Human life is full of UPS and unfortunately downs. And every drop is a blow, pain and trauma. About mental damages, let the psychologists say, this article is dedicated to an extremely common injury, bodily nature of the hematoma. In particular their treatment of folk remedies.

What is a hematoma?

Hematomas called impact in the form of subcutaneous accumulation of blood in a particular area of the body. Many confuse them with bruises, but the bruise, and hematoma are two different things. The latter is characterized by the swelling of the injured area of the body, redness and soreness. Can also be difficulties with the movements of the muscles.

Usually, the hematoma appears as a consequence of serious injuries received in a fall from height, accidents on the roads and in other similar situations. Most of the bruises are round or oval in shape, and their color varies depending on the extent of damage and location of the damaged area. It can be green-yellow or blue-red.

Unlike a normal bruise, bruises take time to heal: from seven days to several weeks. A lot depends on whether the treatment of hematoma.

Features of localization. Treatment

"Favorite" places hematomas are feet, hands and face because these areas of the body most susceptible to injury. But there are cases when the suffering and internal organs, which is much more dangerous and requires immediate medical intervention.

Bruises on the face, obtained from minor bumps, special treatment is not needed and easily absorbed. But to this rule there are exceptions. For example, if the affected organs of sight, the treatment of a hematoma to the eye to spend under supervision of doctors who will rule out injury to the iris, lens and retina. The hemorrhage is located under the "mirror of the soul", a serious no danger, and get rid of it as soon as possible will help correct the ways of folk medicine.

Treatment of a hematoma on the leg, too it is possible to spend independently, and can and does do without him. With the exception of cases when the formation of a large, sore and festering. Some discomfort can deliver a hematoma on her foot, because she's always irritated when walking, and it slows down the healing process. To speed it up will help potassium permanganate, or rather, the gadgets of its solution. They need to continue until the pain.

Special severity requires treatment of hematomas of the head, since such damage can affect the brain and lead to disability and even death. Also extremely dangerous for pregnant hematoma when blood accumulates in the uterus and threatens the life of both baby and mom. Symptoms of these injuries serve as a nagging pain in the abdomen and bloody discharge from the vagina.

First aid for hematomas

Effective treatment of hematoma depends on whether competently rendered first aid after injury. The main rule in this case, cooling of the injured area. The faster the point of impact will be applied ice or another cold object, the more likely that the hematoma will be small and heal quickly.

The next step is reception affected anaesthetic (if necessary). And then, on the basis of the extent of damage, you must decide to go to the doctor or not. If it's not too serious, then you can limit hematoma treatment folk remedies, the best of which is given below.

The most popular and effective in the treatment of hematomas in different parts of the body is deservedly considered the real stuff.

Preparing this healing elixir is as follows: in one tablespoon of water dissolves twice as much powder concoctions purchased at a pharmacy. You can mix concoctions of water and vegetable oil. The proportion in this case will be one to one, and the effect is substantial.

The resulting tool is applied to the affected area and bandaged it. Fresh-water sponge begins to act as soon as it will evaporate the water. The bandage needs to be changed twice a day. You can leave it for the night.

Means on the basis of alcohol, vinegar and salt

Treatment hematoma after injury is often carried out with products based on alcohol, salt and vinegar. Among them are the following:

  • Ice water is added Apple cider vinegar (proportion – one to two). In the solution a piece of moistened linen cloth and applied as a compress to the bruised places. Top wound the handkerchief, towel or blanket. Keep the compress need to as long as "insulation" will not heat. Then replace. And repeat all over again several times in a row.
  • Tablespoon of salt mixed with one hundred grams of vinegar. Saline soaked gauze and applied to the hematoma. This remedy is best to treat damage on the feet.
  • In a hundred grams of water divorced tablespoon of salt (without a slide). The solution is wetted with gauze and applied to the injury site. Fixed with a bandage, handkerchief or towel.
  • Mix vinegar and vodka in equal proportions (100 ml). Diluted with water in an amount of 500 grams. The solution as a compress applied to the hematoma. You can also treat the damaged area with vodka or spirit of camphor.

People's treatment of hematomas is impossible to imagine without the use of medicinal herbs.

  • Actively in this case is used, for example, rosemary. A decoction of its color (ten grams in a glass of water) rubbed into affected areas of the skin very lightly. The procedure is repeated twice a day.
  • The crushed leaves of fresh plantain are applied to hematomas.
  • Fresh wormwood pounded to release the juice and in this state applied to the site of injury. The tool effectively eliminates bruises on the face.
  • Green parsley is ground to a pasty condition in any container (other than metal). Mix it with sour cream in proportion of one to two. Smeared with pulp damaged area around the eyes. This place is the best remedy.

Hematoma after impact. Treatment with vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables also have healing properties in terms of hematoma treatment.

  • Not worse and sometimes even better than medications of the new generation, eliminates the effects of the bumps and bruises of ordinary cabbage leaf. It should just apply to the affected place several times a day.
  • Excellent doctor – the banana peel. It is applied to the hematoma on the inner side thirty minutes.
  • Onion is a universal remedy for many ailments. Treatment of hematomas with it, realize this: six of the bulbs rubbed on a grater and add the pulp salt (a tablespoon). The mixture is wrapped in a piece of cloth and apply to the affected area of the skin. If you apply the compress three times a day, after 3-5 days the hematoma will disappear.
  • Also finely rubbed and potatoes. Gruel wrapped in cheesecloth and applied to the hematoma for 15 minutes.

Tea, help me out!

The treatment of hematoma is often carried out using ordinary tea. Here are two popular recipes:

  • A couple of teaspoons of green tea brewed with 50 grams of boiling water. Insist 40 minutes. Then the cotton wool is moistened in the solution and applied to the site of injury.
  • Two tablespoons of tea (any), brewed 100 grams of boiling water, strain and leave to cool. Next, the solution was added one hundred grams of alcohol medical and Apple cider vinegar. Stirred well and grease damage. This method is particularly good for treatment of bruises on the feet.

Other available tools

In addition to those already listed above, the people came up with thousands of ways to deal with hematomas, sometimes using the most unexpected means.

  • For example, hematomas are treated with ordinary soap, dissolving it in water and applying it with gauze to a sore spot.
  • Apply to hematomas in the form of a compress for the night and urine (for this is taken its average portion).
  • Potato starch diluted in water is considered a good remedy. The consistency should be close to the mush. Starch is applied to the hematoma, and it passes very quickly (literally one day).
  • Can be applied to the injury site clay (ordinary raw or purchased at a pharmacy – there is no difference). When the clay dries, it should be washed off with warm water. The procedure is repeated up to five times a day.

Often, the hematoma is not so much hazardous to health, how much is a disfiguring appearance factor. And, of course, to get rid of it want to quickly. If you don't let it go, but to resort to folk methods of treatment, a big problem it will not be – an ugly stain will disappear within a few days instead of the standard few weeks.