Pike fishing on circles is, in the opinion of experienced anglers, one of the most successful ways of catching this toothed predator.


In this method of fishing does not necessarily know the exact location toothy prey. This amazing tackle, swim long distances, she finds a lot of fish. Catching pike on the circle: the features of the method

This is facilitated by how the wind and current, and the activity of the baitfish. That is why the pike fishing on mugs – autumn and summer – has become one of the most popular options catch this cunning and very careful of the wives of the reservoirs. Besides, this is probably the only type of rig for deep water fishing, which allows direct contact with the man, although his desire to move through the water in search of toothy prey. According to those who is an avid angler, there's nothing better than catching pike on mugs.

By itself, this gear is very similar to the subspecies of imitation fish. It is not too complicated design, and therefore to make the circle at home is not easy. The main elements of this equipment are not many. First is the circle, representing the disk of durable and lightweight material, for example wood or solid foam. Other components are the vertical pin and fishing line, lead bait, sinker and, of course, the hook.

The disc has the following dimensions: about 15-20 cm in diameter and up to thirty millimeters in height. On the side the saw cut groove, which should retract the fishing line. In the center circle of the drilled hole where you inserted the vertical pin. It is made from wood or plastic. At one end of the pin is narrow and the other with a bulge, not giving him to slip out of the circle.

Description tackle

On the more compact side is the inscription, where the embedded fishing line. The dimensions for the angler chooses their own, based on your experience, preferences and, of course, on the depth of the pond. Optimum is the length of the line from fifteen to thirty feet. Most materials used can be called monofilament or nylon cords.

A sinker is used as the moving and fixed with an average weight of fifteen grams. In order for the prey didn't notice the line, it is assigned the lead of a very fine filament with a length of thirty centimeters. The size of hook selected on the basis of live bait.

River fishing

This rigging is similar to the imitation fish in the first place so that the live bait, in both cases, impaled on the hook, freely swim around the pond, attracting the predator. However, there is a difference, and it consists in the fact that the pike fishing on mugs involves cutting and pulling the production from the first seconds of the bite. This tackle used in rivers and confined waters where there is current.

If the river water is too fast, or for some other reason an angler can't go down, in this case, the boat and club will be put on the anchor. To tackle, for example, install water buoy. Through it from the anchor to the circle is a rope with a length that allows you to adjust the diameter of the movement of live bait. The boat is also installed nearby.

Catching pike on mugs on the river is effective in grassy sloughs where there is no possibility to use spinning. Here drive is the best set among Lily pads or other aquatic vegetation: it will remind them. And to fix the circle, as at anchor, it is possible for a branch or bunch of grass sticking out on the surface.

Preparatory work before catching with this gear is the study of the relief of the bottom of the reservoir. For this, it is better to use an echo sounder, although jig probing is also a good idea.

Especially effective for pike on mugs at the lake on the broad reaches, where approximately the same depth. In the spring, after start ice the fish starts spawning, after which she immediately leaves from the spot where the spawns. Most often it is grassy and "snag" areas with little depth. And only a few weeks, this toothy predator is sent to your loved ones rifts and pits. During this period it becomes extremely voracious, and bite almost all day.

Fishing in the summer

Summer production is constantly in motion: it arranges an ambush in the reeds or in holes under the bushes. Its location can be determined by fish trivia, periodically terrified of jumping out of the water. Catching pike on the circle is perfect in the cool autumn days. Although at this time she sinks to a considerable depth, however, it is extremely voracious.

Catching pike on mugs on the lake assumes the existence of mandatory attributes that help to drag the prey into the boat. It's a gaff and landing net, as not to accidentally cut yourself on the sharp fins, the angler will need reinforced gloves.

