how to rejoice at what he already has.
  5. Anyone can use the Universal energy to achieve their goals.
  6. You already have everything to be most happy.

Preparatory stage

  1. On a piece of paper in a column I need to write all that good you have in life that can and should be grateful. No matter whether it's the talented child, new clothes, beautiful flower on the window sill – it is necessary to note all the positive things and thank the Universe for them.
  2. It is necessary to comprehend your dreams - what exactly do you want from life, but for yourself, and not for someone else. There is no need to think about something global - "peace in the whole world" - it will not come true anyway.
  3. It is necessary to leave the comfort zone, thus demonstrating determination. Only decisive people open up new opportunities.
  4. Fix any positive time. Do not leave without attention the positive changes that happen every day in life. Buying new things, gifts, compliments – the little things that also need to notice and gratitude.

Why do we need gratitude?

The technique of fulfilling the desire for Igor Bibinu is based on gratitude for a reason. It is important to establish an exchange of energy with the universe. If the world gives something to man, and he does not return even "thanks" in return, the exchange of energy is disrupted. In this case, a scenario is likely, when even the last thing he has left will disappear from a person's life.

When the received individual does not pay in any way (meaning sincere gratitude), the fee is charged in any case. But this is unlikely to be convenient for the person himself: health problems may begin, important and necessary people will disappear from life, etc. That is, it is more profitable to give your own gratitude to yourself than to then experience the consequences of your own short-sightedness.

But the main thing is to learn to give more than you get. Let the volume of impact increase slightly, gradually, but this is important. This is the secret of leaders and successful people. They broke their parasitic habit of taking, taking, and taking. They take, but in return they give something back.

What is the difference between a successful person and a mediocre person?

To become successful, you need to understand the difference between people of achievement and mediocre personalities. The difference is not in abilities, as many suppose, but in willingness to pay for what you get.

Successful people never look for tortuous paths, they do not try to snatch something for free. Successful people pay for the fact that they are deliciously fed, pay for services, consultations. Not always it is connected with money, probably, the payment is given reciprocal services or any other way.

From man there must go the energy of abundance, then the powerful technique of fulfilling desires will serve him well. If a person constantly translates "shortage" into the world around him, then all sorts of benefits in his life will become less and less. As they say, "miser pays twice." The ability to give, pay, be grateful is the signal of the universe that you are ready for abundance.

Imaginary techniques

In fact, there are many techniques for realizing one's desires. They find a response in the hearts of people, but they do not always work. Why?

For example, everyone knows - there is some technique for fulfilling the desire, which is related to visualization and is described in the film "The Secret". Igor Bibin reasonably remarked in his book that this film was watched by millions of people, but did the situation in their lives change? Visualization does not work, because imagining something in your head, but not finding it later in life, you become a depressive. This is some kind of illusion that quickly crumbles, facing gray everyday life. But visualization is just the lowest step, after which you have to go a long way to a dream.

Some experts say that the best technique for fulfilling desires is affirmation. But this is also only part of the truth. Affirmations are able to transform a person if his brain works at a higher alpha level. How to reach this level, no one, unfortunately, does not describe.

The problem of positive thinking

Another favorite technique for fulfilling wishes, feedback about which is often heard is positive thinking. In this technique, as in many others, there are "white" spots that prevent it from being effective.

Every person has a life experience that leaves a trace in the subconscious. If this experience has been negative for a long time, then it is difficult to make oneself think positively, sparking to believe that, finally, everything will turn out to be difficult. Positive thinking "from under the stick" is unproductive.

Two "anchors" in Bibin's technique

There are two "anchors", which operate a new technique of fulfilling desires. Bibin - reviews used by his method confirm this - offers a new approach to realizing the dream.

The first "anchor" for which it is important to catch a person is a physical sense of happiness. Each human state has its own vibration: successful people emit only energy waves, losers - others, debtors - the third, etc. Our physical body remembers these states, and it is physical memory that becomes the first barrier that blocks the path to the dream.

