Practical Germans once thought that in my entire life of a person makes about 200 pairs of jeans. And it would be too wasteful to just throw them in the trash. All mistresses know that denim is a great raw material for patchwork. That this patchwork of jeans and what are its characteristics, describe in our article. Here, a detailed look at how to make a blanket, Mat or bag from pieces of denim.

Patchwork jeans, patchwork or for the budget conscious

Quilting, or patchwork, is a type of needlework in which due to bridging of the individual pieces of fabric can produce a new product. Surprisingly, this technique was used almost at the same time in different parts of the world. Apparently, the need to use remaining after the cutting of the pieces has always existed. Amazing costumes, rugs and bedspreads made from rags, are still kept in different museums around the world. The word patchwork with the English language and is translated as "blanket sewn from scraps of fabric".

Patchwork jeans with his hands

But quilting involves the use not so many new pieces of fabric, as the disposal of old things. A leader among fabrics for patchwork is cotton and all products made from it, including jeans.

Why is it?

Almost we all have old jeans that and throw a pity, and to wear a completely do not want. But why should they? Why not use sewing old Bathrobe or bed linen? Patchwork of jeans has a number of advantages over the patchwork with other fabrics, since this material:

  • natural and hypoallergenic, made of cotton threads
  • does not crumble when cutting, so it is convenient to work
  • it has attractive appearance, a variety of textures and finishes
  • it has high breathability and hygroscopicity
  • not crushed.

In addition, denim is highly durable, so the products can last for years, withstanding numerous washing.

Interesting ideas for patchwork jeans

If jeans which are in a more or less normal state, you can make another skirt for yourself or a child or a stylish bag, the product with the holes for these purposes is unlikely to be suitable. Better to rip it at the seams and prepare small patches of cloth needed to manufacture things in the technique of “patchwork”.

Patchwork jeans has an inexhaustible number of ideas:

  • home: bedspreads and blankets, padded seat for stools and Ottomans, cushions, bags and cosmetic bags, Slippers, covers for sofas and chairs, tablets and phones, covers for books and notebooks, and more
  • for cottages: the tent for the kids to play, hammock, shower curtain, upholstery for old furniture, carpet, etc.
  • for themselves and their children: a home clothes, baby dresses and tunics made of scraps, etc.
  • for animals: overalls for walks, upholstery for a house pet and a carrying bag.

To translate these ideas using the available tools and materials.

Patchwork from old jeans for beginners: tools and materials

Let's say you have an old pair of jeans and a great desire to make something interesting. But more than inspiration in this case will not be enough because you'll need special tools. So, patchwork from old jeans involves the use of the following materials and tools:

  • Some old pants, preferably of different colors.
  • A piece of fabric for the lining (back side). It is advisable to choose natural materials such as cotton or wool. They are just like jeans, are hypoallergenic and comfortable to the skin.
  • Needle and thread of different colours: denim tone fabric and contrasting with it.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Pattern of paper.
  • Scissors, metal ruler and chalk for marking on fabric.

Before you begin to work, the jeans need to be washed. Then use the paper patterns to transfer to fabric layout and cut pieces of fabric in the shape of a square or any other. After all preparations you can start sewing.

Patchwork of jeans: bedspread step-by-step description

Most needlewomen, their familiarity with the technique of “patchwork” started with sewing patchwork blankets. In their manufacture is not difficult, but step by step description to perform the work will be difficult. Patchwork from jeans involves the following sequence of actions:

  • To prepare the 64 square of denim with sides of 22 cm each (20 cm square and 1 cm bleeds on each side).
  • With the help of the sewing machine gradually sew all the squares together, not forgetting that the seam allowance is 1 cm, and the number of squares on each side – 8 pieces.
  • To resaturate seams on the reverse side in different directions.
  • To prepare lining material with sides of 160 cm, not forgetting to add 1cm of the allowances.
  • To connect the patchwork fabric with the lining fabric inside out. Sew products, leaving one side "pockets" measuring approximately 20 cm in order to remove the veil.
  • Make a few decorative stitches on the front side of the product, and also to firmly connect the lining fabric with denim.

Sewing bags from old jeans

Original and stylish look handbags, made in the style of “patchwork”. But their main advantage is that they are also very practical. This bag is convenient to take along on a walk, to the grocery store or to the beach. It all depends on the size and density of the fabric.

Sewing bags made of jeans is made in the following sequence:

  • To draw a sketch of bag on paper.
  • Cut from old jeans and another suitable color and texture of the fabric circles or squares in accordance with the sketch. Prepare pens and other items of a product.
  • All the details are connected by special dressmakers pins, and then worn down on the sewing machine. The bag handles are sewn.
  • The front side of the product is decorated with beads and other elements.

Denim rugs

Blankets and bags are made from old jeans more often than other products. But it would have been too easy if it is limited patchwork of jeans. Mats of recyclable old things can still serve faithfully for one year and also become a worthy decoration of the interior hallway.

All the steps for cutting and sewing are similar to the manufacture of bedspreads. Depending on the sketch, the shape of patches can be very different: circles, triangles, diagonal stripes or trapezoidal pieces of fabric. Ideas for experiments in this case will be enough.

Pillows made from jeans

If you have mastered the technique of making curtains from jeans, don't forget to complement set a beautiful and comfortable pillow. In order to sew, you will need the fabric, matching color with the bedspread or blanket. But the size of the flaps it is desirable to reduce as small cushion on one side of which is placed just 4 square, looks less attractive than the 8 or 16 pieces. Lining fabric for the cushion is not used, but additionally may need lightning in that case, if the jeans are sewn from is not a pillow-case and pillow case that is more practical and hygienic.