Today we can confidently say that Loewe is the most extraordinary and stylish perfume designer. To see this, it is enough just to feel the fragrance of his creations. These smells are designed for confident people who are firmly moving towards their goal.

The history of the creation of perfumes

“Loewe” is a premium fragrance. They embody the very elegance and luxury, the highest quality, the creation of a real master - Loewe, who became famous in 1846. Hailing spirits from Spain. In Russia, their popularity came in 2007. The most famous shops and boutiques compete for the right to represent this perfume. Batches are issued in a small amount. To get yourself a bottle of amazing aroma, you need to sweat a lot!

At first Loewe (perfume) was called AGUA de Loewe. In the sale they were released in 1972. Their sexuality and passion immediately conquered men and women, their distinguishing feature was an extraordinary nobility. Loewe - perfumes that from the very beginning enjoyed crazy popularity. Every noble lady wanted to get them. The successful premiere was followed by female and male perfume duets called AGUA DE LOEWE for her and AGUA DE LOEWE for him. They differed flower and fruit aromas.

What buyer are Loewe perfumes designed for?

Perfume is made by a company that greatly values ​​its customers. And her stakes are on the respect and trust of her fans. Loewe - perfumes that reflect the soul of the female image, each fragrance is fully consistent with the thoughts, mood and feelings of their mistress.

Loewe fragrances are not only expensive accessories, they release your sensuality, charm and charm. The main features of this brand of perfumery are femininity, elegance and saturation. Aroma is designed for both young coquettish girls and luxurious ladies.

Men's perfume series

For active and self-confident people, Loewe is the perfect choice. Perfume for men is not inferior to women. Many manufacturers claim that they add pheromones to their fragrances. But, perhaps, only these spirits are able to turn the head to the opposite sex. They give confidence to their master and allow him to reveal in all its glory.

These are fragrances for men who are not afraid to experiment. These perfumes are more restrained and have almost no floral notes. Unisex is not peculiar to this brand. Men's odors have a woody, mossy, tart-grassy notes. There are no artificial elements in them. In contact with the skin of men, they practically do not change their flavor, which is typical for women's perfumes.

Perfume price

Almost everyone can afford to buy Loewe fragrance. Spirits, the price of which varies within 5 thousand rubles, will be a good helper in achieving goals in the modern world. Perfume of the highest quality and are elite perfumes. The trouble is different - a small amount of products does not allow at any time to get the perfume you like.

Variety of aromas

A huge number of flavors provides this brand. Both men and women can pick exactly those notes that suit them.

From the variety can be distinguished such perfume as: Loewe AURA magnetica, Loewe Aire Loco, Loewe I Loewe YOU, Loewe Aqua De Ella, Loewe Aire Sensual, Loewe Quizas Seduccion, Loewe Aire Evasion.

New 2015

This year, Loewe pleased his admirers with a new scent. It will go on sale in a green bottle with a smell from the Aire series called Loewe Aire Evasion. Its fragrance is associated with spring, sometimes with all the nature waking up and beginning to smell fragrant. He wants to inhale and inhale like fresh air. This is the smell of flowers and fruits. The purpose of the perfumers was to awaken in a woman the feeling of merging with nature and a sense of complete freedom. The fragrance sounds very elegant and feminine.

Top notes have a bitter orange flavor combined with sweet apple, white peach and tea. After a while the aroma of petals of tuberose is revealed.

Perfume Loewe: customer reviews

Loewe Quizas Sed is said to perfume that they conquer with their fullness, beckons the completeness of the fragrance. He gives a feeling of complete satisfaction. Usually, customers like it as a bottle. It has an elegant and elegant black color and a beautiful round shape.

The name of these spirits can be translated as "seduction" or "the ability to seduce." They instill the belief that everything you desire will come true and that everything in life is wonderful!

Loewe AURA magnetic fragrance is ideal for those who love the scent of citruses in combination with jasmine. When a woman walks down the street, there is a train behind her that attracts with its femininity and tenderness. Perfume usually like all interesting flacons of golden hue. It has an ellipsoidal shape and a simple beautiful design. The highlight is the insert made of leather with the name of the perfume.

This fragrance is suitable for all occasions. It can be used to go to work, to the cinema, to a date, and wherever you go. He is always in place. Unobtrusive and very gentle. And in the winter and summer, he will not annoy anyone. It is an aroma of freshness and warmth. Somewhere in half an hour after application, jasmine notes are revealed.