Russia has long been famous for its unique people. Many of them have made an invaluable contribution to the development of sciences, forever perpetuating their names. One of them is Lev Lurye. His activities are closely connected with the history of Russia, in particular, with St. Petersburg. He was repeatedly nominated for the Golden Pen Award for his services in journalism.

The beginning of the way

Lev Lurie - historian, journalist, writer

Historian Lev Lurie was born in 1950 on April 19 in St. Petersburg, then the city was called Leningrad. His father was a famous historian - Jacob Lurie. His mother - Ganelina Irina Efimovna founded the first resuscitation in cardiology in the country. She was a doctor of medical sciences. Grandfather Lew Lurie was also a famous person - Lev Solomonovich Lurie was recognized in philology.

The boy finished school in 1967. He studied at the school number 30. The school was biased in the exact sciences, mathematics and physics. Enrolled in the Leningrad State University at the Faculty of Economics. For a year he was dismissed from the full-time department because of the drafting of a draft political leaflet. This time Lev Lurie worked as a milling machine at the plant.

First working successes

After graduating from the university, Leo decided to link his life with art. Therefore, he hired to work as a guide in the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. There he also conducted scientific work. Curated the exhibition "The Old Petersburg Side" and "Petersburg of the times of Lomonosov." All this time Lev Lurye conducted an active scientific work. As a result, she defended her thesis on "Factors of Leadership in the Russian Liberation Movement" and received the title of Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Own brainchild

Discussion about the form of school education lasts from ancient times. Despite all educational reforms, more and more people considered the pre-revolutionary school to be more effective. Therefore, in 1989, Lev Lurie, along with his comrades, created his own gymnasium. The St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium No. 610 was based on pre-revolutionary educational standards. Therefore, the introduction of such subjects as Latin, Ancient Greek, plus modern foreign languages ​​(English and German) can be considered innovative. In addition to a certain set of educational subjects, the training system itself has undergone changes. The key moment was the desire to teach children to learn. It was for this purpose that such subjects as Latin and the ancient Greek language were introduced - they perfectly developed analytical skills.

For a long time Lev Lurie was the director of studies and a history teacher at the gymnasium. Now he is Deputy Director for External Relations.

Travel abroad

The historian conducted active teaching activities not only at home. After the collapse of the USSR, in 1991 he was invited to work in an American college. He actively spoke throughout the country as a teacher of Russian history. He returned to Russia only in 1993.

Characteristics of personality

One can say with certainty that the historian Lev Lurie, whose books have become classics for several generations of people, is a unique person. His main achievement is that he was able to show St. Petersburg from ordinary people. In his narratives, a different face of a pre-revolutionary city was revealed: with transport, hooligans, fights. He knew about this period as much as the information about modern Petersburg does not know.

Writer and journalist

Over time, Lev Lurie linked his activities with journalism and writing books. He immediately gained recognition among the many citizens of St. Petersburg with his wit and an enviable mind. His historical articles were published in such reputable publications as Ogonek and Delovoy Peterburg. Actively conducted the transfer to the radio "Echo". He was the director of documentary broadcasting in "Petersburg - the Fifth Channel".

Leo Lurie is also successful in his personal life. Married, married, has two children - Daniel's son and daughter Sophia. He prefers to protect his family from the encroachments of journalists and does not tell them once more about them.

He repeatedly received awards of different scale. For example, for many works on the history of St. Petersburg in 2005, he became the winner of the Antsifirovskaya Prize. And in 2009 received the "Golden Pen" for his work as a journalist.

Despite the popularity and recognition, not all are positive about Leo Lurie. But the historian does not interfere with active educational activities, participate in the life of television and write articles. In his "House of Culture", the guide is guided by a unique program. Leo actively monitors the renovation of St. Petersburg and participates in its development.