In folk medicine has long and successfully treated various ailments with the help of honey. Due to its healing properties it helps to combat diseases of internal organs, it is widely used for cosmetic purposes, they enhance the immune system and is used as prevention against disease. Besides bee products taste great, so the treatment is pleasant and not a forced necessity.

The healing properties of honey

About the benefits of bee products, has been written very much. Proven that treatment with honey is very effective. This is evident in antibiotic, antibacterial, antitoxic, wound-healing, immunomodulatory, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mild irritant, and other properties.

The antimicrobial effect of honey is due to the allocation in it of hydrogen peroxide, the amount of which is proportional to the antibacterial activity. Over time, this property only increases.

However, you must keep in mind that this effect can be fully neutralized during a half-hour of honey heated to one hundred degrees.

Due to the antimicrobial properties of the treated ulcers, sores, burns, inflammation of respiratory organs, eyes, and so on. Also, this bee product is a good preservative means that you can store berries, fruits, liver, eggs, fish, butter, meat.

Irritant property is used when the eye treatment with honey and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Its healing effect is due to the rich content of mono - and oligosahara located with easy access to cells, allowing humans and animals, there is a rapid recovery. Therefore, in the treatment of wounds and ulcers has shown itself highly effective honey bandages, and in various skin diseases such as furuncle or carbuncle, is typical of his application.

Treatment with honey of the joints, stomach

The antitoxic properties are revealed through the glycogen formed in the liver from glucose and enters other bodies as the energy of the material, improving the exchange of tissues.

Anti-inflammatory effect of the honey, due to the improvement of tissue nutrition, increase blood flow and lymph flow, normalization of redox processes.

Some healers recommend honey treatment for any disease developing in humans, since its use, in addition, reduce inflammation and enhance regeneration, gives people very valuable biologically active substances and restores the protective function of the body.

Bee products are widely used anemia, gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, gynecological and urological, endocrine diseases, diseases of the liver and biliary tract, kidney, skin, cosmetology, dental problems, toxemia and so on.

In addition, it is successfully used as a preventive means necessary for overall health.

Treating honey, you need to consider that different diseases it is recommended to use different varieties.

In folk medicine it has long been known and is widely used. And therefore, we need only to pay attention to what is written in the proposed recipes.

On the other hand, to understand this question can help professional apiterapevt who will choose this individual variety, the dosage and will tell you exactly how to use it.


It has been proved that treatment with honey helps to get rid of many diseases. However, in some cases its use should be limited, while some reject it completely. That is why if this type of treatment is planned for the first time, it is necessary to consult a physician.

The following diseases better to give him:

  • of Allergy to this product
  • in malignant and benign tumors
  • heart failure, emphysema and lung sclerosis and some other diseases.

How to choose honey?

The king of all varieties is considered to be buckwheat honey. It contains a huge number of mineral substances. Treatment of ulcers honey, bleeding in the brain, the retina and even heart anemia will be successful with it.

The locust is an elite grade, with a property for a long time not to sugar.

However kristallizuetsya all types of honey, with its "grain" can be large or small. Sometimes I think that in cases of saccharification major "grains", it is added sugar. This is not so. Actually, depending on variety. For example, buckwheat is characteristic of the large crystals, a clover — small.

Fake variety is not cheap, as extracted regions. It is also very useful. Especially recommended for colds and infections.

Sweet clover cultivar suitable for the treatment of the cardiovascular system, and clover — in diseases of the liver.

Sunflower perfectly normalizes the metabolic processes and is a General tonic.

Mountain honey is particularly useful for hemorrhoids, cough, goitre and diseases of the liver.

Sinyakovo grade will serve as a good sedative and helps in cardiovascular diseases.

Tobacco honey may have a slight antimicrobial effect, but its other medicinal properties have not yet been studied.

Treatment stomach honey will be successful with facelevel grade.

Cherry has a pronounced antimicrobial property.

Bilberry most of all will help to normalize a metabolism, but can be useful and at many other diseases.

Sage has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and antimicrobial effect.

Eucalyptus, despite its unpleasant taste, very appreciated in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Esparcetov - improves blood circulation and strengthens the capillaries. In addition, it is a diuretic and diaphoretic agent.

Mountain - gives antibacterial anti-inflammatory, analgesic and softening effect, regulating the work of the intestine and exerting a beneficial effect on the liver.

The heart and blood vessels

The condition of blood vessels and heart will greatly improve if every day take two to three times the med for one to two months. In this case, decreases blood viscosity, improves blood circulation, thanks to the expansion of coronary vessels, aktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes in the heart, normalize high or low blood pressure.

Such a popular treatment with honey is to eliminate all other sugary foods from the diet of the patient.

Thus, the product of beekeeping helps with arrhythmias, heart failure, tachycardia, coronary heart disease, decompensation of the heart, infarction, and many other diseases.

Treatment of the disease with honey will be most effective if it is used with decoctions or infusions of various plants that have a healing effect.

So, if there is heart failure, then broths of wild rose and St. John's wort will help, with others - infusions of motherwort, valerian and dill, as well as hawthorn broth.

However, we must note that despite the therapeutic properties of honey, it can't replace drugs prescribed by a doctor, and has had a further positive effect on the body. Therefore to refuse drugs when serious illness is impossible, as it is fraught with dangerous consequences.

Liver and biliary tract

Undesirable changes in these organs can be eliminated with specific substances contained in honey. Acute exacerbations three times per day you need to drink a solution of one Cup of plain water or Apple juice with dissolved two teaspoons of honey.

Treatment can be augmented by taking other bee products — Royal jelly and pollen. The daily rate of consumption consists of thirty grams of honey, 0.6 grams of pollen or bee-bread and fifty grams of milk.