One of the important practical skills of Bibin's technique is the ability to evoke that physical state in oneself that corresponds to the successful achievement of the chosen goal, and make it habitual for oneself. For each person such a physical condition will be purely individual.

The second "anchor" is a clear understanding of your goal. Not blurry, not recorded somewhere on the sheet and forgotten, but a picture that will be stored in your head always under any circumstances.

How to set the goal correctly

For starters, it is not recommended to choose more than three goals, otherwise it will be difficult to monitor the emerging opportunities.

Forming your dream, it is worth to evaluate it from different sides, so that there will be no substitution of concepts. For example, if you are making money, you need to know for sure why you need them. What can they give that they can not otherwise get? Perhaps you want to travel on them? But there are cases when it is possible to travel absolutely free of charge: for example, one of the relatives will pay the trip, or the firm in which you work will start sending you on foreign business trips. If you really want to travel, then you need to guess this, and the universe will find a way to fulfill this desire without millions on the account.

The same rules apply when you "order" yourself a meeting with your lover (lover). It is not necessary to go into insignificant details, but it is important to identify the key features of the character and simulate your feelings next to this person.

Glass of water

Probably all already know that water can save energy, write down the information. That is why it is able to help people fulfill their desires. Technique of execution of desires "Glass of water" – a technique which helps you to program the water to fulfilling your dreams. After drinking this drink, you pass your physical body important information help log him in necessary condition to achieve the goal and to fix it.

How does this technique of fulfilling desires work? A glass of water should be placed on top of a piece of paper. On this sheet you should write your goal, your dream, formulated in a positive way. Then you need to rub the palms of each other so that there is heat between them. Keeping this imaginary heat ball, you need to enclose a glass in this space between the palms - so the water will be charged by your energy. It is necessary to repeat 3 times to yourself the affirmation written on the sheet, and then drink the water slowly, enjoying its taste.

Next Steps

Having adjusted the body physically, having formulated in a head the purpose, it is necessary to develop the plan on its achievement: step-by-step, absolutely concrete, with prospective date of performance. One of the reasons why the techniques of affirmations, positive thinking, etc. are ineffective are concentrating only on positive thoughts, but the absolute absence of a clear plan of action. It is impossible to get what you want by inaction. Therefore, a clear step-by-step plan is an obligatory component of the technique of fulfilling desires.

Individual Mantra

"Flash of happiness", which offers to learn Igor Bibin - is not just a physical sense of joy from the allegedly achieved goal. A joyous reaction should be bright and accompanied by an individual human mantra. How to create it?

It is necessary to imagine that at this very moment you have learned that your desire has come true. Do not hold back the joy and shout out a set of sounds that first comes to mind. It should not be a word, like "yes", "yes", etc. It should be exactly the set of sounds that will become your individual mantra. For each goal it is necessary to find a separate mantra and be sure to write it on paper so as not to forget. Repeating this unique mantra, you always send a request to the universe.

First results

When will the first described technique describe the fulfillment of desires? 21 days - this is enough to notice improvement in life. When the dream comes true completely, it's hard to say. It depends on the very desire, how much resources it will require for its execution.

A little philosophy

Why is it important to strive to fulfill your desires, your dreams? Because man is created for this: to dream, set goals, achieve them and improve oneself along this path. The main goal of life for any person is to self-develop, improve, above all, yourself.

I want to share the technology of wish fulfillment, tested on itself: take the three candles (green, red and white), set them on a flat dish or plate,pour around them a thin layer of sugar, so that would shut down the bottom of the dish. To put it on the highest place in the house. To light the candles.
To refer to the three guardian angels, St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel, in any form ask you to fulfill three wishes. The first is to be associated with denigi, second love, third any. Leave the candles to burn out.
  After, within three days, transfer this ritual in writing to other people, and on the fourth day, the desired changes in your life will begin to occur. Good luck!

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