As bait it is better to use a roach, Rudd, white bream or Rotana. However, the best pike fishing in the circle takes place with such bait fish like roach or crucians. In this method of fishing the weight of the bait should not be more than one hundred grams, and size — about ten inches in length. Experienced "shchukarev" they say that in peatlands or in areas where weak currents, toothy predator bite better on lighter zhivtsov. Not less good "works" and dead bait, we need to cut laterally for the discharge of juice. As the predator swallows the bait whole, in order to retrieve the angler to yourself a must-have and extractor, as well as spare leashes and, of course, hooks.

Technique of fishing

Catching pike on a circle requires no special skills. Once a site is set to tackle. The law permits the use of all five circles for each fisherman. Usually in a boat on the hunt sent two people, so each boats average established by the ten. With circles you need to cut the cord of such length that the bait down to the depth of from half to one and a half meters from the bottom. At the end of the fixed small cork floats. The cord should be entered in the incision located on the outer side of the disk.

After the nozzle crucian and roach circle descends into the water. The distance between the tackle should be from five to ten meters. For mugs you need to follow at a distance without losing them from view. Preferably, the gear were free floating in the direction of movement of the boat.

Special fishing

Catching pike on mugs on a fairly strong current has its own nuances that need to know. For example, to avoid demolition of the tackle, it should be anchoring. For a homemade option, you can use a piece of fishing line, one end tied to mactopia thickening and the cane thickets. If there is a concern that the bait can hide in the Bush, then to the mug you need to tie two pieces of fishing line, tightening them in opposite directions and attached at the base of the pin loop or a wire ring.

Fly fishing large bottom fish with this tackle is good place for colours — wide and long river reaches a depth of four to six meters, or in areas of lakes with shallow waters and calm currents. However, on the trajectory of the circle must necessarily be beloved pike place – the stones or pits as well as submerged trees etc where it prefers to hunt.

At poklevke the disk, the sides of which are painted in different colors, light part flips up and begins to rotate, unwinding the fishing line. Then there is a pause in movement: at this time, the prey takes the bait. After a take pike tries to hide in the shelter, causing the rotation of the circle resumes. At this point the angler must either drag the prey into the boat, or when she begins to resist, to alternate pullups and bleed.

Pulling out

The basic principle for a pike is the following approach: when she gives you'll pick up and Vice versa. And when the predator will get tired and will allow you to bring yourself close to the boat, the angler needs to use a gaff. While hunting in the shallow "live in the grass" circles should move along the aquatic vegetation. In this case, the tactical difference is only in the depth of immersion of bait. In heavily overgrown water surfaces live bait, you have to lower almost at the circle.

The toothed cutting production needs to be strong and sharp, such that the hook is properly pierced her. While small pike have to drag to the boat and podrachivat. Instances bigger need to "podmahivat" under the gills or pelvic fins. Catching pike on mugs – in June or any other season is that the angler constantly watched all the installed gear and have time to react to the bite. Podsekanie and fish production on the same gear should be done very carefully so as not to confuse others.

Coaching in August

In the early summer fishing for this toothy inhabitant of reservoirs is connected with certain difficulties. At this time it is very difficult to catch large specimens. Mostly anglers in June and July caught fish weighing less than one kilogram. But the pike fishing in August on the mug – the present expanse for fans. The fish are biting in the last month of summer without a break, not a hindrance even mild rain. Only heavy rains or other extreme weather conditions can have an impact on the catch.

We must note that in August at different depths the quantity of oxygen is excellent. This is due to the temperature stratification in the water because oxygen not only from air but also from algae that secrete 02  in the light. Fishermen who do not know this nuance lower the live bait below the oxygen deficit limit, and after ten or a maximum of twenty minutes the bait dies.

In addition, the angler need to know how to correctly place the charged circles in order to have time to respond quickly to every bite. Cutting pike have to do resolutely, and fight with the fish stocks to hold patience. You must also bear in mind that to apply more than five circles for each person is prohibited.

Fishing for this toothy prey akin to a sporting competition. And this is especially true of fishing on mugs. Win the hardy, skilful and cold-blooded and fast-decision-making fishermen. Competently selected tactics and knowledge of the characteristics will not only haul, but also a great pleasure.