Summer suits are very popular among fashionistas, regardless of physique. The fact is that such outfits are created in most cases from natural materials, allowing to enjoy the sun and warmth and not suffer from discomfort in the heat. Another advantage of suits is that the individual elements of the ensemble can be worn together with other clothing. There is a huge variety of options for summer suit, and sometimes it is really hard to choose. In order not to experience difficulties in recruitment, is to learn about fashion trends in styles, materials and colours of the clothes.Summer costumes

Set with shorts

The perfect ensemble for relaxing or walks in the spring and summer season will be the summer suit with shorts. Stylish jacket with shorts looks interesting and original – such an ensemble can be worn to work if the dress code allows the wearing of shorts. Another version of the official costume – a set of shorts and a blouse or a stylish shirt. Note that the length of the shorts must be knee length or below. For walks in the nature or in the city fit a set with a top or t-shirt.

Costumes with shorts made of sliding light fabrics, such as silk, satin or crepe are especially popular. The color palette is unlimited with imagination. White and light gray color, as always, is relevant for the summer. To create a more vivid and memorable image, blue, orange or scarlet will do. Frenzied popularity is enjoyed by summer costumes (pictured above) with an abstract pattern, a longitudinal strip, a cage and ethnic ornaments.

Summer trouser suits

For a business woman, summer suits with trousers are a thing of prime necessity. Such a kit should be made in accordance with all the rules of the office dress code, but at the same time be comfortable and comfortable. In this season there are no special rules, and you can choose a suit, relying only on your own preferences. For wide trousers suit jacket with a length to the middle of the hip. A shortened jacket can be worn with banana trousers, decorated with folds on the belt. To give femininity to the costume in a man's style can be a thin girdle, emphasizing the elegance of the waist. Additional accessories should not be overloaded with the decor or the brightness of the paints.

Women's summer suits of large sizes

Pick up a set of blazer and pants for ladies with large forms need to be more cautious. Pant suits have to pull the silhouette, to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the roundness and feminine forms. Also, be aware that the costume should not be too tight or hamper movement. To find the right set is critical to choose the pants in accordance with the characteristics of the shape.

For women with a figure in the form of an apple suit styles of trousers with an inflated waist, this method allows you to visually reduce the abdominal area. It will help to adjust the figure a wide belt, contrasting with the trousers. You can choose a sufficiently dark belt for a light trouser suit. Hide the massiveness of the hips will help classic women's summer suits with straight trousers, which are clearly ironed arrows. Styles, flared from the hip, will also help visually align the proportions. The only option that should be abandoned is a model with a narrowed bottom.

A beautiful jacket - a chic lady

Beautifully look female summer suits of large sizes with a jacket of a fitted style. The formlessness of the jacket gives proportions an even greater massiveness and significantly worsens the silhouette. Particular attention should be paid to the length of the sleeve. Girls of small stature with magnificent volumes will help visually pull out the silhouette of a sleeve with a length of three quarters. The beauty of the shape of the hands can be emphasized by a shorter sleeve with a non-clasping forearm. Also it should be remembered that large ladies look better single-breasted jackets. Models with broad shoulders should be avoided, this option will only draw attention to the massiveness of the figure.

Custom kit

Summer suits – is not necessarily a standard top from the jacket with a skirt or trousers. Beautiful blouse, matched in tone the bottom, chic crop top with a Bolero – such methods, you can create a great kit not just for work but also for walking in the city or shopping. Choosing a skirt for a kit, should be to forget about these styles: mini, model for coquettes, "the sun" or "Tulip". Direct poluprilegayuschy models with vertical decorative stitching or lines is the "stronami" option. The optimal length is mid – knee or slightly below.

Choice of color and material

The selection of colors and shades should be approached carefully, choosing summer suits. Large sizes should conceal the extra inches and will help in two vertical stripes on a darker background or side panels. It is not necessary to stop the attention only on the dark option for light do not look less impressive, just to pick up some cool shades that have the ability to slim figure.

To avoid heat discomfort in summer, it is better to choose natural materials, for example silk or cotton. But the ideal option will be linen summer suits. This material has many advantages and is comfortable in any heat. First of all, it is hygroscopic and perfectly passes air. Also linen clothing has increased durability and retains its original appearance for quite a long time.