A good effect is obtained and the combination of these products from medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory, choleretic, bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties.

Experts believe that honey with such plants is able to defeat chronic neurogenic inflammation of the bile ducts, cholecystitis, fermentation in the intestines and some other diseases.

Since ancient times this product is used in the control of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, because these products have a positive effect on the condition of the intestines, normalizes gastric juice, facilitate ulcer disease and gastritis.

Folk medicine is offered in such cases to drink on an empty stomach one to two tablespoons of honey dissolved in ordinary water or, even better, in broth with herbs. This will trigger greater secretion of mucin, which plays a protective function from the effects of hydrochloric acid. Thus, the resulting erosion heal faster, and the new no longer appear.

You need to remember that for people with high acidity, recommended for darker varieties of honey, and for those who have low acidity, it is good to drink before meal a glass of cold water with dissolved honey.

He is able to cure and heartburn. To do this, eat milk, cottage cheese or porridge with the addition of the product.

Chronic and spastic constipation, enteritis and colitis are treated with a mixture of Apple juice, which is drunk three times a day before meals. Effect will increase if you then get used to eat fruits and vegetables with a high content of fiber.


Use honey in the treatment of such widespread diseases as prostatitis. One kilogram weight of the patient requires a single gram of honey. The treatment is admission ten grams of pollen or two teaspoons of pollen. Daily dose of bee products is divided into three parts and taken throughout the day. Treatment usually lasts from thirty to forty five days. This course may be repeated in two weeks.

In gynecology used balm, Linden and forest honeys, which are successfully fighting erosion of the cervix, metritis, vaginitis, vulvitis and other diseases.

In this case, honey is used not only for internal use, but made of an application, and electrophoresis. Also be decoctions or infusions of medicinal plants such as shepherd's purse, Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, nettle, aralia, yarrow and others.


Honey is probably the most effective of natural remedies for the treatment of respiratory organs. The first step in this process is freed lungs of mucus. Therefore, it is most efficient to take in this case milk, fats, aloe and honey. The treatment will bring good results in tuberculosis, bronchitis, pleurisy, and General weak and exhausted condition of the body.

When cold it has a positive effect with the addition of warm milk (one Cup to a spoonful of honey). Also it can be used with horseradish juice, taken in equal proportions, or with infusions of herbs, lemon juice and water.

Bad cough be conquered by the mixture with the onions, and sinusitis — chewing honeycomb (at least five times a day for fifteen minutes, followed by no such residue).

For burns of the eye, keratitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, eczema of the eyelids, blepharitis, and other similar diseases have been successfully used folk remedies for the treatment honey. After two or three days are shot painful and watery eyes, and ulcers cleansed of pus. Complete healing usually occurs within ten or twelve days after the start of the course.

It is laid for the lower eyelid or used as eye drops.

Effective recipes for the treatment honey.

  1. Fish oil with him in equal proportions is thoroughly mixed and laid for eyelid. Three days this procedure is done at night. In the fourth and fifth days - three times a day.
  2. A proportion of ten milliliters of water and three grams of honey is taken, mixed and applied in the form of drops from three to five times a day.
  3. With decreasing visual acuity make a decoction of two hundred grams of crushed leaves of blueberries and one litre of boiling water, add two hundred grams of a bee product and insist at least a day. The resulting drink drink a glass twice a day with or without food.

Treatment with honey of the joints is carried out using its mixture with the seeds of nettle, taken in equal proportions. Sometimes in order to increased blood clotting, add dried grass clover one part to five parts of seeds.

Varicose veins and cellulite

These two diseases are treated the same way: applied to the skin honey is left for a few hours. Results for cellulite is usually start to be noticeable after a month, when the skin is tightened, and the so-called "orange peel" disappears without a trace.

In addition to wraps, beneficial cellulite massage with honey. It is carried out as follows. After applying to the skin a thin layer of honey (honey can be added essential oils of lavender, orange, lemon, eucalyptus or juniper based on one teaspoon to five drops of oil), palm applied to the body and sharply torn off. Movements are made with increasing force and sharpness. Massage lasts from five to ten minutes. Gradually to pain getting used to, but if the honey is added essential oils, they can reduce the pain. Massage is done through one or two days. The methods to achieve the effect must be at least fifteen.

If body fat accompanied by a excess weight, in addition to body wraps and massage, it is recommended that treatment with cinnamon and honey, taking a drink inside. For that half a teaspoon of cinnamon brewed in a glass of water, then add a tablespoon of honey and drink it morning and evening on an empty stomach.


Equally valuable for hair and skin treatment with honey. Reviews of women it is always positive, if not observed allergies.

When weak, brittle falling strands I make a mask of honey, for example, with egg yolks. For this purpose, the honey drowned into a water bath, add the yolk and mix thoroughly. The mixture is applied on hair for one hour, after which the tresses are washed under running water. Do this mask once a week.

Here is another effective recipe for hair treatment with cinnamon and honey leads to fantastic results. A mixture of a tablespoon of honey, teaspoon of cinnamon and warm olive oil applied to the strands each time before shampooing.

No less useful facial masks. Indeed, thanks honey aktiviziruyutsya breathing cells, and is much more effective regeneration of the skin, which is transformed before our eyes. It is only for several days use masks with honey.

It easily penetrates into the depth of the pores. Both the upper and deep get all the valuable substances. Bee product warms the skin, increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the skin, thus improving its nutrition.

All cosmetic products with honey have softening, nourishing and antibacterial properties.

Fine cosmetic effect will give a nourishing mask based on honey and yolk, to which you need to add sour cream and / or olive oil. This recipe is more suitable for dry, flaky skin.

For the fatty type, mix honey well with warm milk, potato starch and salt. Apply for twenty minutes, then wash off the mask with cool water.