The wardrobe of any woman fills a huge number of dresses, skirts and other items of clothing that help to emphasize the individuality of the image. Last but not least play this sundresses, which can be both light and airy, and elegant evening. Owners of magnificent forms such outfits will help to divert attention from the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure, will create a unique summer look and will give confidence in their irresistible.

The choice of dress for the full woman

Currently, many designers and fashion designers are working to create clothes for women of large sizes. And models of summer sundresses for overweight women, created by them, help to divert attention from excessive roundness. There are several key rules to consider when buying a summer dress.

First of all, a large woman should stick to simplicity and elegance in style. Large and catchy details sundress attract too much attention to themselves and emphasize completeness. Perfectly look semi-adjacent models, without cutting parts in the center, because they make a woman even better. Sundress with a low waistline will help correct the flaws in girls with a figure like an apple.

For lovers of flare fit styles summer sundresses for obese women with a high waistline, which will help to emphasize the chest, hide the abdomen and hips. The material for such a dress should be light and flowing, for example, silk or chiffon. Thin straps that will create additional folds on the skin should be avoided.

Particular attention should be paid to the length of the sundress, it definitely should not be a mini. The best option would be to knee-length, which will emphasize the beauty of the legs. Sundresses with a length of floor pull out the silhouette and give harmony to pyshechkam. This style became the absolute trend of the season and won the hearts of millions of fashionistas.

Summer sundresses in floor length

Summer sundresses for obese women, whose photos show all the charm of such models, should be created from light fabrics, the most suitable for this is chiffon, because this material pleasantly bends the bends, and at the same time hides the excess weight behind the air folds. This fabric will allow you to create a magical feminine image, and even pregnant women can afford to wear a model with a high waistline.

You can choose any color of chiffon sundress, while stylists recommend not to limit your imagination, because in summer clothes allow you to hide flaws with bright and colorful prints and drawings. Interesting and unusual looks summer dress with a floral pattern of several shades. It is advisable to use larger and brighter patterns in places that need to be highlighted, and to hide the disadvantages behind fabrics of subtle shades.

Office option summer sundress

Office summer sundresses for obese women should not only be light, but also be seasoned according to all the rules of the dress code. The ideal option would be a dress with a floor length, with a corset top, emphasizing the chest. It is desirable to choose a skirt flared, hiding the massive hips, and for the office option fit the bottom of the corrugation or pleated, which emphasize the seriousness and severity of women.

If the dress has open shoulders, then they should be hidden with a cape in tone or with a light openwork bolero. Office sundress should not have frivolous ruffles, folds, bows or sleeves-lanterns. Coloring is better to choose not very catchy, but you should not wear a non-ordinary dress, because in summer you can afford a small riot of colors.

Evening models

Any woman needs to have a summer evening outfit, because it is this season that cafes or restaurants are most often visited, and lush events are held. Evening dress should be made of quality material, satin and lace are more relevant here than ever. Models with an open back will help to attract attention and emphasize the natural attractiveness and femininity. It is better to choose styles with high waists, smoothly flared to the bottom.

Summer sundresses for obese women strapless will suit the owners of beautiful hands and elegant neck. This style focuses on the pomp of the chest and distracts attention from the massiveness of the hips. But evening sundresses should not be overloaded with decor that increases completeness. The right choice of accessories and high-heeled sandals will add solemnity and extravagance to the image.

Casual sundresses

In summer, clothes made of natural materials, such as silk, cotton or flax, are especially relevant. Do not be afraid that these fabrics are crumpled quite easily, because at the peak of popularity are clothes with a thrash effect. The wardrobe of any woman can not do without a denim sundress, which can be worn both separately and complete with a top or tank top.Summer sundresses for obese women from jeans have not only strength, but also lightness, which does not create inconvenience even on very hot days. At the same time you can wear a denim sundress with any shoes. This wardrobe item is a great choice for every day.

Summer sundresses for obese women, made by hand

Many women have difficulty buying a dress that fits exactly on the figure. In this case, you can try to become a designer and create a unique outfit with your own hands. Before you start sewing, you need to stock up with all the necessary materials and take the right measurements. Pattern summer sundress for obese women should not be very difficult, especially if there is no skill in tailoring.

Unusual model dresses can be sewn for half an hour. To do this, take a piece of fabric, chintz, better, and fold in half. Next, you should draw a quarter of a circle with a diameter of 150 cm. Stepping back 10 cm from the top, cut the neck. Such details need to do two. Then sew them together, leaving 27 cm on the armholes. Then we tuck the seams and edges and stitch.

The neckline is sheathed with two pieces of fabric to make a drawstring. From the strip with a width of 6 and a length of 80 cm, we make a string, for this we fold it in half and sew it, then stretch it through the drawstring and fasten it. It remains only to smooth out a sundress.This outfit can be worn both separately and with a beautiful belt. Pattern summer sundress for obese women may be more difficult, but in order to get to sew a more difficult structure, you must have experience in sewing clothes.

Sundresses - the best summer clothes for obese women

For any woman, regardless of age and weight, it is always important to look attractive and interesting, and summer sundresses for overweight women will help to easily cope with this task.A variety of models emphasize femininity, while easily helping to hide the excessive massiveness of volumes, most importantly when choosing a sundress to be guided by their own preferences and common sense. Summer is the time when you should forget about black and put on a bright and unforgettable outfit that will easily add a highlight to a fashionista and help you look great in any situation.