In the warm season, one gets the impression that it is simply impossible to get rid of annoying flies. However, having read the article, you will understand that this is not only realistic, but also very simple, and you will need for this just a trap for flies.

Do I have to fight flies?

A fly is not just an annoying insect that plagues a person with its buzzing. These creatures carry a huge danger to people. Flies carry various diseases, for example, anthrax, sepsis, tularemia, trypanosomiasis, various intestinal infections, as well as eggs of parasites. The most dangerous is the tsetse fly that lives in Africa. Its bites are deadly to humans.

Float trap for own hands

Not only adults are dangerous, but also the larvae of these insects. If maggots get into the human body (most often this is due to non-compliance with hygiene standards), they can linger in the intestines, feeding on its contents. This causes symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, internal bleeding. Therefore, to fight the spread of these insects in the house is important and necessary. And the home trap for flies will effectively help in this.

Preventing the appearance of flies in the house

First of all, there are a number of preventive measures aimed at preventing flies from appearing in your house:

  • put mosquito nets on the windows, they will save you not only from flies, but also other harmful insects;
  • try not to leave the rest of the food on the table;
  • carefully wipe all surfaces
  • eat foods that are well thermally processed;
  • use a variety of instruments, such as a trap for flies.

Overviewm Methods of fighting insects

Preventive measures are not always successful, and it is worth combining them with various devices for catching and destroying insects. Their choice is very wide. Approximate ways of fighting:

  • an electric trap for flies;
  • various sprays, aerosols, powders and other chemical products;
  • indoor and medicinal plants;
  • improvised means (sticky tape, solutions of various substances);
  • home trap for flies.

Insecticides: advantages and disadvantages

There is a huge variety of different aerosols designed to destroy flies. Now you can choose a product with a minimal odor, well-eroded from the room, with a high level of toxic safety. Sprays for several days very effectively destroy adult insects, as well as their eggs and larvae. Can operate for several months.

Also, insecticides are released in the form of powders or granules, from which the solution is prepared. This preparation processes the surface. There is a powder, which includes the sex pheromone flies, it attracts insects, but a few minutes after contact with the solution the flies die. Also, there are funds based on the paralyzing contact venom. They are applied to the places where insects gather. The duration of such a drug may be up to three months.

Advantages of such means of fighting flies are their low cost, availability, efficiency. The main disadvantage is their composition, which includes various toxic substances.

Modern methods of struggle

One of the most modern methods of fighting flies is an electric trap for flies. Such devices are absolutely safe for people. You can use these devices both at home and on the street. However, in order to avoid burns, it is worth keeping these traps away from children and animals and shutting off the network in case of uselessness. The device does not emit any smells, fumes, it is comfortable to use, does not require any special skills and skills for installation, it is hygienic.

Principle of operation of the device

This is the trap for flies based on what stands out for thermal radiation and light that attract insects. In contact with the device fly falls under the influence of high voltage dies and goes to a special tray at the bottom of the trap. There are also portable versions of the traps in the form of small lanterns that can be used in campaigns. They work from batteries, unlike larger devices that need access to the network of electric current.

The only drawback of this device is its rather high price. You can buy it from 2000 rubles. and the cost can reach 20 000, depending on the technical characteristics of the device.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies for combating flies are based on the fact that these insects react very sharply to some smells. Therefore, you need to know what fragrances these insects do not tolerate.

You can use a number of essential oils, such as eucalyptus, cloves, mint, lavender. Also, houseplants will also be excellent assistants. Cultivate on the windowsills geranium, myrtle or ordinary tomatoes. Their smell is unpleasant to flies. You can use such a plant as a venus flytrap, but it's not a repeller, but rather a kind of trap for flies, since this plant attracts and eats these insects.

Prepare a decoction of lion's pharynx on milk, leave it on saucers or lids in places of flies. This agent acts no worse than insecticides. The same action has the usual vodka. It can be sprayed in small amounts in the room.

Work surfaces, window sills, floors wipe with a weak solution of kerosene, turpentine, vinegar or oil, which is infused on the laurel leaf.

Float trap for own hands

It is quite economical and easy way to get rid of these pesky insects. Duct tape – cheap and effective trap for flies. With their hands can make such a device, and it will be no worse than store-bought counterparts. You will need Kraft paper (or, for example, paper bags from the store), hole punch, scissors, lace, honey, sugar, water.

First you need to prepare a sticky solution. Mix approximately 150 g sugar, 150 g of honey and 4 tablespoons of hot water, all mix thoroughly, heat to dissolve the sugar and honey. Then cut the paper in small rectangles and make holes in them. In the hole insert the cord of the necessary length. The resulting product thoroughly lubricate the liquid and a little dry (about an hour) and hang under the ceiling or above the window.

Another very effective trap for flies from a plastic bottle. To make it, you will need a bottle without a lid, scissors and an unnecessary jam. Cut off the top of the bottle (about one third). In the resulting cup, pour the jam and a little water or just a thick sugar syrup and insert the cut off top of the bottle like a funnel, the neck down. The flop trap from the bottle is ready.