Surprisingly, it is now fashionable to be a cynic. This person is respected by others, trying to show the triumph of the mind and vision. He positions himself as if he deeply understands the essence of what is happening and is far from naive. But the result of communicating with him is an unpleasant feeling and sediment in the soul. The interviewer may not know who the cynic is and be exposed to this intelligent-looking person. How not to feel like a child who believes in fairy tales is described in the article.

Cynicism - denial of ethics and morality

Cynics (progenitors of cynics) appeared in the 4th century BC. Philosophically-minded individuals, who despised conventions and tried to simplify everything as much as possible, referred to them. These people rejected the traditions that existed in society and sought to live naturally, believing that goodness and purity are rooted in illiteracy.

Gradually, a personality like the modern "cynic" emerged. The definition of a concept consists in demonstrative disregard of ethical and moral norms. Such a person rejects the qualities:

His task is to find a low motivation for any act. For him is unacceptable everything related to spiritual growth and development. He is convinced that

  • Love is sex or money.
  • Sympathy - the desire to show ostentatious nobility.
  • Friendship - the desire to achieve rapid career growth.

He rudely scoffs at other people's feelings.

Personality rejecting common values

Frustrated people

Cynics become after life difficulties and failures. The more of them, the harder it is for a person to recover and begin to see everything in bright colors. He has broken childhood dreams and youthful ideals. A person cannot establish himself in a new world for himself and find values ​​again. Therefore, he denies everything he once valued, does not care about the ability of other people to believe in something good.

To the question: “Who is a cynic?” - you can also answer that this is a proud man who is not able to admit his own mistakes. People of this type are looking for reasons for failures in friends and the imperfections of the world. Cynicism is often inherent in adolescents, being a concomitant factor in personal change. In this capacity, one manifests the desire to protect oneself from a world that seems unfriendly and hostile to them. One person in the process of growing up manages to get out of cynicism, but someone remains so for life.

Black humor lovers

Cynic can be called a man who loves films about murder and sadism. Being behind the wheel, he may well wish passers-by torn hands and feet, or falling under the car. Cynicism in such a manifestation is completely harmless, but it is capable of very insulting a sensitive person.

These people believe that rude jokes of this kind are just a fun part of the conversation. They do not understand that only highly developed people can afford black humor in its true manifestation. Because only he is able to make a joke successfully, caustically and not hurt anyone's feelings. Oddly enough, to the question: “Who is a cynic?” - you can answer that this person does not confuse reality with the invented world. He is still able to help an old woman carry a heavy bag or file a cripple near the church.

Cynic and Romantic - different people

Women occasionally fall in love with men who consider all the attributes of expressing deep feelings to be something ostentatious and not real. And annoyed by valentines, does not believe in the significance of red roses, says a few cynic compliments. Romantic, on the contrary, beautifully cares and does not skimp on the banal red roses and chanting about the beauty of the chosen one. Cynic believes that true love has nothing to do with such vulgarity, like verses in SMS and other nonsense.

And in fact, this extremely restrained man should try to see the beauty surrounding him. Everywhere he tries to find the maximum number of imperfect factors. Although it should be understood that to think so is simply not rational. It is necessary to stop focusing on the fact that once the expectations were very high, but nothing happened. But if a cynic fails to do this on his own, he needs help.

What is healthy cynicism?

People can smoothly treat the sentences of the series to participate in lotteries, to avoid Gypsies and beggars, weak trust charitable funds. Ordinary people are surrounded by many above, which also include deliberate steps savvy marketers. But who is the cynic, not a man who sees the true state of things? He simply will not allow anyone to profit at his expense. And call him unfeeling impossible, because this behavior is a correct response to the trap. But really a manifestation of indifference to others – this is a form of contempt.

Although the male cynic is quite capable of feeling good feelings with a distrustful attitude towards everything. After all, to be used and to offer help yourself are two different things. Although here in New York, when a person becomes ill on the street, he is only bypassed. This is done to survive and not to be deceived by fraudsters. And even a grandmother, who fell because she did not reach the hospital, can be suspicious.

That is, a cynic is a person who is not easy to communicate with. After all, the identity of such a warehouse is engaged in the devaluation of high standards. It is preferable to avoid its societies if there is no internal reserve capable of opposition.