More recently, the fishers believed that fishing for bream in the summer – a vain idea. But today everything has changed. Fishing snap has become so perfect that, on the contrary, in the heat of summer, since July, there comes the best time for fishing for this fish when you can catch even testicularly a specimen having a length of eighty inches. In most cases, anglers are content to pound catches.

The bream fishing in the summer

Where to fish

Those who are tempted by the bream fishing in the summer should not only be properly selected snap-in, but to be well informed about the habits of the prey. First and foremost, you need to choose the right area for fishing. Being schooling fish, bream is constantly moving the water from one feeding to another. It is most common in rivers where the stream is slow, and in large ponds and lakes with sandy and clay bottom.

Bream likes a sloping pit, settling somewhere in the middle of the slopes. Most accurately find the place where hides this fish, it is possible only with the help of sonar, however, if such a device is not at hand, the bottom can fathom using cord and weights, going deep into the water on the boat. At the same time and you can lure the prey to remain discovered. Sometimes at night dawn the fish itself floats to the surface and showing a back with a kick tail is at a depth, blowing bubbles.

The bream fishing in July-August for spinning from the shore implies the use of a feeder with a large grid. The lure is as follows: first, select a landmark. Then to the place of fishing is delivered a blank feeder, and stopped fishing line on the spool. After this is done for five or six casts with the bait. It does not need much RAM. Allowing the feeder to reach the bottom, is cutting to the lure left on the bottom.

Thus it is necessary to know the measure because overdoing can ruin it. Because the problem of bait is to feed prey, but only to draw her. Today, the store features a huge selection of mixes for bream. Since this fish is a Carp, you need to bait consisted of all familiar to bream ingredients, and she was a light-yellowish color.

Porridge for bait with your hands

If someone is uncomfortable to buy a mix at the store, he can make it himself at home. The main ingredients of this "food" which fishers are known in cereals, corn grits are very finely ground and millet, which are filled into the boiling water. The water should be two times more than cereals. The mixture is then cooked until soft, so that the millet did not seethe. Porridge need to stir constantly, to not burnt. On the pond just before fishing, adds a handful of bait. It could be a moth or maggot. Anglers sometimes add chopped rainwater or manure worms. You need to mix only the upper layer of the mixture, adding the bait for the consumption.

Fishing for bream in the summer, if conditions permit of the pond, it is better to use a float option with a deaf snap. This tackle has the maximum sensitivity and simplicity. However, it must meet two very important requirements: to be lightweight and durable. Fishing line on the float tackle fishing for bream in the summer should have a thickness of no more than 0,2-0,25 mm. The leash need to take a thickness of 0.15 mm. Avid lestnica say that this fish is better suited not teardrop shaped, and the elongated leash.

All these features of equipment needed in order to better see quite a cautious bite of this representative of the carp family. Float better balance multiple loads by three or four pellets and small – on a leash, to ten inches from the hook.

No less common and catching bream to donku. The technique of fishing with this type of tackle is no different from similar fishing of other carps.

Summer rod for bream using a variety of. The choice depends primarily on the conditions of fishing. This fishing almost all existing float rod pin types, or a simple match by Bolognese rod. The bream fishing on the river at low flow is best is in the wiring.
Hooks are chosen depending on the nozzle. For a bunch of earthworms or bloodworms is better to use black or red options with a long forearm. Today ledovye hooks are available from many reputable manufacturers. Size does not need to choose too small: it often leads to a descent.

What to catch

The bream fishing in July-August suggests the bait of animal origin. Is worms, maggots or bloodworm. If we talk about the plant tips, it is worth noting barley, mastyrka, peas and corn. Good work and combined baits: worm plus mixture. To them experienced anglers often add and fragrant dough which performs two functions: it creates a cloud and smell.

Boat ride

Very often to find good places for fishing from the shore is not possible. For example, in many lakes the most promising areas in order to catch a big fish, are those that are located a hundred metres deep. In this case, the most optimal is the bream fishing from a boat. The main feature of this fishing is a correct statement of the watercraft. Better if the boat is deployed sideways to the point of fishing. The wind needs to blow in the back, to avoid any issues when holding the snap in this place.

The bream fishing from a boat involves the use of two anchors full length. The length of the rope should be at least one and a half times greater than the depth at the fishing spot. Experienced professionals do not suggest using nylon twisted wire option because it is highly stretched, and therefore the boat would be to talk and drive around. The best fishing for bream with boats suitable parachute webbing.

The bream fishing in the summer are very effective from a boat on the ring. It is especially successful in reservoirs with a small current. Although its effectiveness angling for a ring, according to professionals, is superior to all other methods of fishing, however, many the way to not like at least due to the fact that production alone sits on the hook without hooking. The success of this method depends on three factors: viscosity of the mixture, and the installation location of the boat and the length of the leash.

Tips experienced veterans

Professionals say that while angling you need to constantly monitor the dynamics of the bite. If after three or four caught bream biting stops, you should throw a few balls with the bait. This trick may again attract the attention of prey. The bream fishing in the summer for many ends production of fairly large instances. But you need to know some secrets, without which you can return home with an empty SADC. First, hooking fish, you should immediately take it away from the lure, otherwise it will peretolmachit the whole pack, and the next bite will be. And even numerous balls with bait, even the most fragrant, return the joint to their former positions.

It is known that bream is one of the most careful inhabitants of reservoirs. So behave on the fishing it is very quiet. You need to strike only when the float falls on the side. In addition, in order for fishing to be effective, it is necessary to consider the weather. Bream does not like rain or strong wind.