The boat "Ob" is an excellent tool for fishing, walking. If necessary, the motorized vessel can be used to participate in sports competitions. The floating craft is notable for low weight, good maneuverability, unpretentious maintenance, no need to create special conditions for storage in the off-season.

Distinctive features

Boat What is the Ob boat? Photos of individual models of the popular series of domestic boats can be seen in this material. The vessel has a swirling bottom, aft, narrowed at the transom, high cheekbone. The onboard part of the boat contains boutiques that contribute to the improvement of sustainability.

The total volume of the nasal compartment is about 200 liters. The latter is absolutely sealed, which allows the boat to stay on the water even when exposed to the most severe weather conditions.

About the manufacturer

The boat "Ob" is the development of the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Serial production of boats started in the distant 1967 and continues to this day.

Despite the rather impressive dimensions, the Ob boat is widely used by avid hunters and fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, navigational inspectors, and fishery supervisors.

More than ten times a series of watercrafts from a domestic manufacturer was included in the list of winners of all-union competitions for overcoming difficult distances in harsh conditions. According to the results of the competitions, the Novosibirsk Plant repeatedly managed to win a prize in the category “The Most Popular Boat”, since the floating craft often constituted the bulk of the ships that participated in the swims.

After the first motor boat "Ob" left the assembly line, the designers immediately began to improve the series of swimming vehicles. The emergence of new solutions has led to the release of more comfortable models that are popular even today.

The hull of the vessel is made in the form of duralumin sheets, connected with rivets. Sealing the boat is realized through the use of rubber seals with putty.

The body is assembled from several separate sections. The connection of the latter with the lower part of the structure is carried out in a special conductor. Upon completion of the riveting of the joints around the perimeter of the skin, a transom is installed on the boat.

The design of the case is carried out with the use of productive pressing equipment, which provides the possibility of cold riveting. Press riveting is about 60-70% of all work carried out during the production process.

Despite the high-quality assembly and reliable insulation of the joints, the hulls of this series of vessels are largely subject to divergence. Therefore, to ensure long service life of the boat needs regular maintenance.


The boat "Ob" contains the following components:

  • stern trunk;
  • lockers on the front panel;
  • soft removable seats;
  • nests for tensioning protective tent;
  • luggage compartment nasal compartment.

Like most popular models of motor boats of domestic production, "Ob" is different layout of the automotive type. The steering elements are located closer to the left side. Directly in front of the control panel is a sofa. The two-section windshield contributes to effective protection of the crew against water splashes and headwinds.

Boat "Ob" - characteristics

The standard series of domestic watercraft is distinguished by the following technical characteristics:

  • body length - 4.3 m;
  • width - 1.56 m;
  • side height - 0.67 m;
  • maximum load capacity - 400 kg;
  • capacity - up to four passengers;
  • weight - 185 kg.

Nautical qualities

A series of motorized boats has excellent stability on the water. Boats from domestic manufacturers have the ideal ability to enter the wave. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the peak of popularity the ship was one of the best solutions in terms of seaworthiness of all the available options in its class.