Catching on the nipple for many Russian regions is traditional fishing. This tackle was developed by L. Beregov. It successfully passed the test and became very popular. The nipple is best suited for fishing on large individuals.Catching on the nipple

Amazing Tackle

Its design, according to professionals, can compete not only with the feeder rod, but also with spinning. The principle by which fish is caught on the nipple is as follows: the feeder is filled with a lure, as well as hooks that are tied to leashes. The most important factor in this case is a competent assembly and proper rigging. Fishermen need to think through all the details, check hooks and leashes.

The nipple for fishing belongs to the bottom types of tackle. She has a bird feeder, which is charged with viscous lure before the beginning of the knife. And privada should be suitable for a specific prey. There also need to insert the hooks sting outward and cover with a bait. For efficiency, some can additionally add worm or styrofoam. There are two variations of tackle: a spring and a cork. The principle of fishing is very similar to a feeder.

Features of fishing for the pacifier

The principle of catching one: mining, sucking food, swallows the sting and at the same time is detected. Experienced anglers say that the most suitable hooks for equipping the nipples are the sixth and eighth numbers. They are sharp enough and strong, and this is very important for installation. For leashes, it is best to take a braided line, which, being soft and supple, will not scare away the fish or alarm it.

Fishing technique

Catching on the nipple begins with a preliminary choice of the place of fishing, which is supposedly the most promising. To do this, you first need to study the relief of the bottom. This is done using a marker float or spinning, equipped with a jig-head. Then preparation begins for the throwing, for example, the installation of supports for fishing rods, securing the alarms, etc. After completing all the preparatory steps, the catch on the nipple itself begins. Fisherman, filling the feeder with a pre-prepared mixture, it remains only to drop the tackle and expect a bite.

Surprisingly high catchability, along with the simplicity of the construction, made the nipple a very popular equipment for the white fish and, of course, trophy carp specimens. The bait, with which the feeder is stuffed, also makes its work confidently. She smells sweet of her prey with "fragrance", attracting her even from considerable distances.

Fishing on the rivers

There is an opinion that catching a nipple on the river does not "go." However, this is not quite true. Based on the experience of many professionals, it's all about the direction of the wind. If it happens to be oncoming, then problems with fishing, as a rule, do not arise, since the weight of the rig itself and the power of the fishing rod do not give sharp impulses cause inconvenience. But when the wind blows from the side, then in this case it is quite possible blowing the fishing line.

In general, catching a pacifier on a river requires an open structure and a large feeder. At the very same donka there should be a heavy bottom, which will be correctly placed on the bottom.

The nipple does not involve fishing for a specific fish. Any peaceful prey can be quite accurately caught on this simple tackle. Nevertheless, the most popular is the catch of crucian carp. On the nipple you can catch very impressive specimens. Carp has always attracted a bait, made of flour, maki and semolina. This tackle can be purchased at a specialized store, however, professionals prefer to do it themselves. Using this device, you can quite effectively dig out a white cupid, rudd. As for a fish like carp, it is considered a great gourmet, so it is necessary to lure it on barley, mango and mixed fodder. It is necessary to pour this mixture with boiling water, wait until it is completely swollen, and then mix. It should be remembered that only as a result of the correct choice of the privates in each specific case will it be possible to have a good catch. In quiet water bodies catching bream on the nipple shows excellent results. Sometimes you can catch even roach with this tackle.

The main factor for fishing this fish with a tackle like a nipple is the consistency of the bait. It should not be too hard and not sticky. The trough is filled with a made privado, and the tackle is sent into the water. Carp fishing on the nipple has its own peculiarities: this fish begins to try the proposed "delicacy" at the base, so hooks with leashes should be located exactly there.

This tackle is considered unsporting. Its meaning lies in the fact that the extraction is independently detected, and it remains for the person to pull it out. Carp, trying to suck food, along with the bait swallows and hooks. After this, trying to leave, due to a sufficiently heavy sinker, it is independently detected. When the feeder is equipped with such a powerful component, the probability of self-intersection significantly increases. This is another advantage of this unsportsmanlike gear.

Using a pacifier, professionals catch quite decent specimens. If you know exactly what kind of fish you want to hunt, you can take care of the smell and taste of porridge beforehand. The carp nipple, which you can buy and in the store, is usually made by professionals with your own hand. It is made from a regular stopper covering the plastic bottle. Tooling is done in various ways. Some use already prepared feeders of a spring variant. They allow you to fill a thick bait fairly tightly. Access to such a bait for carp appears quite free. The only thing that remains for the fisherman is to tie hooks to this bird feeder, put them on a plastic foam ball and hide it all in the lure. When catching a carp on the nipple passes with a structure that has a lower load, the rig is guaranteed to go to the bottom with its heavy part.

Catching on ponds

The advantage of using nipples during fishing on standing water bodies is that the food is delivered directly to the place of fishing - at the most desired point. And a few hooks, aimed at catching a single fish, make this method of fishing very effective. Catching carp on a pacifier or the same carp in such a stagnant pond as a pond is justified by the fact that the bait does not undergo rapid washout, which occurs on the current. This is a very important factor.

In the case when the crucian carp is caught catching the nipple, the feeder lying on the bottom of the pond attracts the prey with a smell, then the fish begins to suck the muffin and necessarily stumbles on the hooks. From sharp movement occurs self-clipping. As a result, the underwater inhabitant densely sits on one of the Donkey stings. At this time, the gate or the nod are activated - bait detectors. At this time, the fisherman is preparing a podsak.

In summer, on the crucian carp

The most catchable for the production of this fish in the summer, especially in July, is the nipple. This is a common dock, consisting of a short two- or three-meter rod, inertial coil, main line with a diameter of 0.2-0.25 millimeters and a length of up to one hundred meters and a special feeder. In addition to these components in the tackle include leashes of fine braids and carp hooks. Harvesting the crucian on the nipple is based on the use of a viscous bait, which fills the feeder. Hooks are hidden in this mixture. Carp is very fond of sucking food from the bottom. In this case, the hooks themselves are in the mouth of the fish. To prevent numerous gatherings and empty bites, which are not uncommon in fishing, it is not worth saving. Hooks must be "hooked" and, most importantly, sharp.

Such equipment was invented after a long study of the carp's habits. That is why the nipple in anglers is admired not only for its catchability, but also for its ingenious simplicity. It takes into account all the nuances. Many people like the nipple because a small fish can not come across it. This circumstance positively affects the quality of the catch, as it is not so easy to catch the carp.

Summer fishing for wild carp

In order to catch this carp representative, you do not need to buy a pacifier in the store. You can make it yourself. To do this, you need a metal spring, which must be tightly fixed in a lead base. The sinker uses a different weight.It serves to ensure that during the fall to the bottom the feeder always remains hooked upwards. To equip this gear with carp, it will also require a braid and a silicone stopper, as well as a swivel and two carp stings. The most important thing is for the feeder to be heavy and, as a consequence, the carp, sucking in the hook, was notched. The technique of dipping on the nipple is the same for all fish.