Sonnik Miller

This famous psychologist found the answers to many questions associated with sleep. He claims that the snow in a dream portends future trouble. In this way everything connected with this phenomenon of nature, acquires a negative connotation. Snow storm – to the vain hopes, the large flakes seen in the window, – to quarrel with a sweetheart, playing snowballs – uncompromising lawsuit with the relatives. If hibernate tried the snow in the dream, it means that he expects a strong disappointment, a total collapse of ideals.

Scary to think what dream about snow in summer at Miller. However, all is not so sad. It turns out, melting snowflakes in his opinion, foreshadow an unexpected pleasure. So the snow that falls in the summer, symbolizes the vain fears and fears sleeping that quickly dissipate under the influence of positive impressions. Even if the snow in summer in the dream melted – nothing to worry about. Snowy landscape, illumined by the sun – a very good omen in a dream. She promises the dreamer good luck and success in all endeavors. What is the logic? Probably, that under the influence of solar heat snow sooner or later melts. So, all the possible troubles in my life sleeping away soon.

Russian folk dream interpretation

Of course, the Russian dream book needs to be a lot of variations on the theme, what dreams snow. Summer or winter – what's the difference? Our weather conditions do not depend on the time of year in reality, to say nothing about them in my sleep! And indeed, our countrymen no surprise. And yet this source has a direct reference to what you dream about snow in summer in the dream. The spectacle of a heavy snowfall falling on the not yet faded greens, promises a dreamer some kind of a pleasant surprise. This weather phenomenon, in General, portends sleeping some surprise, and rather negative. The canvas of untouched snow in the dream tells about the ruin of his hopes and plans. To sculpt a snowman in a dream means sign of its impotence before fate, in reality, etc. Only summer snow sleeping promises a pleasant change in life. It remains only to wait for them to come.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This source directly stating what dream of snow in winter. It turns out that this dream means nothing. It is a natural phenomenon for people who have snow all the time in front of the eyes. But the question is, what dream snow in the summer, the answer given is disappointing. Usually such a dream entails losses, damages, monetary lawsuits, and other problems. And a lot depends on where is the snow in the dream. To see him already fallen, and even to walk barefoot on it – to material losses. But the snowflakes falling on the shoulders, portend good news and success in all Affairs. It turns out that to see the snow, not managed to fly to the ground – a good sign, but lying under the feet – on the contrary.

In addition, this phenomenon of nature in a dream to predict the weather. In summer it presages a storm, and in winter, rain or heat.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

The great expert on the psychology of sleep this time unoriginal. Loff, believes that the snow in the dream symbolizes deception and surprise. Plain, completely covered with snow, says an insurmountable obstacle in the life of the sleeper. Playing in the snow means to feel the reality of the lack of time and opportunities for implementation of the plan. Only in the warm time of the year the dream entails positive changes in life, according to this dream book. What dreams of snow in summer? To the pleasant surprise! Who will arrange this surprise, we can understand from the details of the dream.

Dream housewife

In this source all a bit confusing. Heavy snowfall is dreaming about big change. If the wind is blowing, so ahead of sleeping are obstacles in love. About deep snow it is said that they dream to success and great happiness. But to move through them to a traumatic situation with loved ones or friends, and fall in them to unexpected difficulties. It turns out that in deep snow it is better to watch from the side, close not closer. The exception is the ski trip in the dream. It portends a vacation with friends.

What dreams of snow in summer outside the window in this dream? Unexpected and incredible events in life. So mobilize and get ready for any change in fortunes.

Dream Interpretation Freud

It is always interesting to study that original dream. What dreams of snow in summer, according to Freud? Of course, he represents the sexy possibilities of sleeping, is a symbol of fertilization and ejaculation. For a man to fall in sleep under the snow, so sign of his tendency to self-empowerment. The woman, who saw a similar dream, probably soon to be mother. Shelter from the snowflakes for men it means to experience the reality of the problems with potency, and for women to fear unwanted pregnancy. Landscapes covered with thick snow cover, saying that together the couple dream to have a baby and with all thy soul aspire to it. If they dream of such a dream, it means that they are close to success.

Esoteric dream book

As to what you dream of white snow in summer, in most sources the answer is obvious – to the deep and strong feelings, success, great happiness. Only the esoteric dream book suggests that white can represent the hospital, and sleeping will soon have to spend in hospital. If in the dream are strangers, whose illness will affect the dreamer indirectly. Interestingly, grey and dirty melting snow represents this dream interpretation recovery. To play snowballs, sculpt a snowman – various lung diseases, colds, sore throat. In General, this weather phenomenon – a symbol of the disease. The bigger it is in the dream, the greater will be your health problems.

Dream Interpretation Longo

This interpreter has their own opinion about what you dream of white snow in summer. Longo believes that this dream any time of the year warns of danger. Specifically about deception, and the people closest to you. Excessive credulity, vulnerability to future betrayal symbolizes the snow in deciphering this dream. But if the time to take action, the trouble will bypass you party. Should just get accustomed to their surroundings and to be very careful in their words and actions.

The days of the week

It is well known that the meaning of dreams can depend on what time it is you dreamed. From this point of view, the answer to the question “why dream about snow in summer in my dream?” may depend on the days of the week.

  • In the night from Sunday to Monday — to the short-lived success.
  • In the night from Monday to Tuesday — to the satisfaction of their own success.
  • On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday - to a little disappointment.
  • In the night from Wednesday to Thursday — to the future detriment.
  • In the night from Thursday to Friday to drive long distances.
  • In the night from Friday to Saturday — to wealth.
  • On Saturday night on Sunday - to bankruptcy.